Monday, July 9, 2012

Legal Proceedings And The Sierra Lamar Case

I have been asked by several posters to follow up with Sierra Lamar's case, the person charged therein, and for update on locating her. I decided to ask what type of testimony Antolin Garcia would give, and how they could find her.

The first three cards, representing the past, give us the High Priestess reversed, the nine of wands, reversed, and the six of cups. I would almost be inclined to think that Antolin Garcia has a new attorney, and that she is a woman, except that the High Priestess is reversed. I think a female relative of Antolin's has convinced him not to cooperate. Either an  older sister, or his mom. The next card, the nine of wands, is the impatience everyone else is beginning to feel at not finding Sierra. The six of cups is a place where children play. The card looks to the past, and it is in the position of the past. I think more clues, or maybe even Sierra, may be in a park that is no longer used for play or children.

The next three cards are the Page of Swords, reversed, the Knight of Pentacles reversed, and the Knight of Swords. These are the present. The Page of Swords is someone who knows what happened but has not yet been arrested. This person is deliberately not cooperating, and has encouraged Antolin not to cooperate. The reversed Knight of Pentacles is Antolin. He isn't going to budge from his position. The Knight of Swords is the prosecuter. He is going to do whatever he can to solve this. But we are deadlocked at the moment.

The future brings us the Page of Cups, reversed, the Wheel of Fortune, and the ten of cups, reversed. From this, I would expect the actions of someone who does not know what he/she is doing to be blessed with some very good luck somewhere down the road. The Wheel of Fortune stands for chance, but as it falls upright, chance is in our favor. The ten of cups tells us of a delayed conclusion, and also points westward, (in a stagnated sort of way) and to water. The reference to family-happiness-but-not-any-more is reiterated here, too.....check places where children once played but do not anymore and places where celebrations were once held but are not anymore. Water still plays a key role.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Livia and Alessia Schepp

On January 30 of 2011, the father of Livia and Alessia Schepp, of Switzerland,  reported his twin daughters, pictured left, missing; instead of returning them to their mother. French, Italian, and Swiss police have all been involved in the search for the six year old twins. Sadly, their father died in an apparent suicide in Italy by jumping in front of a train; yet, the girls have not been found. Someone asked me to read for them.

The reading gives us the nine of wands as a beginning card. This is impatience, pure and simple. We have someone who was unwilling to to wait for something. It is crossed by the ace of cups, which is often pregnancy, children, birth, or happy family matters involving children. It looks as if the father was unwilling to endure separation from his daughters after his separation from their mother. Underneath this, giving us some foundation for the situation, we have the four of wands. This is a card of whimsical celebrations and fun. Apparently, this was the setting immediately before these girls disappeared. Into the background, we have the Emperor, which is the one card in the deck that describes the role of "father" best, and as it comes up here, I think we can assume that the father did know what happened to Livia and Alessia. The best news we are going to get about this is the ten of wands. This is a card that tells of carrying a burden, but all the way to it's end. So there is a chance that, one day, we may find out exactly where Livia and Alessia are. Something that was a serious problem for the father before his suicide was bad credit and unpaid debt, this we know because the six of pentacles appears reversed. Not all of his financial problems have been resolved, either, despite the fact that he has died. There is a suggestion that he somehow perceived this as a reason to make rash, unbalenced decisions about his children and their fates, as well. So there was a father who didn't like the custody arrangements for his children and was frustrated about money, financial resources, legal fees, and supporting his children.

On his mind at the time the girls went missing were all things connected to the three of swords, which tells of lovers quarreling and breaking up, divorce, child custody disputes, and unresolved disagreements in general. It was his feeling that he could not cope or communicate. The three of wands is the description of environment here, and it looked to everyone, especially Livia and Alessia, like they were just traveling and going from one place to another. This is interesting: sometimes, this card refers to news from across water or sending something or traveling across water, and it is a "three".....I think it refers to the three of them, father and two daughters. It also refers to possible help; the whole journey looked innocent enough, and someone inadvertantly helped him "disappear" his daughters somehow. The dark side of his nature is described by the King of Cups, reversed. This is dishonesty, lies, violence, and sometimes drunkenness. Cups are also associated with water, and as the king falls reversed, I think the girls never made it out of the water. Water had something very big to do with their fates. Sadly, I do not see them reappearing in the future. The last card is the Knight of Wands, reversed. In this case, he simply represents an event featuring discord, fights, upsets, and bad news. Also, the father's suicide. I feel very sad for the mom.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update To Mickey Shunick Reading

There has been a very sad update to this case. A man named Brandon Scott Lavergne has been arrested for agravated kidnapping and first degree murder of Mickey Shunick. There is no word about having found Mickey, though. I do not believe she has been located as of this update. There should be more news about this tommorrow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Gabriel

  Sometime between December 26 and December 30 of 2009, a baby boy named Gabriel Johnson disappeared in Phoenix, Arizona. He was last seen with his mother. His mother is suspected in the disappearance, but police still have no clues. Someone wanted the Tarot to answer some questions about this baby and what happened to him, so I will see what a reading tells me. It starts with the Queen of Wands, reversed. She is a rather jealous, ill-tempered adult female, directly involved in Gabriel's disappearance. She is crossed by the Knight of pentacles. This is a young, adult male who is not as quick tempered, and is also involved in the baby's disappearance, but is not as violent or as ill-willed as the queen, and has yet to decide what he is going to do. Beneath these two individuals, we have the three of wands, reversed. This card tells us that something that began as a promising adventure went bad, somehow. It is immediately followed by the two of wands, reversed, relating back to the reversed Queen of Wands and to the pursuit that went bad. This card indicates joint efforts...not always lasting partnerships, but things or efforts that involve two people. As it is reversed, I would say these two people are now at odds.

Crowning this, we have the three of pentacles, which is the card of the apprentice. This is an opportunity for advancement or employment that the queen or the knight wanted but did not get. The next card, representing what has happened or will happen, is Death. While Death may not be telling us about a physical death, (although I do think Gabriel will not be found alive) he is telling us that the lifestyle of everyone involved in this situation is about to change. A lot. The five of pentacles appears in the place of fears. This is a fear of Gabriel being found. In the place of environment, we have Justice. As Justice falls upright, I think someone investigating this may have honed in on a clue, as unlikely as it seems. The ace of wands falls in the place of hopes, which is the hope of finding Gabriel. The Page of Cups ends the reading. This page often brings news of a birth, and as it follows the ace of wands, it is entirely possible that another pregnancy is part of this picture.

There is a lot of fire symbolism here, and a lot of "enterprise" and "craftsman" symbolism, too. As if a baby was part of a business. Sadly, I do not see Gabriel turning up alive, but I do see justice. The Queen of Wands is the responsible party, the Knight of Pentacles was close to the situation but was not directly responsible.

I wish some of these cases would have happier endings, and I hope that Gabriel is found alive and safe, even though the "feel" I got was that he died in a moment of rage and confusion at the hands of the angry Queen of Wands.