Horoscope Tarot Reading

Another Tarot layout that is interesting is a horoscope, or astrological layout. This layout uses twelve cards, one for each house, or sign, of the zodiac. Rather than seeking advice, this type of reading is usually much better for the determination and discernment of events actually taking place, both known and unkown to the questioner. An illustration of such a layout is below. A card representing a significator is in the illustration, but the use of such a card in a reading is optional.

1.Aries: Your life and health in general
2.Taurus: Financial matters
3.Gemini: Short journeys, your kin, and learning
4.Cancer: Your mental state (at peace or unstable, generally) and matters of inheritance
5.Leo: Children or items that stand in lieu of children for your legacy
6.Virgo: Work, labor, and professional matters
7.Libra: Affection, love, and marriage
8.Scorpio: The darker things: sex, death, birth, passion, and psychic ability
9.Sagittarius: Long journeys and serious travel
10.Capricorn: Personal and family honor, aged relatives, responsibility
11.Aquarius: Your friends
12.Pisces: Your enemies, or the paradoxes or self-imposed limitations of your life.