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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sierra Lamar Update

It's been over a week, and Sierra Lamar, who disappeared intead of getting on the school bus in Freemont, California, and making it to school last Friday, has still not been found. Quite a few people have asked for an update, and I thought about it decided that the best question to ask at this point is "how can Sierra be found?"

This starts with Strength crossed by the Queen of Wands. We have a woman diligently looking for Sierra, who is represented by Strength. This is gives me hope that there is still time to find her. Some very interesting background about what has happened is the Lovers, reversed. I am very inclined to interpret this, as the Lovers not only literally means "lovers", but choices, as a bad choice that Sierra, herself, made. I also think romance was part of the picture, so I think asking everyone who had a romantic interest in Sierra, no matter how old or young, would be a good place to start. The card representing past causes is Judgement, reversed, affirming that Sierra used bad judgement on this occasion. In possible outcomes, we get the Queen of Pentacles, reversed. This is a selfish woman who does not have Sierra's best interests at heart; I am not quite sure how she fits into the picture just yet. Something that will happen is the ten of pentacles, reversed. The ten of pentacles is an inheritance or a financial gift, and it looks like resources will be spent in many avenues, not all of them fruitful in producing clues, before Sierra is found. So.......we have a message so far that this involves romantic interests, and that the clues had by law enforcement so far may not be the best. An upside down court card, such as this reversed Queen of Pentacles, is often a deliberate attempt at deceit, and I feel that the clues that have been left were left in a way to throw off the investigation. Which really means that questioning Sierra's friends about every, single thing they can all remember and going to every single place she has been for the several months is the best way to proceed. It looks, also, like the Queen of Wands is already beginning to do this.

The first card on the staff is the nine of pentacles, reversed. Upright, this card is resourceful independance. Because the card is reversed, I am going to say that in order to find out who has sustained an unhealthy interest in Sierra, law enforcement will really have to dig deep into more than one person's personal affairs. Also, I think the reversal of this card is telling us that search warrents will be hard to obtain in this case. The next card, describing the environment, is the King of Wands, reversed. This is likely to be an actual person in Sierra's surroundings, and upright he is a married, decent and faithful kind of man. As he falls reversed, I will have to say that while he is still possibly married, he may be separated or divorced, or have been married multiple times. I would expect him to be insecure, hence his interest in teenage girls, and significantly older than Sierra. Also, his reversal tells me that he is not honest, so law enforcement will have to really dig into Sierra's emails and statements from her friends about EVERYONE she has mentioned in order to find him. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the Hanged Man, and as he falls upright, this is a card of sacrifice. The Queen of Wands is willing to make many sacrifices to find Sierra. The final outcome is the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. This is someone who is slowing down the investigation deliberately. He is younger than the King of Wands, and is the one who has been leaving Sierra's personal effects about for others to find. The persistance of the Queen of Wands can win here, if she refuses to give up. Sleuthing through Sierra's past is the best way to find her at this point.

One more thought on this: The reversed Queen of Pentacles could very well be an accomplice or an accessory after the fact, and her actions could be what is represented by the reversed Knight of Pentacles.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sierra Lamar

Sierra Lamar disappeared, instead of boarding the bus to go to school, one day last week. Her cell phone was found yesterday in a nearby field, but no Sierra. Her scent, and known whereabouts, go cold at the end of her driveway, where she should have gotton on the bus. I will see what the cards can tell me.

The Celtic Cross begins with the Devil, reversed, crossed by the nine of swords. The Devil represents masculine energy, and masculine entrapment of some sort, and the nine of wands represents apprehension and fear. I think this young lady may have had a stalker, or someone openly making threats, and I think the situation worried her. At the base, we have the three of wands, reversed. Someone had clearly brushed off any reasons to take precautions, and had told her not to worry. Upright, this card tells of people working together on new projects; this time, I think it tells of people not listening and paying attention when they should. The King of Pentacles is in the recent past. He is an older, dark complected man who cares about Sierra. The card telling of his future involvement is the seven of pentacles, which is hard work followed by reward. He will do anything it takes to find Sierra. A possibility is Strength, reversed. Already, the investigation has been mildly derailed, somehow. A clue has been left in the wrong place, and has sent searchers in the wrong direction.

The King of cups, reversed, in the place of Sierra's fears. This is an older male who is not honest, and possibly uses or sells illegal drugs. Temperance is in the place of Sierra's environment, telling us that Sierra has every intention of helping in the cause of getting herself found. The Star is in the place of her hopes. She will be open to any creative idea that she thinks will work in order to become free. Another male is in the picture, the Knight of Swords, reversed. He is violent, and time is of the essence. I am hoping that the King of Pentacles will find an incentive that will speak to him. I will follow this up in a couple of days if Sierra is not found.

More impressions: This was not in the reading, but just something I sense: Sierra's phone was thrown away about twenty miles away from where she actually is right now. I think she has heard at least one broadcast featuring her mother's pleas for her return. I also do not think she is very far from home. The location where the cell phone was tossed was deliberately chosen to throw off investigators and delay finding Sierra.