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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Petition To State Farm Insurance On Behalf Of Ayla Reynolds

As many have already heard, Justin Dipietro, the father of Ayla Reynolds, bought an insurance policy against Ayla from a friend who works for State Farm Insurance. Within Two weeks of that day, Ayla disappeared. She has not been seen since Decenber 16, 2011. A very good petition has been put together, to request that State Farm do a very thorough investigation before they pay Justin Dipietro anything at all for his missing daughter. Hopefully, everyone who reads this will look at the petition and sign it. Here is the link:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Petition To Stop Kentucky Teacher From Stuffing Kids In Duffle Bags

This has nothing to do with divination or Tarot, but please look at this petition and sign it. Earlier this month, a little boy with a disability on the autism spectrum was stuffed into a duffle bag by his teacher and placed in the hallway. The link to the petition, drawn up by Lydia Brown, is here:

If we do not look long and hard at the way we teach and bring up our children, the world will only become less peaceful.