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Friday, February 19, 2016

Who Killed Dusty Shuck?

Dusty Schuck, a twenty-four year old New Mexico woman, was found murdered alongside the road near Mt. Airy, Maryland on May 4, 2006. The last reported time she was seen by her family had been in New Mexico, a couple of weeks earlier. The crime remains unsolved, and police have very little in the way of evidence. Someone suggested to me that I see if the Tarot can shed any light on her case.

So who killed Dusty Shuck and why? We begin with the Wheel of Fortune, which is an unexpected stroke of luck, crossed by Judgement, which is a re-awakening of sorts, or a realization about something important. Beneath this is the Hanged Man, which is an opportunity that Dusty had suspended in the past, but was looking forward to "un-suspending". Next, we see the Queen of Wands, who is an energetic and creative woman. She is in Dusty's past, and is someone Dusty knew, and had some concerns about her.

The five of cups, reversed, tells us a little about that for which Dusty was searching. She either thought she had made a new friend somewhere, or thought that there was an old friend or relationship that held a reason for her to connect. Next, we find the ten of wands, relating back to the Queen of Wands, to show management of Dusty's affairs. This card often appears to show an unhappy, or premature ending.

The first card on the staff is Strength, reversed. This show domination and abuse of power. Whoever killed Dusty had a certain amount of power, and comfortable about misusing it. Next is the Fool, which tells us that while the choice to commit murder, or to put oneself in such a vulnerable spot as to be murdered, is obviously faulty, there was an air of "business as usual", and "this is nothing new" about this murder. In the place of hopes, we have the Devil, reversed. Dusty was killed by someone who actually thought it was "okey-dokey" to kill! All the cards that describe the killer are from the major arcana, which hint that the killer had some sort of importance in his community; and they also seem to be describing a male killer. Last, we have the Page of Wands, reversed, which is either a bearer of bad news, or bad news, itself. Its inclusion in the reading, along with Strength, reversed, causes me to wonder if Dusty was killed by a police officer, or someone else who had some sort of civic authority.

Anyone with any information about how Dusty Shuck was murdered or how she ended up in Maryland should call the Maryland State Police at 301-739-2101.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ava Enlow Found!

Yes! It's really true! Ava Enlow, of this reading, was found today! Her dad was arrested in Mexico, and she is en route back to Arizona, to her mom. The dad's mother was also on Nancy Grace tonight, stating that she knew her son was in Mexico, after stating a month ago, on the same show, that she did NOT know where her son was, and begging the general public for a lawyer for him! She should really just shut up. Since this is now a criminal case, not just a family law court case, he will be appointed a public defender if he cannot afford representation. There are certainly enough innocent people out there who need legal assistance and can't afford it; why should her son, who knowingly committed a terrible crime get a break? She's got a lot of nerve!

I am so happy to post that Ava is no longer missing.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Did Little Samuel Jones Get Into The Well

I usually wait for law enforcement to draw their own conclusions after a missing child has been found, but four year old Samuel Jones, of Carlsbad, New Mexico, was reported missing on Saturday night, and found early Sunday morning in an abandoned well near his home, and no one knows how he got there. Here's my reading, in an attempt to find answers.

This begins with the three of cups crossed by the eight of pentacles. Eight is a number that often coincides with apprenticeship, and deliberate effort, and the eight of pentacles is a card of skills and apprenticeship. It crosses the three, here, so I will assume that this little boy was happy up until the moment this happened. I am inclined to think he was lured, rather deliberately, by someone older than himself, and someone who saw some sort of "opportunity" in this. This is founded by the ace of swords, meaning opportunity was open. This opportunity was followed by the two of swords, reversed, which I think was hesitation on Samuel's part before he became trapped. Suddenly, the whole situation went completely wrong. This is crowned by the eight of cups, reversed. He died expecting to be rescued, knowing that he matters to those around him. The next card bothers me; it is the Moon, reversed. This tells me that this was not truly an accident, and that someone is also lying and concealing the truth about this matter.

The Magician comes up reversed in the place of negative intentions, and I think a man who knew what he was doing had some sort of agenda in this. This card is followed by the two of wands, reversed, in the place of environs, which tells me that he had at least one accomplice. The two of pentacles appears in the place of hopes, and that refers to communications; this person does not want an actual account of what happened to become known. This is concluded with the page of swords, which speaks of spying, or communication by remote, or the internet. This is also a person who is younger than the Magician, and more adept with social media and the internet.