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Friday, March 29, 2013

Update For Kate Phillips

Katherine Phillips disappeared over a year and a half ago, and while her biological father is still in jail over this, Katherine has never been found. There were a couple of requests for an update.
I drew three cards for the past, which are the four of pentacles, reversed; the nine of swords, reversed; and the ten of cups. The four of pentacles reversed tells us about the wasting of resources instead of prudence in the area of paying bills. Clearly, someone involved in the situation with Katherine did not want to grow up and learn to budget money. Next, we have the nine of swords, reversed, which is worry, followed by the ten of cups, which, I believe, is Katherine's birth. While the birth was definately a happy event, and Katherine was very wanted, her presence caused worry for at least one party. But......everyone following this case already knew this much!
The next three cards are the four of wands, reversed;the ace of cups, and the four of swords, reversed. Four is a number that represents Family in Taosim, and in my opinion, the presence of these two fours in Katherine's reading screams "family"! Upright, the four of wands tells of happy family events, weddings, or parties, and reversed it often tells the same story, but sometimes as clouded, or imperfect happiness. The ace of cups refers, once again, to birth and happy news. The four of swords reversed is sudden activity after dormance. So.....the disappearance was planned, somewhat, and "sprung" on someone who did not suspect.
Finally, we have the seven of cups, reversed, representing the use of will and reason....we can safely assume that responsible party was not "insane". This is followed by the four of cups, also reversed. Another "four"......this one referring to new relationships and communications. Still a reference to "family"........I think the baby is somewhere near the biodad's last residence. All of the cups in this reading also speak of water, as water is the element that relates to cups, and point west. I do not think this baby ended up very far to the west, though. The final card is the Wheel of Fortune, which tells me that when Katherine is found, it will be by lucky chance. Ten is the value of the Wheel of fortune; perhaps that is a number of importance here.....could it corrospond to the ten of cups? Tenth Road? Ten feet? Ten ponds? Water is undoubtedly part of this picture now, whether is was when Katherine first disappeared or not. She is also not far from the home of someone in her family.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Updated Reading For Baby Kate Phillips

A reader requested an update for the reading I did for Kate Phillips, a baby who was last seen on June 29 of last year with Sean Phillips, her father. Ariel Courtland, Kate's mother, and law enforcement in Michigan, have been searching ever since. The father is charged in Kate's disappearance, and as of yet, she has not been found. Sean's court date is later this month. The question I asked was "where is Kate?"

This begins with the King of Pentacles, crossed by Death. A major change is unavoidable, no matter what the King of Pentacles does. Along with change, Death also points north. This is founded by Strength, reversed. This was the not-so-bright move made by Kate's father when he took her away in the first place. The Wheel of Fortune reversed is the situation from a past perspective, which simply illustrates the mother's powerlessness once she allowed her daughter's father to have control. The best we can expect from him is the Hanged Man, reversed. This is someone who is unteachable and unwilling to make any sacrifices. I do not expect him to reveal his daughter's location in court, either, unless someone can make him feel very threatened by consequences. The next card is the three of cups, which may give us some good news.......perhaps Kate will be found. Cups are water, and water's direction is west, so a possibility, since thirteen is the number of the Death card, could be "thirteen to the north" and "three to the west". A small body of water is also a possibility. The word "white" as in "white line" or "white rose" keep coming up.

The three of pentacles is in the place of fears. This is the card of the craftsman. It is followed by the nine of pentacles, which is a card of independence, and sometimes, of home and gardens. Is there someone who gardens or landscapes for a living in this picture? Also, I think this is telling us that someone who lived with Sean at the time Kate disappeared knows Kate's whereabouts. The card of hopes is the King of Swords, reversed. This is the advice Sean has received from his attorney....not in the interest of finding Kate. He's been told not to offer any information. And the last card is the Empress, reversed. It could be Kate's mother, but I think it is another card describing Sean's surroundings before his arrest; in other words, the Empress is someone who lived with Sean prior to this, and that she knows where the baby is, too.

This does not look encouraging. Hopefully, there will be an update in this case from Michigan soon.