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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Okay, Where Is William Bradford Bishop Jr. Hiding?

To try a horoscope reading in a missing persons case, I decided to use the case of William Bradford Bishop, a former Maryland man who was once a secret service agent. He disappeared in March of 1976 after the brutal murder of his wife, mother, and three sons. Several months ago, there was a question as to whether or not Bishop had died in Alabama and been buried, unidentified, but this was not the case.
The first house, the house of personality, shows the five of pentacles reversed. Bishop was the type of person who unable to settle for something he did not consider ideal, and he also got bored easily with any type of "status quo". Also, while there is no talk of extramarital affairs, he was not above having one and hiding it. The second house, money and possessions, gives up the ten of swords. Not only did Bishop commit an act of violence, he effectively ended his claim to everything for which he had worked, thus far, in his life. The third house, that of communication and short journeys, gives us Temperance. Bishop had, apparently, planned this event more than anyone suspected, and his next moves and communications were with people who did not know who he actually is, and were unacquainted with his family. The next card bothers me a bit: in the fourth house of home and environment, the Lovers comes up! This is almost self explanatory. Bishop had a lover waiting in the wings. This not only gave him a cover, but gave him a false alibi.
In the fifth house, the house of children, creativity, and romantic relationships, the High Priestess reversed appears to tell us that Bishop is just as shallow now as he was while married. This also points to a strong possibility that he never told his new lover his real name. Secrets; unhealthy secrets. House number six reveals the two of swords, stalemating Bishop's health, somehow, and his day to day affairs. Somehow, keeping secrets was not always amenable to moving forward in life. The seventh house, marriage and partnerships, gives us the moon. This is desire, laced with deception. Anyone this man loved heard lies, not the truth. House number eight controls joint finances, wills, and matters connected to death, and here, we get the five of cups. It shows regret, plainly and simply. Also, there is a suggestion that there is something material that Bishop would like to claim, but unless he comes clean about his new identity, it remains unattainable to him. A direct, oppositional path to the ten of swords, where he became violent and ended his career as William Bradford Bishop, is very telling.
The ninth house, dealing with life on life's terms, and also with long journeys, shows Strength, reversed. Bishop's style, when met with opposition, was obviously to abuse whatever authority he had, or any person who stood in his way. But where did he go? Strength reversed usually refers stalled projects and things that go nowhere. It has been speculated that Bishop relocated to Europe, but if so, would be associated with a port or a harbor frequented by pirates and criminals. Human trafficking is also suggested when Strength falls reversed. He has spent a lot of time in seaside towns and seedy places.
The Knight of Wands comes up in the tenth house, of worldly status, reputation, and career. Under an identity that isn't real, Bishop has established himself as a businessman who is "always on the move". Also, fire is the element associated with wands, it's possible that he is somehow involved in shipping oil. Perhaps one of his haunts was in the middle east, at one point or another. The suggestion is that he is still active in his secondary career, too. In the eleventh house, that of hopes and wishes, we have the Sun, which is success in all undertakings. In Bishop's case, this is simply getting away with murder. The twelfth house, of subconscious, hospitals, and death, produces the four of pentacles, reversed. Here we see more obstacles and setbacks. It appears that a life of crime under a false identity, lived largely on the lam, does not have the best retirement plan. The four of pentacles is all about hoarding and saving when it falls upside right, but upside down, it screams "waste". Another thing that is addressed by the twelfth house is self-undoing. I believe this describes Bishop's own undoing to an extent: when Bishop committed his special crime in 1976, there was no such thing as DNA evidence. He left enough DNA of his own behind for authorities to create a profile for him. He left enough DNA at both crime scenes, his home in Maryland and the place in North Carolina where he hid his family after he murdered them, to place him at both. He obviously did not expect science to progress so quickly in the area of forensic application. So....Bishop will, one day, be identified.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mercedes Celis

Another missing child! Six year old Mercedes Celis was last seen at her home in Tuscon, Arizonz, at 11:00 PM Friday night, and had disappeared by 8:00 AM Saturday morning. Local police, the FBI, and Federal Marshalls are involved in the search. No clues or sign of this little girl have been found. Here is the comment of the Tarot:

The reading starts with the ten of cups, reversed, showing the disruption of the rhythem of Mercedes's family. The is crossed by the two of pentacles. The two of pentacles seems to be making appearences in the readings of many missing childrens' cases lately. It tells of either putting on a brave face for the general public, or of putting on a brave face and putting a different spin on a matter, or not disclosing all the facts. It is a little unsettling to see this in the basis of the matter in a reading about a missing child. As an event in the past leading up to Mercedes's disappearance, we have the Knight of Cups, reversed. As an event, this knight would simply tell us that Mercedes is not far away, and didn't really travel too far, but I think he may also be an actual person in this scenario. He would be a young adult man connected to Mercedes's family or extended family. The event that is easing it's way into the past is the ace of cups, reversed, which tells of sad news related familial matters, children, love, and emotions. I think the family had become aware of something quite sad before this little girl went missing. Someone who is watching matters unfold does, indeed, know what happened to Mercedes, and the best thing that person can do is represented by the eight of swords, reversed. Swords relate to air, which represents information via spoken or written words, and the eight of swords is a  card of bondage. Reversed, it fortells freedom from bondage, and if the person who knows something about this speaks now, the results will not be nearly as bad as they will be if the truth comes out as the results of investigation. Someone who wants to find Mercedes and will do anything to help her is the King of Cups. He falls upright, and cares very much about what happens to Mercedes.

The Queen of Cups, reversed, falls in the place of secrets. This woman is keeping something from the investigation. The ten of pentacles, reversed, is in the place of environment, and it looks as if the fear of financial loss is somehow driving this matter. In the place of hopes, we have the seven of cups, which, in this particular reading, is clearly delusion. Mercedes's family will never be the same after this incident. The reading ends with the five of wands, reversed. The five of wands is a card of trickery and deception, but here it is reversed, showing us that someone actually knows what happened to this little girl, and still has a chance to come forward with information.

Sadly, I do not see much from Mercedes, herself, in the future. That disturbs me, but I will come back to this if she is not found. There are three people I see here as active parts, two men and a woman. But one of the men, the King of Cups, is more of a bystander or a "victim after the fact" than a culpable accomplice.

Update: a couple of points about this reading that I did not emphasize, but which bear emphasis: there has been some speculation that Isabel Mercedes's older brothers may have been involved. While the reading indicated that a younger male WAS involved, the male is still an ADULT, not a child. I do not think either of Isabel's brothers showed up in the reading. Everyone involved in this was an adult. Also, this is not going to make me the most popular tarot reader of the year, but that ten of cups at the beginning of the reading screams of matters pertaining to family.