Friday, January 25, 2013

Delaware Murder Mystery

In a 1993 story from Delaware, a murder victim, with no identification, was discovered along I 95 in Delaware is still unidentified twenty years later. He was Asian or Native American, 5' 10", around 140 lbs., and his slacks were a size 28 waist. He had long black hair.......shoulder length, and perfect teeth, but was an heavy smoker. The tip of his ring finger on his right hand had been surgically amputated, and the nail of his pinky finger on his left hand was slightly longer than the rest of his nails. Above is an artist's sculpture of how he may have looked. I will ask the Tarot what happened to him.

We start with the six of pentacles, reversed, crossed by the Knight of Pentacles. It would appear that our Knight had a unpaid debt of some sort. The pictures above are almost perfect Knight of Pentacles pictures......dark hair, brown eyes. This person would also have been the type to move slowly toward a goal, rather than quickly. As a cause, or foundation to the matter at hand, we have the Wheel of Fortune, reversed. This could either be a turn of bad luck, out of the Knight's control, or on a more mundane and literal level, a gambling issue. Perhaps both. Behind him was a woman, the Queen of Pentacles reversed, who could not be trusted. Somehow, she played a role in his murder. Her physical description would be similar to his in that she has(d) dark hair and dark eyes. She was not very kindly disposed toward him, and it was his mistake to trust her. The Fool describes what should have happened here, but didn't. There was a choice our Knight could have made that would have saved his life somehow, either by getting him out of harms way, or by removing his killers. But he allowed matters to continue. The High Priestess follows this card, telling us that there is still at least one person out there who knows what happened, but is not talking. The High Priestess also reiterates the feminine influence.

The four of pentacles, a card of hoarding, comes up in the place of fears and worries. This is what the Knight was doing before he got killed......holding onto something material that someone felt he owed him or her. In the place of environment, we have Temperance, reversed. This points to a toxic mixture of personal and business affairs which were not compatible. In the place of his hopes, we have the six of cups, which speaks of childhood memories. Note that this is the second six to appear in the reading; a possible correlation between monetary unpaid loans and investments, and children and childhood memories. Perhaps the two were connected in his life. The last card is the ten of pentacles, which is a loss of family honor or inheritance. I think this Knight's family, should we ever find out who they are, knows exactly what happened.



  1. Great reading Juli. Very clear and to the point. Thankyou, this is why I love your readings.

  2. Hi Juli, I was wondering if you could please do a reading on a young local man (25yrs old) who disappeared from Maitland Australia. His family have desperately been looking for him for the past year, posting a lot online and sharing his story/image throughout Australia hoping that someone has seen him. His name is Daniel James O'Keeffe. His family said he had been struggling with depression when he disappeared. He disappeared one morning from his home, leaving his wallet, ID and keys etc behind. His family have had one confirmed sighting of him but say he could be anywhere. He comes from a loving family who are actively looking for him still. Alot of people are praying for a safe return. Thankyou, much appreciated.

    1. Can you give me a link to an article that has a misisng poster of him, with contact information, in case someone knows where he is? I like to include things like that whenever I can.


  4. Long pinky nails (with the rest of the nails short) is a typical trait for those who sniff drugs. I've seen quite a few addicts who share that trait.

  5. Hi Juli, I am wondering if you could do a reading for Maura Murray and Amy Bradley? Both are interesting cases an both girls have been missing for some time under strange circumstances. I had asked you a couple months ago to do a reading for these two. Both stories have ignited many followers who are looking for answers. Thanks so much.


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