Monday, January 30, 2012

One More Question About Kyron Horman

Several days ago, someone posted a question about the Kyron Horman case, after this post. I decided to go ahead and do a reading for the question, "was anyone in the school involed in Kyron's disappearance?", and post it here.

This begins with the five of cups, reversed, crossed by the ace of wands. The five of cups reversed tells me that no one is "crying over spilled milk", so to speak, and that the general effort of the school has been to cut any losses, especially in the way of image, and brush as much of this situation under the rug as possible. It is crossed by the ace of wands, which is a card of new beginnings and opportunities, and I determine this to mean that actions that could have helped locate Kyron in the beginning were not taken. This is based by the Queen of Cups. Somewhere, somehow, a sensitive, intuitive woman is involved, and also was involved with Kyron before he disappeared. The seven of pentacles appears reversed, in yet another reading, as the impetus of energy and reason behind all of this, and when this card is reversed it has to do with hard, and with hard work not paying off. So someone either lost an investment or wasted an effort. Next, in the realm of possibilties, is the ten of pentacles, which is a payoff, inheritance, or an unearned asset or a gift. This card, too, has been involved in a lot of readings about Kyron. The next card is also interesting; it is the Knight of Pentacles. He is focused on work, and eventual progress toward a goal. Knights can also mean movement and travel, but I think in this reading, he is a person. Also, I think there is a very good chance that he is the person who experienced the loss indicated by the reversed seven of pentacles.

At the beginning of the staff, we have the World, reversed, reminding us that Kyron has not been found, even though many feel that he has been sought almost everywhere. Surroundings and home environment for Kyron is the seven of wands, which means that wherever Kyron is, he is, at the moment, still well hidden and guarded. It's interesting that seven continues to come up as a significant number and clue as to Kyron's whereabouts. It's almost as if no one can go inside, and no one can come out. Hoped for is Temperance......we have someone hoping for a peaceful and healthy resolution to this, and Judgement is the final outcome. I am glad to see Judgement in this position, because it is well past time for this case to get sorted out and for Kyron to come home.

This reading did not leave me 100% sure that someone employed at Kyron's school was involved, but it did indicate that an adult female with whom Kyron was well aquainted was involved. The man.....if he works at the school, he may be someone whose employment had been terminated. Or someone who had lost a material asset because of something involving the school. Another thing this reading says about the school involves data is a shame that phone calls had not been logged and no one had kept track of visitors. This is main fault found by this reading concerning the school. Five of cups, upright or reversed, deals with loss, (seeing it reversed makes me more hopeful for Kyron's eventual return, though) and seeing this card crossed by a card of opportunity, such as the ace of wands, tells me that precious time and opportunity to recover Kyron were lost by the school.


  1. Thank you Juli so much for checking on whether anyone at the school was involved. It is my strong sense that someone(s) there were involved and I also feel a bit of callousness on the part of the school. Life should not go on as normal in a school that allowed a child to be kidnapped, did not follow their own procedure to alert the bus driver if a child was absent and not taking the bus home, then destroyed pertinent data (they should NOT have needed LE to tell them to keep it) and the energy that comes from that school is not so positive. I get more of a sense of protecting their own jobs than helping locate Kyron. I will never understand why the parents did not initiate a civil suit against this school just to uncover information - even if they believe TH did it - no sense in not trying everything to find their son. Frustrating! Thank you! Judi

  2. Still keeping the hope up for Kyron. This blessed child has become so dear to many of us, and the lies and manipulations that have plagued this case from the beginning need to be untied and resolved. Many offer prayers up for him everyday and hope that justice soon prevails. Sending energy to LE to get moving and get this solved and Kyron come home! Judi

  3. I wish they would hurry up and find him!

  4. I just wanted to re-read this reading again as over and over that school makes me a bit angry. Kyron is still someone I pray for every day - and your reading still gives me hope. I read all your readings above and they are just so detailed and meaningful. Hopefully the FBI finally solves the Etan case and for goodness sakes, I wish they would pass a law that if a child goes missing in your care you will be charged with negligence. Too many parents are getting off cause law enforcement can't seem to find evidence. thanks Judi

  5. Thankyou, again, for all the encouragement! I was expecting to be tarred, feathered, and of course, flamed, for the reading I did for Etan Patz, since it differs from collectively accepted assumptions about what happened to him, but so far, no one has sent any bad comments about it. I was disappointed when nothing was found over the weekend.

  6. Yes it was disappointing. After 33 yrs though perhaps the child was moved. They should have dug that area years ago when they first noticed it. Judi


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