Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ayla Reynolds

Ayla Reynolds, a toddler from Maine, has been missing since December 17. The reading I did was to answer the questions of what happened to her, and how would she be found. Ayla was staying with her father at the time of her disappearance, and he states that when he got up on the morning of December 17, she was missing from her bedroom. The reading starts with the Sun, reversed, crossed by the five of wands. Ayla's presence was welcomed enough, it seems, but not exactly what those around her wanted. The five of wands represents some sort of game, or trickery, almost from the beginning of this whole situation, before little Ayla went missing. This is based by the Page of cups. The Page of Cups here tells of news of a birth. And the message fading into the background is the seven of cups, the card of illusions and false notions. This reiterates the message of the base of the reading, expectations not being met, somehow, and deception being an option, for some reason, before this child even moved in with her father.

The very best thing we will all hear about this in terms of resolution is the Knight of Swords, reversed. I am not particularly pleased to see this card here, but not surprised. While I hope and pray for the best in all this, this Knight, especially reversed, warns of anger, violence, and sometimes violent death. The next card is the eight of swords, telling us of something that WILL take place. This is a card of restriction. Wherever this baby has been hidden, someone is keeping her whereabouts from becoming known. It gives me a little bit of hope that Ayla might be found alive. Just a little.

The six of pentacles has come up in the place of the feelings of the perpetrator. I was not expecting to see this card here, and I find it curious. It clearly refers to a financial reward, and I think it has to do with the reward offered for Ayla's return. Apparently, this has made an impression on someone. The next card, in the place of home environment, and opinions of family and friends, is the Hermit, reversed. The Hermit is like Diogenes, always searching for an honest man; and, quite frankly, finding him here, reversed, in the place of family is discouraging. It means that the people who lived with this little girl are not looking for her. In the place of hopes, we have the ace of wands, reversed. In addition to not looking for Ayla, someone is also not hoping that she will be found and returned to her mother. This sounds very harsh, but this is what the cards are saying. The final outcome is the two of cups. This is a card of partnerships. I believe that Ayla will be found by the efforts of more than one person or organization working together, and possibly in two days or two weeks. The two of cups may also refer to a significant other of someone who had access to Ayla.

Closer examination of same reading: The sun draws energy and objects into orbit around itself. In this reading, it is reversed. It is crossed by the five of wands. I think the very center of the house from which Ayla disappeared needs to be checked very carefully for clues.


  1. Please ! Another reading for Ayla !

  2. I will. Is there any specific question you would like to ask?

    Something I have been meaning to address is the six of pentacles that came up as the mindset of whoever knows what happened to Ayla. At the time I did the reading, I had no idea that Ayla's dad had purchased life insurance on her! I related that card to reward money, but now I think it might have been telling us of the purchase of the insurance policy!

  3. My first impression of this reading was it was not bias. I hope you can still do another, the same way. I think you were right with the six of penticales the first time. Everything is as you stated. Sincerly

  4. Is there any way you can do another reading for Ayla?

    Clues to where she might be found.

    Clues to who the perp(s) is/are?

    Clues as to what happened to her?

    ANYTHING, *PRETTY PLEASE*, to bring her home.

    A lot of us "Mainahs" care about this little girl and have banded together to bring her home (one way or another) and seek justice for her.

    This has gone on way too long and we're going crazy up here.

    Please, anything you/the cards can do to bring her home and see justice be served.

  5. I will try to hone in on "where" either later on today or tommorrow. I think "who" is pretty clear......while I hate to name names or point fingers at anyone who has not been found guilty in court, law enforcement already correctly assumes that Ayla was NOT kidnapped by a stranger!

  6. Julie:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    You're an angel!

    I think we all know who the "who" is. :0(

    Is there anyway you could tell us what happened to her???

    I had a horrible dream of someone purposely hitting her over the head with a heavy wooden "weapon". Maybe a baseball bat???

    The scary thing is I had this nightmare before any of the facts that have been released by the MSP.

    This dream has haunted me.

  7. Hi, Im in Australia and this little missing baby is not on the news coverages here. Did she ever make it home? Didnt sound promising but fingers crossed x Michelle


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