Friday, October 7, 2011

The Twofold Nature Of Psychic Guidance

I had trouble deciding whether to title this post "The Twofold Nature Of Psychic Guidance", or "Why I Have Not Published A Reading For Lisa Irwin". Don't get me wrong, I DID do a reading for Lisa Irwin. And I shared my observations with whom I feel are the correct people. To date, the crime has not been solved, and poor little Lisa is still lost.

Giving the reading is only one part of the process. The other part is interpretation and listening. Going on and on with reading after reading, while no one is looking at the clues provided, is taxing and nonproductive. And, information that can get a case solved usually does not change by the minute, and it is almost an insult to continue with more readings while the first one has been ignored. This is something I see from time to time with people who want readings about bad relationships.........the problems that made the relationship unworkable have not changed, yet the person, or persons, want to find some sort of "psychic loophole", and delay dealing with their problems. Also, there are a couple of websites that encourage amateur psychics to persist with observation after observation, until each contributor is so far away from reality that further communication is worthless. The advice of a psychic or a reading only has to be uttered once. More times, possibly, if something changes, but not again and again.

This listening of which I would seem that it is harder than it sounds. Just mundane clues, such as clues offered by Jaycee Dugrad's stepfather, Carl Probyn, who saw the kidnapping of his stepdaughter but was ignored by the police and later accused, get ignored and make the word of any enlightened psychic ineffective. Had anyone come along and told the police the truth, that a sex offender with a criminal history had taken Jaycee, the police probably would not have listened, any better than they listened to Carl Probyn, an eye witness. Sad. Also, there is Michele Dorr, whose father was accused of making her disappear in 1986, in Maryland. They did not have enough evidence to charge him, but the real killer killed again, at least a couple more times, before he was caught in the early 1990's. No one wanted to consider any other possibilty than the dad. I lived in Maryland at the time, and someone actually had me do a reading for that. The answer was that the dad was innocent, and no one wanted to listen.

Right now, I think the police can actually solve Lisa Irwin's kidnapping if they look at the community, and the neighboring cities. If they look hard at every connection Lisa's family has, and question everyone, giving no respect to whatever the community respects, but just looking at possible connections to the family and oppotunity to take this child, I think they determine who took Lisa. I also think they know that, and are afraid, for some reason, to do that. I think it's easier for them to just close the case, rather than stand up to a dangerous criminal or question someone who is politically well connected within the Kansas City area. So they blamed Lisa's parents. This isn't to say that Lisa's parents have not somehow erred; it just looks to me as if the police did not really do a thorough investigation. If the police do not want to look at all the obvious, mundane clues, there is no way a psychic or a reading can help.

In time, if Baby Lisa is not found, I will publish readings about her. After she has grown or changed, obvious clues that are useful now will no longer be useful. It will be necessary to use intuition and think outside of the box, so to speak, in order to gain insight. But I would really like to see this baby found before the situation reaches that point.


  1. Appreciate you time writing all the history stuff, but it would of been better don't you think instead of telling readings at a later time you will do a reading you baby Lisa - that you just do one now. Makes me question you authenticity.

  2. Since I have yet to publish a reading about an unresolved matter, I do not know what you mean by "history stuff". I encourage you to question and double check the authenticity not only of what you hear from this site, but what you hear everywhere. I went ahead and did a reading for Lisa Irwin, and published it earlier today. I hope she is found before the day is over. This has gone on too long.

  3. Juli, you do a great job. Just putting any effort into something constructive is worth kudos to you. Thank you. Krys

  4. Juli, I think you are correct about the police and ALL. Something is not right. Have not been following. Read today that a man who saw a young man in a tshirt walking with a baby told police he would recognize the guy if he saw him again. Yet... no police artist sketch has been issued…????? And, high profile attorney and PI???

  5. They have him on a couple of surveillance camaras, but I think you are right, a sketch would help a lot. In fact, I think I will suggest it to them. If they do not have a good artist, I'll bet there would be at least several in the area who might volunteer their services, too. I wish I could draw faces.

  6. Juli, I was referring to the guy on the motorcycle who saw the man with the baby at 4 am and said he could identify the man if he saw him again.

    BTW, you are good.

  7. Thankyou for the compliment. I just telephoned the Kansas City Star with your question, and they told me that they didn't know if any sketches had been done of the man with the baby or not. The police have not revealed any details concerning the description of that man, but they assured me that as soon as a sketch becomes available, they would publish it. Not only do they have the guy on the motorcycle, but they also have other eyewitnesses, so they should be able to compare all of the descriptions and get a really good sketch. Thankyou for the comment; I hope someone takes your suggestion!


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