Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where Is Lindsey Baum? for my next question about Lindsey Baum........where  is she?

Past; three cards, King of Pentacles, three of cups, three of swords, reversed. This tells me that an older man, possibly interested in money put an end to a relatively happy situation. Lindsey thought she was safe, and did not fight the older man, but was sadly mistaken.

Present; three more cards, four of swords, reversed, two of wands, Empress, reversed. This states that a situation that was stagnant suddenly became "unstagnant". There are currently two accomplices keeping this matter from coming to light, and one is a woman who clearly does not have Lindsey's best interests at heart. This came up the reading about what happened to Lindsey, as well.

Things to come; five of pentacles, reversed, Hanged Man, reversed, six of pentacles. Not a card combination I liked, here. My initial vision was of a tree, or digging between an 5th and 6th street, and the secret finally getting revealed. Is there even a 5th and 6th street in McCleary, Washington. The information will be new and unexpected. Also, the reading began and ended with pentacles......first the King, then the six. The King is in it for material reasons, and the six is saying that you get out of it what you put in, in other words, you get what you pay for. Someone still isn't satisfied with what he or she has been offered in order to give up the truth about what has happened.

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