Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Can Tell Us Where Kyron Is?

Ok, I found myself asking this question, and wanting to post the answer I got. It is a Celtic Cross reading about Kyron Horman, who went missing on June 4, 2010, from Portland Oregon.

The basis of the matter is the Empress, reversed, crossed by the Lovers. This tells me that someone who should have been more motherly and responsible than she was made and continues to make very selfish choices. The Lovers can represent the making of a choice, or an actual partnership, and in this case, I think it represents both. And the fact that the Empress did not act alone is always on her mind........someone who knows the facts and can throw her under the bus, so to speak.

Founding the matter is the three of cups, reversed. A newly hatched plan did not work out as planned, and has been abandoned. The passing influence here is the three of wands reversed, telling me that there were accomplices, and there was a definate plan. The reversal of the card indicates the dishonesty. This is crowned by the nine of cups, reversed. While no one has been held accountable for Kyron's disappearance yet, whatever was supposed to have been accomplished has not worked out as planned. The soon-to-come influence is the Page of cups. This is really a big part of the answer to my question, indicating that if the person who knows something about Kyron's whereabouts will kindly speak up, the news will be good.

The staff begins with the Page of wands, reversed. The person who could bring Kyron home is untruthful, instead. In the place of home environment and public perception, I get the Star, reversed. Who this person is, he/she is seen as unrealistic and a bit unstable. In the place of hopes and fears, there is the two of swords, reversed. Whoever this is has someone else in a stalemate, and has used it to keep things just they way they are for Kyron and his family. I take this to be a fear, because the person is very afraid of the stalemate ending. And as a final outcome, I have the four of swords, reversed, which means that for good or for ill, the stalemate WILL end, and information will make it's way out from somewhere about this little boy.


  1. So you think Kyron is alive still? I have had a friend do a reading in Jan-he knew nothing of the Kyron case- he said the boy is alive and he is ok or will be ok. He just asked me if the boy was found today.I said no. He seems to think he will be found soon.

  2. Yes; I think Kyron is still alive. I think that's why I feel such an urgency to see him rescued. Also, in every reading I've done concerning Kyron, he seems to be having ups and downs that are associated with life; whereas readings I have done concerning people who are no longer with us usually do not show ups and downs, good times and bad.

  3. I also feel TH's other son - the teenager who was moved out a few months before Kyron's abduction knows something -- he knows who his mom was involved with, he may have overheard something - and that is why he was moved out in my opinion. I sure hope LE questioned him thoroughly. In fact one of the first places Kaine asked to be searched was a horse farm where his stepson rode horses.

  4. If he didn't know something from the beginning, he probably does by now.

  5. I think the older son of Terri's, James knows as well. I think that's why Terri moved him out of the house. I have also read various places that Terri's parents were visiting and left for home the morning of the 4th. Juli reads that one person involved has slipped past being noticed. I wonder if the police have investigated Terri's family? As far as we know they have not helped in finding Kyron at all. Just thinking


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