Monday, June 20, 2011

What Happened To Adam Herrman?

Here's a Celtic Cross reading I did for Adam Herrman, the eleven year old who disappeared from his adoptive parents' home in 1999.

The first card is the page of pentacles, reversed. This, I believe, represents Adam. It is crossed by the Lovers. This tells me that his adoptive parents, together, saw him as somehow counterproductive to the functioning of their family. The fact that Adam is represented by the suit of pentacles also tells me that the problem Mr. and Mrs. Herrman had with Adam was not personal, but involved family "politics", and financial resources. Underneath the first two cards is the Star, which I believe is telling me that Adam was born with great potential that was never realized. The High Priestess was behind, moving out of his life at the time, so there was some feminine support that had recently ceased to be part of Adam's life. This is crowned with the eight of swords, reversed, telling me that whatever did happen, it involved Adam finally becoming free from a situation that was little more than a trap. The next card, is the ten of pentacles, reversed. I believe this is the whole reason Adam is missing; reversed, this card tells of inheritances going to the wrong people, and ill-gotton financial bonuses. It also describes theft, and Mr. and Mrs. Herrman did plead guilty to theft in connection to young Adam's money.

The first card on the staff, in the place of Adam's fears, is the three of wands. He was probably told he was going on a long trip somewhere, but not told where. The second card, indicating the "home" environment, or things currently around Adam, is the two of pentacles, reversed. He is hidden, lied about, possibly in a spot where things get moved around by the elements from time to time, and maybe on a "2nd Street", or a place where 2 or 200 is the house number. He may have been locked in a building. In the place of his hopes, is the Empress, representing the mother. Either Adam was waiting for his real mother or his adopted mother to come back and get him. The final outcome is the Wheel of Fortune, reversed. I do not think Adam is with us, anymore. I hope he is found, so that his biological family can get closure, and so that his adoptive "parents" can be brought to justice.

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