Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kyron Horman

As promised, my reading about Kyron Horman. My exact question was "is Kyron coming back?". I did a very simple layout, just past, present, and future.

For the past, the first card I got was the three of wands, reversed. This tells me that this was definately a planned event, with an intention of deception, including accomplices, probably two or three. The next card is the Knight of Cups. This card fell upright, and I think this is a sensitive male who was involved, but may not have known the criminal intent of the person who planned Kyron's disappearance. He is probably between the ages of 18 and 40..........give or take several years on either side. I am sensing that he is single. This card was followed by the King of Swords, reversed. This is an older, educated male, possibly an attorney, or otherwise invovled in law, who does not have Kyron's best interests at heart.

The present gave me the six of swords as the first card, telling me that wherever Kyron is, he is on the move. That is good; if Kyron is in transit from one place to another, that indicates that he is likely still with us. It was followed by the ace of wands, reversed. This tells of a missed opportunity to locate Kyron, but....but....but; the last card for the present is the Empress reversed. This indicates a woman with "reverse maternal" feelings about Kyron. The combination tells me that the travel indicated in the six of swords was a deliberate move to get Kyron out of sight for the present. This was done over the weekend, just as the year mark approached. So someone is still trying very hard to keep him hidden.

For the future, I have the five of cups as the first card. While a lot has been lost, there could still be a resolution to this, if Kyron is found now. I also see disappointment and a betrayal for the person who stole Kyron. This has not turned out the way she planned it at all. The next card is the Knight of Wands, reversed. What began as fun and games for the kidnapper becomes danger of exposure, as the knight of wands turns on her. He does not have Kyron's best interest at heart either, but is the one who "flips" on everyone else involved. This is followed by the five of wands, reversed. Much was done in a spirit of vengeance, and continues to be cloaked in deceit. Sadly, while I see this resolving, I see it resolving slowly, as layers and layers of trickery fall apart and details get ignored. The good thing is, Kyron is still with us, according to this reading.

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  1. please do another reading for Kyron. I am having a strong feeling about him being found very soon and I can;t shake it


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