Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What Was The True Motive For The Bombing Of The Murrah Building?

It has been almost 23 years since the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was bombed, killing 168 people, including children who were at a daycare that was on the premises. While two men, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, were largely thought to be responsible, no clear motive, other than a general disliking for the government and disapproval of the way the government handled Ruby Ridge, in Idaho in 1992, was ever established for this act. So I will do a Celtic Cross reading to see if there may have been other factors.

We start with the Devil, reversed, crossed by the Page of Wands. When we meet the Devil reversed, he is telling us of secrets revealed, and the Page of Wands is often a message or a messenger. This is interesting; it alludes to information that someone had intended to bury and keep secret. Beneath this whole matter, we have Death. Death appears here as a factor that is an ultimate deal-breaker: information that could make or break anything from a decision to a career. While he looms in the past, he casts his shadow on the event. Death is followed by the six of swords, reversed. When we see the six of swords upside right, it tells of travel. In reversal, the card means the opposite. So...we have information that was somehow connected to the Murrah Building and was never intended to see the light of day.

The best possible scenario for this matter would have been the nine of cups, reversed, which tells us that had the building and its offices not been destroyed, someone's career and choices may have been questioned, and perhaps someone might have gotten "pink slipped", but there was nothing that required mass murder. This also refers to the perspective of those who planned the bombing: they did not think that bombing a building was too serious or a big deal. Sickening.

What followed the destructive intent and decision was the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. The actions that led to the bombing actually moved more slowly than the perpetrators intended. There is also an element of dishonesty here; dark money was paid, about which nothing was ever said.

In the place of fears and purposeful intentions, we have the Empress, reversed. This is a bit of a surprise, to see a woman in this spot. She is shallow, and unconcerned about possible victims. Her mission is to destroy, rather than to create. The whole event turned unfolded at her direction. The next card, in the place of environment, is Justice, reversed. It screams that justice was never actually done. The case was closed with only pawns charged and tried. Next, in the place of hopes, we find the ten of pentacles, reversed. It is someone's sad hope that lives lost and destroyed remain a mystery that is never avenged. The final card here is the three of swords. This is a card of quarrels, discord, and in-fighting in political circles. Should the subject ever be revisited, discord is what we can expect. It is doubtful that we will hear more about this in the near future, though, because I just pulled the Hanged Man out of the deck in answer to my question concerning any future re-opening of investigations. The matter remains suspended, and the ten of swords, reversed, shows the whole matter owned by the reversed Empress. It appears that there actually may be a lot more than meets the eye with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

What's Next In Sierra Lamar Case?

Now that Antolin Garcia-Torres has been found guilty of the murder of missing fifteen year old Sierra Lamar and sentenced to life in prison, or California, there are still remaining questions to answers were never given, during the trial. Most of the questions that come to this site are about finding Sierra, and Garcia-Torres has never shared any information that would assist in this, despite the DNA linking him to the crime that was found in his car and on his personal possessions. So I will ask this question about Sierra's whereabouts, now that the suspect is in prison.

This is a Celtic Cross reading, and my questions was primarily about finding Sierra. I do believe that the right defendant was tried in court and found guilty, so I did not ask about that aspect of the case. The first card is the Queen of Cups, and she is crossed by the Hanged Man, which is read reversed, here. The initial situation is outlined here; Sierra's mother, and the rest of her family want answers and the Hanged Man in reversal has refused to give them. Something else here, though, is that both cards are "watery" cards. Put together, they could show a place where there is a statue, possibly of a woman, and a geometric shape that may look like a cross, a "T", or a triangle. Shallow water has come up in other readings about Sierra, and it does in this one, too.

Beneath this, as a founding cause, we have Death, reversed. That message is quite clear; and Sierra has not moved. At the very edge of this card in Ryder Waite decks, the Death card has an image of the sun peeking out between two towers. Perhaps this is something that has been missed, but I would expect to see stone stone markers of some sort, or signs, rather than towers. This is followed by the three of pentacles, reversed, which we have also seen in previous readings. Garcia-Torres's former workplace bears some sort of connection, either to Sierra or to the crime. The King of Pentacles appears as a man who might help, either in convincing Garcia-Torres that he has nothing to lose by telling authorities where to find Sierra, or by leading more searches, one of which actually succeeds. Someone we WILL be hearing about in the near future is the Page of Cups---reversed. This is a young person who is not terribly loyal. He (this card could also be a "she", but in this reading, I think it is a "he") has some dirt on Garcia-Torres, has heard Garcia-Torres talk, or knows some productive gossip and may be willing to give it up. One of the symbols on this card is a fish in the Page's cup, and I would not be at all surprised if fishing is part of the entire picture, here.

The first card on the Staff, giving us the negative emotions surrounding the matter, is the Moon, reversed. When the Moon appears reversed, we are dealing with the clearing up of deceptions and misconceptions, and peace gained at a cost. This, I think, harks back to the reversed Page of Cups. Is he unwilling to spill his secrets for free? The next card, that showing environment, is the King of Cups. Once again, we have a watery card. But this influence is masculine, and I think this is a man. Perhaps he is the one who puts the all of the tips and evidence together. In the place of desires, we have the six of pentacles, which refers to even trade; you get what you pay is safe to say that someone wants to be paid. The last card, the final outcome, is the eight of swords, which has also shown itself in previous readings for Sierra. It shows a woman trapped by eight swords in shallow water, and I still think that shallow water plays a big role, here.

I hope this case is completely resolved soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lucas Hernadez Missing From Kansas

For almost three weeks, five year old Lucas Hernandez has been missing from Wichita, Kansas. So far, not even as much as a clue has been found, although his stepmother has been jailed on child abuse charges that are said to be unrelated to Lucas. So where is he, and how can we find him?

This is a Celtic Cross reading, and it begins with the Devil, crossed by the ace of wands. the Devil is a card of bondage, and of matter over spirit. It describes aimless feelings and emotions, completely divorced from understanding or rational interpretation. This is the underlying cause of young Lucas's disappearance: he became the victim of a person who had those problems. The ace of wands represents a new venture of some sort that had been started, or plans for a new family, family member, or birth. It is my opinion, so far, that Lucas had been perceived as a fifth wheel by someone in his home.

Before the underlying cause, we have the Star. This shows us hope and inspiration. It also shows that Lucas's disappearance was planned, at least in part, in advance. It is followed by Death, reversed, which bothers me a bit. Upside right, Death is not really an ominous card, because it speaks to change and transformation, but reversed, it tells of stagnation and I do not like to see it in a reading for a missing person. This card shows us the very recent past. Above this, we have the Chariot, reversed. This tells us what may happen here, and the Chariot describes the act of using teamwork and the balance of opposing forces to move forward when it is upright....reversed, not so much. When the chariot falls reversed, it tells of failures, projects that do not work out, and unethical victories. Sadly, this almost screams that a suspect is expecting to get away with taking Lucas. But this is only what could happen, not necessarily what will happen.

The next card, showing what will happen in the near future, is the Hanged Man, reversed. Upright, this card shows sacrifices and results that are related to timing, such as waiting until the right moment for the best results. But it is reversed here, showing that this investigation will meet with resistance and arrogance. Once again, this shows that someone feels that they have already committed the perfect crime.

The first card on the staff is the Magician, reversed. This shows the use of power for destruction. Sometimes, the card also speaks of abuse of authority. Next, in the place of environment, we have Strength, reversed, giving us the same message, only when Strength falls reversed, it more aptly describes abuse of authority, while the reversed Magician is more concerned with the abuse of power; so we have both factors here. This is disturbing, as the reading began with the Devil, which is also a card of misused powers and strengths. So far, this reading is giving us a picture of an abusive adult in Lucas's life, and Death in reversal not showing any renewals. I do not believe this is going to have a happy ending, but I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

In the place of hopes, we find the three of pentacles, reversed. As a description of a personality trait, this card in reversal would speak to pettiness and selfishness. As a situation or an environment, this shows us that someone connected to this is not worried about Lucas, but only worried about missing work. The reading ends with the Queen of Cups. As she is upside right, I am going to assume that she is kindly disposed toward Lucas, and wants him to be found. She is the person who will persevere until Lucas is found.

To sum this up, it appears that a woman was involved in the abuse and disappearance of Lucas, as shown in the Star, then Strength reversed. While this woman should have been more like the inspiration of the Star, and may have been, at one time; the relationship devolved into the environment depicted by Strength, reversed. A possible male figure is represented by the reversed Hanged Man, and the problem with this person is that while he could help with his testimony, he has not done so. He knows what has happened, and is complicit. There are only three cards would speak of direction, or location: the ace of wands would take us a little to the south; Death sometimes points us north, but he is reversed; and Strength is sometimes south, but is also reversed here. I do not think that Lucas is very far from home. While the Star and the Hanged Man show shallow water, the Magician tells us that not only water, but other elements are involved. That would indicate a location near shallow water, outside. Abuse and violence is a prominent enough theme in this reading to suggest slaughterhouses as possible landmarks, too.

I always hope I am wrong when I have a reading such as this, so I will keep hoping and praying for the best. I hope Lucas is found soon.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Motive Of The Las Vegas Shooter

October 1, 2017 is when  a man named Stephan Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, and opened fire on a crowd at an outdoor concert, killing at least 58 people, after which he killed himself. The investigation is under way, and the timeline has been questioned and re-established, but no one has been able to determine Paddock's motive. Since Paddock has killed himself, and left no clues about why he do such a thing, this will be a lingering question. Here is a Tarot reading about his motive.

We begin with the seven of swords, the card of partial success and theft, crossed by the Hierophant, the card of conformity and social norms. The seven of swords has a double meaning here: not only has the ability to achieve a normal lifestyle eluded Paddock, which is the underlying reason for his angst; he had actually planned to kill many more people on October 1 than he did! 

Appearing as a founding cause for this, we have the six of cups, reversed. This shows that our suspect was living in the past, so to speak, hanging on to either a lifestyle or a career that no longer worked. He was unwilling to change. It also suggests that he had hopes of a windfall or an inheritance that did not pan out as planned. His past also shows us the four of wands, reversed. This shows that despite the lack of concrete direction in his life, Paddock actually blended in for awhile, and did not gain too much attention for his eccentricities. Those who had contact with him discerned nothing amiss. The Queen of Swords appears reversed in the place of possibilities. This is a woman judgemental and rather dishonest. She appears as a peripheral part of this matter, but not as the cause. We will revisit her later. Next, in the place of things that WILL happen, we have the eight of pentacles, which is the card of the apprentice. This indicates that this shooting will actually generate much study and investigation, and a sincere effort will be made, not only by law enforcement, but by other agencies as well, to determine why this happened and to prevent mass shootings in the future. 

The Lovers, reversed, appears in the place of choices and fears. This is not only about Paddock's romantic relationships, but about choices made by him and by others, about him. Problems he had relating to others were usually ignored, and no one discussed his eccentric habits surrounding firearms. This also refers back to the Queen of Swords; she was most familiar with Paddock's behaviors, yet did not see a reason to discuss any of it with others. This reading portrays her as a bit of a villain, here. In the place of environment, we have the five of swords, reversed, which is straight-up revenge. Yes, our shooter imagined that he needed revenge against the general public because he was never able to "fit in" or be accepted. In the place of expectations, we have Justice, reversed. It is my sense that there were, in addition to consequences for the mass shooting, other matters pending that involved our justice system.....not necessarily criminal matters, but civil. Paddock was not expecting things to go his way. He also knew, that the time he shot himself, that there was no defense for his actions. The reading ends with the Tower, which foretells, among other catastrophic events, bankruptcy. Paddock's motive for the mass shooting was fear of bankruptcy and hatred for people. He blamed the rest of the population for his lack of success at a traditional career.