Thursday, June 7, 2012

Skelton Brothers

Not too long ago, I got a request to do a reading for the three Skelton brother, Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner, who were not returned to their mother in Morenci, Michigan, after a visit with their father. Their father is in jail, and he refuses to discuss his sons' whereabouts with anyone. They disappeared over Thanksgiving of 2010. My question to the cards was "what happened to the Skelton Brothers, and where are they?"

The first two cards are the World, crossed by Death. This is rather ominous. They began what was supposed to be an exciting trip, and, in one of the rare incidents of actual death chronicles by the Tarot, apparantly died. I truly hope I have interpreted this incorrectly, but I don't think I have. For some background, we have been given the four of pentacles, reversed, which tells us that material losses, due to mistakes and extravagances on the part of the person experiencing the losses, played a role in this sad situation. The five of swords, reversed, tells us about deceit and a violent revenge of some sort. The best we can expect to find is the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. I think this speaks of an event, rather than a person in this reading, and I think we are being told that the boys will be found, very eventually, near or in a field that is not used anymore.....upright, this card is associated with plowed fields, since it came reversed, I am interpreting it as overgrown and unused fields. The Emporer is the next card, and as this is the "father" card, and the boys were with their father when they disappeared, I think the answers lie with the father.

In the mind of the person who did this, it was a way to express anger and keep a quarrel going. The three of swords tells us this. This was done to punish a former lover, the three boys were only collateral. We have the six of cups, which speaks of children, child friendships, and the past, telling us that these three boys were the most convenient way for the perpetrator to hurt the lover he so wanted to punish. The four of cups, reversed, in the place of hopes or fears, speaks of new relationships, and as it is a hope or fear, but not a reality, I think the perpetrator had a real problem with an ex moving on, to a new relationship. The reading ends with the Empress, or the "mother" card. So we have a picture of a father who wanted a relationship with a mother, and did not get what he wanted, and three boys used as pawns. How very sad.

Note: The six of cups appeared in the place of environment, and it may also have been telling us a little about location. Cups are water, which points us west, and the message may be "six to the west" of the father's home.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Petition To State Farm Insurance On Behalf Of Ayla Reynolds

As many have already heard, Justin Dipietro, the father of Ayla Reynolds, bought an insurance policy against Ayla from a friend who works for State Farm Insurance. Within Two weeks of that day, Ayla disappeared. She has not been seen since Decenber 16, 2011. A very good petition has been put together, to request that State Farm do a very thorough investigation before they pay Justin Dipietro anything at all for his missing daughter. Hopefully, everyone who reads this will look at the petition and sign it. Here is the link:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Age Progressed Picture Of Kyron Horman

Here is a professionally enhanced picture of how Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland, Oregon, exactly two years ago, might look today. He may or may not have glasses, and his hair might be longer.

How And When Will Ayla Reynolds Get Justice?

I promised to do a reading on this question of justice for Ayla Reynolds recently. As for what happened to Ayla, I do not think I can add productively to the other readings I have done. But I do think I can add this question, and hopefully interpret the message of the cards. Keep in mind that sometimes, time is a difficult item to measure in any type of divination. And often, Justice takes time, moving at it's own pace.

I changed the question a bit on this one. I was having problems getting a clear answer with the question about "Justice" appears that there are six individuals who know what happened to Ayla at this point in time, not just three. Rather than chase down the role and consequence each perp should face in a perfect justice system, I reshuffled, asking if this case would ever be resolved. Here is what I got: the two of swords, crossed by the three of cups. This message is clear; the two of swords represents stalemates, and that describes the Ayla Reynolds case quite well. The three of cups is resolution here, and it has been delayed. It is at odds with the two of swords. At the base of this, we have the Page of Swords, reversed. This individual has appeared in other readings I have done for Ayla, so I am not surprised to see him again. He is an accomplice, and he has assisted the person who is responsible for Ayla's disappearance. While he has done nothing but aid the cause of injustice, his achilles heel is lack of commitment. When he gets tired, or when the going gets tough, he will break, and not be a reliable ally for the perp anymore. Moving into the past, we have the King of Cups, reversed. This is a male with adult responsibilities and a bad character. Lies are also associated with this king when he falls reversed. Also look for scandals and double dealing. As a desired outcome, we have the Empress, which is the "mother" card. This simply tells us that the best resolution would be for the mother to get her answers. The three of wands offers some practical help with the person responsible and the accessories. This could be a new volunteer effort or an experienced search and rescue team who wants to help Ayla's mother.

The Hanged Man tells us what the status of Ayla's case is right now; it is in a state of suspense. Efforts to catch the responsible party have not lead to Ayla, and other sacrifices will have to be made in order to resolve this case. The Tower describes the atmosphere surrounding this case right now; somehow, resolution will involve the overthrow of old methods of solving crime, and someone's position that has somehow been used to cover this crime will be exposed. The seven of cups in the place of desire tells us that the perpetrator has "helped" this investigation scatter it's energies and resources in too many different directions. The reading ends with the five of cups, which tells us of loss and regret, but with something returned. It will not be a happy resolution, though. So sad.

There are four "water" cards, (cups) in this reading, and three more cards that contain water references. (two of swords, three of wands, and the Hanged Man) It seems that Ayla is probably still either in Waterville, or very close to it. While the Hanged Man could be trying to pull Ayla out of a stream as the current pushes her past him, I think the "currents" referenced here are human egos of those close to Ayla's paternal family. It is possible that the Hanged Man is attempting to pull more clues from the currents of conversation and "talk" in order to pull out the truth. I do not claim to know how it will happen, but the Tower fortells the truth coming out in way that brings down an institution, demanding reform.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Michaela "Mickey" Shunick

On May 19, a twenty-two year old woman named Michaela, or "Mickey" Shunick was riding her bicycle home from a friend's house in the very early morning in Lafeyette, La., after celebrating her birthday. That was when she was last seen. I was hoping to hear she was found, but, sadly; only her bicycle was found, in the Atchafalaya River. I will do a reading, and see what the cards have to say.

The question I asked is "What happened to Mickey Shunick?" The cards began with the four of pentacles, reversed, crossed by temperance. This gives me a picture of someone who is suffering from material setbacks, and Temperance is the card that tell us why this person would be suffering from material setbacks: drug or alcohol abuse. So we should look for someone who abuses drugs or alcohol, and may be on probation for same. Beneath this, we see the five of pentacles. This not only discusses what the perpetrator's situation was/is, it gives us a possible location of a church or a place where people who are lonely or desperate gather. It also speaks to a possibility of romance gone wrong, which leads to the next card, telling us of a female influence in this: the High Priestess, reversed. Water is connected to the High Priestess as a location, and as a person in the past, I think she has a lot more to do with whoever made Mickey disappear than with Mickey. So far, this looks like a case of a rejected male, nursing his bruised and not-too-sober ego by taking out his sexual/romantic/relationship frustrations on an innocent victim. He is represented by the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. This is a careless type of guy, in his mid twenties or early thirties, (in this person's case, he could be as old as mid forties, yet still as emotionally immature as a younger man) who does not get along well with people and therefore has never made anything of himself. He is followed by the King of Swords, and as this King falls upright, I think it is safe to assume that he is part of law enforcement, and already has some good leads on finding Mickey. He is also looking across at the reversed High Priestess, so he may have reason to believe the water may hold the best clues.

In the place of secrets, we have the eight of wands, reversed. This is jealousy. A domestic dispute that did not have anything to do with Mickey had something to do with her disappearance. In the place of environment, Death, reversed, comes up. Mickey has, sadly, been in the same place ever since May 19. Since Death is reversed, I think there will be some delays in finding Mickey. As a location, this card would point north, and indicate open fields, and, since the horse is white, perhaps the vehicle involved in this was white. That is only a guess on my part, though. The King of Pentacles, reversed, appears as yet another male, either older or more accomplished than the first one, (both males here may have dark complexions and dark hair) who has a reason to believe that the Knight of Pentacles may have been involved in this. He has not come forward and spoken to law enforcement yet, but the perpetrator is worried that he might. A stalemate, the two of swords, has this case locked up and at a standstill right now. The element relating to swords is air, and as air rules oral and written words, testimony, and information, the message of this reading is that we need testimony from the King of Pentacles in order to completely solve this case.  The King of Swords is very good at his job, however; and I think he is on the right track in his water searches to find Mickey Shunick.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sierra Lamar And The Arrest On May 22

Now there has been an arrest in the case of missing Sierra Lamar. The sheriff in Santa Clara county, California thinks that this person is definately connected to Sierra's disappearance, and has had him under surveillance for at least several weeks. She was hoping that his comings and goings would lead to Sierra's whereabouts, or at least yield clues, but we still have not found Sierra. There have been some requests for another reading about this, and I have asked the cards if this arrest has brought us any closer to solving this crime.

This reading starts with the four of cups crossed by the Moon. The four of cups gives us an air of ingratitude somewhere in this picture, and while the Moon can often mean psychism and vision, it can also mean deceit. In this reading, it appears to mean the latter. The truth simply isn't good enough for someone, or will not work out the way he/she would wish, so deception is employed, instead. We have this based by the Knight of Swords. This is a quick, sudden event that may have included violence and definately included geographic movement. The five of pentacles, reversed, fades into the background, taking with it an opportunity to get at the truth. Something that may still happen is the eight of cups, reversed. Upright, this card woud tell us about someone who had gotton his wish, but then changed his mind, Reversed, it means getting one's wish, but at the expense of wisdom and spirituality. It seems to be telling us of someone who may get what he/she wants, but is not yet mature enough for it. Something that will happen is the four of wands, reversed. Perhaps this arrest will help solve the case, but glory and happiness of the four of wands upright, (it is a card of celebrations) will be tarnished, as it falls reversed.

The Page of Cups falls in the place of fears. This can mean news involving a young person or a child, which, of course, everyone wants here. As it falls in the place of fears and negative emotions, I think the truth about what happened to Sierra will still be hard to elicit. The next card is very important in this reading: in the place of environment, as in what is going on NOW, we have the ten of wands, reversed. This tells of duplicity and treachery. It also does not bode well for legal matters. Upright this card speaks of working toward a goal and barely making it, or somehow abusing power and resources, but reversed, it is lies and separation. It is quite possible that in the wake of this arrest, more evidence is being corrupted or destroyed. The nine of pentacles appears in the place of hopes, which is independence and financial well being. Somehow, that is on the mind of the perpetrator. The reading concludes with the World, reversed. This is not a good card for the outcome, as it speaks to a slow resolution in this case, rather than a quick one.

It does not appear that we will get the answers we need from the defendant in the arrest, but I could not help but notice the presence of two fours in this reading. In Taoism, four is the number of family, and wood is it's element. I still think that Sierra did not travel too far away from her family's home, and I also think it is time to start questioning everyone who knows Antonlin Garcia Torres, the defendant who is now charged. Water is still an element somehow, because the Moon appeared, and part of the deception is making it appear that Sierra is "nowhere in the world". Ten of wands: that card points south, but here, it falls reversed. It could be telling us that Sierra backtracked, or that she really didn't go anywhere at all. I wish I had more positive things to say about this. And I hope she is found today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updated Tarot Question For Sierra Lamar

Some asked me to do another update for Sierra Lamar, who went missing in March. While I do not think much has changed since the initial reading and update, I decided to try one more reading, just honing in on Sierra's location. So far, it does not appear that any of the so-called clues or testimony has been helpful; in fact, it looks as if law enforcement may have been deliberately guided to the wrong track from the beginning.

We begin with Judgement reversed crossed by the Star. This means that someone is deliberately attempting to cheat the judicial system. Judgement also sometimes means fear of death. The Star means hope and courage, and as it crosses the problem now experienced by those searching for Sierra, I think we can safely say that someone is deliberately keeping any valuable information about Sierra away from those who could bring her home. The Wheel of Fortune is in the background here, and this is the opportunity that someone had to make Sierra disappear in the first place. Someone had wanted to remove Sierra for some time, and had finally found a way to step up his/her game and make it happen. The seven of cups fades into the past here, and this is a card of illusions. Because we have seen Judgement reversed already, the message is that the illusions were deliberately placed. The eight of swords reversed is something that could happen. This means that this charade can come to an end soon and that Sierra can be found. A possible location described by this card is drainage ponds and runoff. I hate to think of septic systems, but that, too. This is followed by the three of cups, which is the end of something, and also an excess of food or alcoholic beverages. Upright, this card would speak of reasons to celebrate. Reversed, it is telling us, in this case, that something that used to be anticpated is now cooling down, so to speak. As a location, it tells of a place where celebrations may have been held, but not in a long time. Mild disrepair.

The five of pentacles describes the mindset of the person(s) who knows where Sierra can be found. Money is on this person's mind, and budgeting money has become somewhat of a problem. Help is not as available as it would be if this person were not hiding something, and this person cannot afford to be open and honest because he/she is hiding a crime. The Knight of Pentacles, reversed, comes up in the environment. This is a lazy, dependant, good-for-nothing type of male and he may have dark hair and brown eyes. He is not one of Sierra's agemates; he is an adult. The Knight of Swords, reversed, comes up in the place of hopes or fears, and I think this describes the event surrounding Sierra's disappearance and the feelings of the Knight of Pentacles. Reversed, this is a card of violence. The last card is the three of pentacles, reversed. This takes us back to the five of pentacles, in the Knight's worries. It is a card of mediocrity in the workplace, and may tell us of someone who is either not working when he should be, or is having problems at work. Somehow, this is tied to Sierra's disappearance and current location enough to show up in a reading.

Back to Judgement crossed by the Star. This perpetrator has had some help in hiding Sierra, and the Star is the hope these people have of blocking any new beginnings. I am hoping they do not get away with it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who Has Kyron Blocked And Hidden?

I guess it seems like an obvious question. Kyron Horman, who went missing on June 4, 2010, was the victim of a crime, so of course, the person who committed the crime will make the best attempt he or she can to escape detection. But it seems as if a lot of planning and skill went into this crime, more than what is usually found with a random "stranger abduction". This has also inspired a few people to wonder if some sort of esoteric means has been used to hide Kyron. It is a question that has actually been posed to me quite a few times over the past year and a half. (!!!........Kyron has been missing waaaaaay too long!)

I did a reading to deal with this question. It begins with the Hierophant, reversed, crossed by the three of swords. When the Hierophant falls reversed, he often represents things that occur outside of the norm, and counterculture lifestyles. Elements of this are somehow present in the current situation; as if someone simply refuses to live life the same way everyone else does. This is blanketed by the three of swords, which is a card of strife and infighting. Somehow, these two dynamics have helped to keep Kyron hidden better then any other type of effort. A failure on someone's part to follow directions and an effort to keep sparks of discord going have worked marvelously so far for the perpetrator.

This is founded by the eight of cups. This card usually appears when someone has gotton what he wanted and changed his mind, but since the question deals with ways that Kyron has been blocked from being found, I think this card is telling us that investigators were deliberately sent in the wrong direction in the past and, as a result, found nothing. In the past, we have the Page of Swords, reversed, and this person is a double dealer and a liar who knows what happened to Kyron and has deliberately used communication, either electronic or in person, to pervert justice. The very best thing that can happen is the eight of swords, reversed, which is a release from being trapped. This is also the second eight that has come up; the message here, as it relates to the first eight that reminded us that Kyron has not been found, is that we should not give up. If the best that can happen is for Kyron to be freed, we should certainly keep looking for him. The next card we get is Justice, reversed. This relates directly to the Page of Swords, and the Page is not about to tell the truth or do anything for Kyron.

In the place of feelings and fears, the Emperor has shown up. He is a fatherly figure, and as he is upside right, I am going to assume he has Kyron's best interests at heart and in mind. The environment of this matter gives us the three of pentacles, reversed. Usaully, this card speaks of mediocrity in the workplace, but here, I think it is telling us that someone has capitalized from searchers and investigators failing to ask the right questions. The Emperor is hoping for a day when the tables are turned, as related to us by the Tower, and the lies that keep Kyron trapped come tumbling down. The last card is the Hermit, who is still vested in helping the Emperor. His advice is to keep looking. Never give up. The Hermit is a little like Diogenes, looking for an honest man. He, or she, as the case may be, will not allow the Emperor to stop looking for Kyron until Kyron has been found.

Nothing in this reading tells me of an esoteric block, but I think natural fear and paranoia has generated one. The presence of a reversed Page of Swords does tell me that deliberate attempts have been made by someone other than the perpetrator to keep Kyron well hidden. This person is not schooled in matters occult, however; and is relying on the ability to sow discord and keep key people from trusting each other, rather than any other "powers".

Note: Sometimes fear, and people who are good at scaring others, can almost feel like a psychic "block". I think there is an element of this at work in Kyron's case.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caleigh Harrison

Caleigh Harrison disappeared from Rockport Beach in Massachusetts on Friday, April 19. Her mother said she turned her back for just a minute, and never saw her daughter again. The search has been called off, and no one has found this little girl. In the past several days, Caleigh's four year old sister has spoken of a man she didn't know, and stating that he took Caleigh, but she did not mention this immediately after the incident. So we will see what the cards have to say.

We start with the seven of swords, reversed. Upright, this is a card of theft, and taking what does not belong to one, but reversed, it is quite the opposite. This crossed by Temperance. Temperance is associated with water, and we know that Caleigh disappeared at the beach. Temperance also signifies good combinations and compatibility, and as it crosses the message of good council and keeping what belongs to one, I find myself wondering if this child was truly kidnapped. The seven of wands, reversed, comes up in the background. Upright, this card would tell us that someone was either guarding a sercret or a place, and playing strategically with information, but reversed, it is telling us that the proper searches have taken place, and that the appropriate warrents have been served. The Knight of pentacles reversed is attempting to fade into the background. The search has stalled, with no results. He is also a lazy, rather dishonest male presence.

Strength appears as the best that can come from this, and I think this card is urging everyone involved not to give up just yet. This card is followed by the King of Swords. This king is often a police officer, lawyer, or judge. I am going to guess that he is law enforcement, since I see him looking at the reversed Knight of Pentacles for clues. In the place of secrets, the Knight of Swords appears. He is also law enforement, but with a more aggresive manner that the King. A serious problem that needs to be overcome is the seven of cups, (this is the third seven in this reading) and this is illusions and possible deception. Too many different ideas have been presented, and possibilities have not been efficiently narrowed down. Another problem is the Queen of Cups, reversed. This is a dishonest, twisted person who does not have Caleigh's best interest at heart. Her relationship to Caleigh is not clear, however. The last card is the eight of wands, reversed. Finding this little girl is going be be very hard, step by step, routine detective work, There will be no "miracles" per se. Two people, a male and a female, know where Caleigh is, and have not told the truth.

The seven of cups is also a bit of a description of where Caleigh is likely to be found. She has not traveled too far from the beach from which she disappeared, perhaps "seven" to the west. I strongly suspect that she is disguised, somehow. Perhaps some pictures of how she would look dressed as a boy, or with a hat covering her hair, could be circulated.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whereabouts For Sierra Lamar

There have been a couple of requests for an update concerning missing Sierra Lamar. I think the other readings that I have done give us a basic outline of what has happened, so I will attempt an update, focusing on where and how she might be found.

This reading gives me the Lovers crossed by the Page of Swords as a beginning. There are two people with direct knowledge of Sierra'a whereabouts. The Page of Swords lends an element of spying and mistrust to the relationship between these two individuals; they are each a little afraid of getting thrown under the bus, so to speak, by the other. As a cause for this, the Knight of Swords, reversed, tells us that Sierra did, indeed, incur violence. Reversed, this Knight is often and violent and dangerous person. Occasionally, this card will even refer to fatal violence. As an influence trying to recede into the past, we get the Empress, reversed. Upright, this is the card of the Mother; reversed, she is maternal instinct gone awry. Already, this does not look promising.

The very best thing that can be done by either of these either of these accomplices is the five of cups, reversed. This is a suggestion that Sierra be returned. Given back to whomever may care for her. The King of Pentacles is on the horizen as a forthcoming event, and I think he is the one who will finally solve this matter. In the place of secrets, we have the Hanged Man, reversed. This is a sad statement for the state of this affair, since it tells us that those who should be making the sacrifices required for Sierra are not. The ace of wands appears in the place of environs. Fire is the element that refers to wands in the Tarot, perhaps fire was involved in the coverup of evidence. Also, it could mean that Sierra is "one" to the south, or being that the card is "one", perhaps she has not traveled off of the property of her home at all. Another search of the property where she lives, and the neighboring property or house on each side,("one" away) and in front and in back, could be helpful and yield clues. The eight of cups reversed comes up in the place of hopes or fears; this is the hope of someone that he/she/they will get away with a crime.

The last card is the Magician, reversed. This is an abuse of power. From this reading, I would be inclined to search the favored "hangouts", or "stops along the daily route" of the older (older than Sierra) male closest to Sierra with any type of authority over her.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mercedes Celis

Another missing child! Six year old Mercedes Celis was last seen at her home in Tuscon, Arizonz, at 11:00 PM Friday night, and had disappeared by 8:00 AM Saturday morning. Local police, the FBI, and Federal Marshalls are involved in the search. No clues or sign of this little girl have been found. Here is the comment of the Tarot:

The reading starts with the ten of cups, reversed, showing the disruption of the rhythem of Mercedes's family. The is crossed by the two of pentacles. The two of pentacles seems to be making appearences in the readings of many missing childrens' cases lately. It tells of either putting on a brave face for the general public, or of putting on a brave face and putting a different spin on a matter, or not disclosing all the facts. It is a little unsettling to see this in the basis of the matter in a reading about a missing child. As an event in the past leading up to Mercedes's disappearance, we have the Knight of Cups, reversed. As an event, this knight would simply tell us that Mercedes is not far away, and didn't really travel too far, but I think he may also be an actual person in this scenario. He would be a young adult man connected to Mercedes's family or extended family. The event that is easing it's way into the past is the ace of cups, reversed, which tells of sad news related familial matters, children, love, and emotions. I think the family had become aware of something quite sad before this little girl went missing. Someone who is watching matters unfold does, indeed, know what happened to Mercedes, and the best thing that person can do is represented by the eight of swords, reversed. Swords relate to air, which represents information via spoken or written words, and the eight of swords is a  card of bondage. Reversed, it fortells freedom from bondage, and if the person who knows something about this speaks now, the results will not be nearly as bad as they will be if the truth comes out as the results of investigation. Someone who wants to find Mercedes and will do anything to help her is the King of Cups. He falls upright, and cares very much about what happens to Mercedes.

The Queen of Cups, reversed, falls in the place of secrets. This woman is keeping something from the investigation. The ten of pentacles, reversed, is in the place of environment, and it looks as if the fear of financial loss is somehow driving this matter. In the place of hopes, we have the seven of cups, which, in this particular reading, is clearly delusion. Mercedes's family will never be the same after this incident. The reading ends with the five of wands, reversed. The five of wands is a card of trickery and deception, but here it is reversed, showing us that someone actually knows what happened to this little girl, and still has a chance to come forward with information.

Sadly, I do not see much from Mercedes, herself, in the future. That disturbs me, but I will come back to this if she is not found. There are three people I see here as active parts, two men and a woman. But one of the men, the King of Cups, is more of a bystander or a "victim after the fact" than a culpable accomplice.

Update: a couple of points about this reading that I did not emphasize, but which bear emphasis: there has been some speculation that Isabel Mercedes's older brothers may have been involved. While the reading indicated that a younger male WAS involved, the male is still an ADULT, not a child. I do not think either of Isabel's brothers showed up in the reading. Everyone involved in this was an adult. Also, this is not going to make me the most popular tarot reader of the year, but that ten of cups at the beginning of the reading screams of matters pertaining to family.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tarot On Etan Kalil Patz

On May 25, 1979, six year old Etan Kalil Patz disappeared while walking to the bus stop to go to school in Manhattan, New York. After reluctantly allowing Etan to walk to the bus stop by himself, his mother, Julie Patz, was unaware that Etan never made it to school until that afternoon, when he was not on the bus to come home. This resulted in one of the biggest missing child searches of all time, and Etan was the first child whose picture graced a milk carton. Etan was declared dead in 2001, and despite the presence of a possible suspect, was never found. The case became active again about two years ago, and new searches are in progress now.

We start with the two of wands, reversed, crossed by the six of wands. The two of wands is a card that tells of partners and joint efforts, so I am going to assume that there are two accomplices here, rather than just one. It is crossed by the six of wands, and as the six of wands is affirmative news, I think the message is clear: someone, during all these years, has deliberately kept the secret of what happened to this boy, and still does not want the location known. As a cause for the situation, we have Death, and I think this is one of the rare cases wherein the Tarot speaks literally of physical death. Usually, the Death card in a reading refers to a life-changing and often beneficial change, but this time, I think the face value of the card is the message. The next card, describing circumstances past, is the Emporer, reversed. This is a man, in an authority, or "fatherly" relationship or position to Etan, and as he is reversed, he is not kindly disposed toward Etan. He is also the perpetrator. The very best that can come of this today is the ten of cups. Usually, this card refers to a happy family situation, but here it tells us that Etan's family would like to simply know what happened, and have closure. Ten is the number of completion.The Sun follows this as something that will happen, so I think the Patz's will eventually get their answers.

The accomplice, or accomplice after the fact, may be a woman, but the reading is not very clear about the person's gender. The concerns that were running through the perpetrator's mind are represented by the two of cups, which indicates a relationship or liason that the perpetrator wanted to keep hidden. This could either be a business or a romantic relationship. Etan and his innocence is represented by the six of cups; could he have seen something that someone else did not want publicly known? Six.....that was his age when he went missing. It is how the world  sees a six year old. The card representing the perp(s) is followed by the card representing Etan and what Etan saw or thought.

A fear the perpetrator has concerning this is balence of different aspects of his life. Somehow, there has always been a possibility that his secret was not safe, and he still worries. This is the two of pentacles, yet another "two". It also shows worries about communications between two people, and the duty of "putting on airs", or "pretending": lying and covering up something. The final outcome is the seven of pentacles. This does not tell me if Etan will be found where investigators are currently digging, although digging is, indeed, an activity related to this card. It does tell me that their hard work is very likely to pay off. The seven of pentacles is a card of successful harvest. 

An interesting pattern in this reading is the presence of two "two's" followed by two "six's". Two and six are somehow key numbers here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Help With Ayla's Whereabouts

I have had a lot of requests in the past week for a reading that might detail the whereabouts of Ayla Reynolds a bit more specifically.  Most of the readings I have done so far have answered "who" and "how", rather than "where". In a case that eventually turns up a living victim, the reason for this is no great mystery, as someone who is alive will obviously not consistantly remain in the same spot. Another reason why "where" can often be a difficult question for divination to tackle is explained by T. Raphael Simons in his book, Feng Shui Step By Step, very clearly: it is often difficult for someone who is not familiar with the surroundings of a person, object, or situation to know exactly what to ask, hone in on, or recognize in the answer to a divinatory question. He refers to this as one of the seven obstacles to divination, and more can be learned about this in Chapter 25 of Feng Shui Step By Step.  That said, I will attempt the question, and hopefully my limited knowledge of the terrian in Maine (too cold!) will not prove too much of an obstacle. Ayla has been missing way too long.

This begins with the World, reversed. Wherever Ayla is, she is stationary, and not moving from place to place. The World is crossed by the Page of Swords, which tells me that an accomplice is watching this spot. I do not think it is the perpetrator; I think it is someone who is trying to help the perpetrator ellude justice. This person has also done much to steer the investigation in the wrong direction. As an issue founding this situation, we have the five of cups, reversed. This is a return of a loved on or a friend, and I think this card refers to Ayla's move into her father's home. Reiterating this is the ace of wands, in the recent past, telling us of what SHOULD have been a joyful opportunity for Ayla's paternal family to get to know Ayla. The two of swords reversed is the best that was ever to come from this situation,, and this tells of an ended stalemate of sorts with events happeneing in the wrong sequences or matters simply getting out of hand. The next card is the two of wands, reversed, which tells us that there are at least two individuals who know what happened to Ayla, and as the card falls reversed, they are unwilling to cooperate with the goal of bringing Ayla home.

In the place of fears....fears of the accomplice described by the Page of Wands and of the others involved, we have the Jusctice card. I think that speaks for itself! The general environment for Ayla, herself, is the seven of wands, which is somewhere that is somewhat guarded and off limits to the public and investigators without a search warrent. A person who knows the situation is somehow stalling the investigation by disallowing the searches that would locate Ayla. Possibly private property or home, shed, or lawn that either has not been searched or has not been searched very well.

The next card, in the place of hopes, is the ace of cups. The perpetrator is not only hoping for a new beginning after the investigation is over, but as water is the element of cups, I think this person wants authorities to keep looking for Ayla in water! The final outcome is the Fool, who wants us to know that while the secret of Ayla's whereabouts is owned by the person(s) who hid Ayla, the outcome is owned by chance, and it is very likely by some unavoidable chance that Ayla is found.

One more thought about the two of wands reversed: this can also be a card of one person forcefully dominating another, and it gives us a clue about what happened to Ayla. The person she was with before she went missing is someone who is known for bullying and should never have contact with children again.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Updated Reading For Baby Kate Phillips

A reader requested an update for the reading I did for Kate Phillips, a baby who was last seen on June 29 of last year with Sean Phillips, her father. Ariel Courtland, Kate's mother, and law enforcement in Michigan, have been searching ever since. The father is charged in Kate's disappearance, and as of yet, she has not been found. Sean's court date is later this month. The question I asked was "where is Kate?"

This begins with the King of Pentacles, crossed by Death. A major change is unavoidable, no matter what the King of Pentacles does. Along with change, Death also points north. This is founded by Strength, reversed. This was the not-so-bright move made by Kate's father when he took her away in the first place. The Wheel of Fortune reversed is the situation from a past perspective, which simply illustrates the mother's powerlessness once she allowed her daughter's father to have control. The best we can expect from him is the Hanged Man, reversed. This is someone who is unteachable and unwilling to make any sacrifices. I do not expect him to reveal his daughter's location in court, either, unless someone can make him feel very threatened by consequences. The next card is the three of cups, which may give us some good news.......perhaps Kate will be found. Cups are water, and water's direction is west, so a possibility, since thirteen is the number of the Death card, could be "thirteen to the north" and "three to the west". A small body of water is also a possibility. The word "white" as in "white line" or "white rose" keep coming up.

The three of pentacles is in the place of fears. This is the card of the craftsman. It is followed by the nine of pentacles, which is a card of independence, and sometimes, of home and gardens. Is there someone who gardens or landscapes for a living in this picture? Also, I think this is telling us that someone who lived with Sean at the time Kate disappeared knows Kate's whereabouts. The card of hopes is the King of Swords, reversed. This is the advice Sean has received from his attorney....not in the interest of finding Kate. He's been told not to offer any information. And the last card is the Empress, reversed. It could be Kate's mother, but I think it is another card describing Sean's surroundings before his arrest; in other words, the Empress is someone who lived with Sean prior to this, and that she knows where the baby is, too.

This does not look encouraging. Hopefully, there will be an update in this case from Michigan soon.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Samantha Koenig Found

Samantha Koenig was found yesterday. She was found in a lake in Anchorage, Alaska. The cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ava Enlow Found!

Yes! It's really true! Ava Enlow, of this reading, was found today! Her dad was arrested in Mexico, and she is en route back to Arizona, to her mom. The dad's mother was also on Nancy Grace tonight, stating that she knew her son was in Mexico, after stating a month ago, on the same show, that she did NOT know where her son was, and begging the general public for a lawyer for him! She should really just shut up. Since this is now a criminal case, not just a family law court case, he will be appointed a public defender if he cannot afford representation. There are certainly enough innocent people out there who need legal assistance and can't afford it; why should her son, who knowingly committed a terrible crime get a break? She's got a lot of nerve!

I am so happy to post that Ava is no longer missing.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Devon Davis

Just on Tuesday, two year old Devon Davis disappeared from his parents' new home in Liberty County,  Texas. He is now the subject of an Amber Alert. I find the Amber Alert curious, as I have not been able to find any description of a vehicle that may have been involved, so I did a reading. I should add, earlier, I pulled just one card, asking for some sort of direction about this matter, and it was the Empress, reversed. The Empress is the ultimate mother/wife, and reversed, she represents a woman who either has not, or cannot, master those ideals. I already do not like the direction.

For the basis, or the cross, the Queen of Swords is crossed by the King of Swords. An intelligent woman and an intelligent man together provided a home for Devon. They are both somewhat better educated that others in the area where Devon went missing, and both may have had careers before moving to Texas. This is founded by the three of swords, which represents thinking over feeling, often at the expense of things that one or more parties in a disagreement hold dear. I am going to conclude, for now, that one or both of them had misgivings about moving to Texas from Virginia, and that they had clashed over it. The next card, describing that which is moving into the past, is the eight of wands. This is a great card for infatuation, and for finding things that are fun, but it tells us of things that simply happen too fast, and of too much excitement. There was too much "good stress", along with bad, for someone involved. The five of pentacles, reversed, appears in the place of things that can happen, but have not happened yet. This can mean the return of a loved one or a friend, and I would like to hope it means the return of Devon. It can also tell us of lovers not having a place to meet. I hope that was not an issue with the move to Texas. The card of things that will happen is the ace of wands, reversed. This tells us that there will be setbacks in finding little Devon.

The card that falls in the place of Devon's feelings and the feelings of those closest to him is the five of cups, reversed. Upright, it means regret and loss, but reversed, it means hope, and once again, the return of a friend or loved one. I will take that as a good sign. I hope this is a hope fulfilled by Devon coming home unharmed. The next card, in the place of surroundings and family, is the Emporer, reversed. Like the Empress, he is the perfect parent or spouse, but reversed, he is the negative aspect; the person who has the responsibility but not the ability. Somehow, he figures into this, just like his counterpart, the reversed Empress does. The ten of wands is in the place of hopes, (in this case, I would day the Emporer's) and this means that he wants to conclude this whole matter, solved or not. In the final outcome, we have a new character, the Queen of Cups. She is intuitive, caring, and as she appears upright, kindly disposed toward Devon and very serious about finding him.

More thoughts on this reading: the reversed ace of wands in the place of things that will could refer to a key time of day, such as 1:00 in the afternoon, (wands are fire, and the Sun is also connected to fire symbolism) and it could also mean that the move from Virginia was a false start. There are also more adults with active parts in this matter than any of the reports I have read about this. I also do not see a vehicle playing a major role here. The reference to Swords in the beginning of the reading could also be telling us to look East, as that is Air's, and Swords's direction. But I think it is telling us to look at specific people who are either from an eastward direction or in an eastward direction. If Devon is not found soon, I will try to follow this up with more specific questions.

Update: This little guy was found today, March 31, in a lake. He appears to have drowned. No one knows how he got to the lake yet. Rest in peace, Devon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sierra Lamar Update

It's been over a week, and Sierra Lamar, who disappeared intead of getting on the school bus in Freemont, California, and making it to school last Friday, has still not been found. Quite a few people have asked for an update, and I thought about it decided that the best question to ask at this point is "how can Sierra be found?"

This starts with Strength crossed by the Queen of Wands. We have a woman diligently looking for Sierra, who is represented by Strength. This is gives me hope that there is still time to find her. Some very interesting background about what has happened is the Lovers, reversed. I am very inclined to interpret this, as the Lovers not only literally means "lovers", but choices, as a bad choice that Sierra, herself, made. I also think romance was part of the picture, so I think asking everyone who had a romantic interest in Sierra, no matter how old or young, would be a good place to start. The card representing past causes is Judgement, reversed, affirming that Sierra used bad judgement on this occasion. In possible outcomes, we get the Queen of Pentacles, reversed. This is a selfish woman who does not have Sierra's best interests at heart; I am not quite sure how she fits into the picture just yet. Something that will happen is the ten of pentacles, reversed. The ten of pentacles is an inheritance or a financial gift, and it looks like resources will be spent in many avenues, not all of them fruitful in producing clues, before Sierra is found. So.......we have a message so far that this involves romantic interests, and that the clues had by law enforcement so far may not be the best. An upside down court card, such as this reversed Queen of Pentacles, is often a deliberate attempt at deceit, and I feel that the clues that have been left were left in a way to throw off the investigation. Which really means that questioning Sierra's friends about every, single thing they can all remember and going to every single place she has been for the several months is the best way to proceed. It looks, also, like the Queen of Wands is already beginning to do this.

The first card on the staff is the nine of pentacles, reversed. Upright, this card is resourceful independance. Because the card is reversed, I am going to say that in order to find out who has sustained an unhealthy interest in Sierra, law enforcement will really have to dig deep into more than one person's personal affairs. Also, I think the reversal of this card is telling us that search warrents will be hard to obtain in this case. The next card, describing the environment, is the King of Wands, reversed. This is likely to be an actual person in Sierra's surroundings, and upright he is a married, decent and faithful kind of man. As he falls reversed, I will have to say that while he is still possibly married, he may be separated or divorced, or have been married multiple times. I would expect him to be insecure, hence his interest in teenage girls, and significantly older than Sierra. Also, his reversal tells me that he is not honest, so law enforcement will have to really dig into Sierra's emails and statements from her friends about EVERYONE she has mentioned in order to find him. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the Hanged Man, and as he falls upright, this is a card of sacrifice. The Queen of Wands is willing to make many sacrifices to find Sierra. The final outcome is the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. This is someone who is slowing down the investigation deliberately. He is younger than the King of Wands, and is the one who has been leaving Sierra's personal effects about for others to find. The persistance of the Queen of Wands can win here, if she refuses to give up. Sleuthing through Sierra's past is the best way to find her at this point.

One more thought on this: The reversed Queen of Pentacles could very well be an accomplice or an accessory after the fact, and her actions could be what is represented by the reversed Knight of Pentacles.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Happened To Lisa Irwin Before She Disappeared?

Lisa Irwin, the little girl who was reported missing on October 4, 2011, and who has not been found. The entire Midwest would love to hear some positive news about her whereabouts, and over the weekend, a question came to this blog wanting the Tarot to reveal whether little Lisa is dead or alive. Sometimes, this is a difficult question for the Tarot to answer, as Lisa can, indeed, be deceased, yet still exist somewhere, going about her karma, rebirth, growth, and maturity on another plane. Anyone with a belief in reincarnation, yet getting the message that this little girl is alive, would have to determine whether she is alive as Lisa Irwin, or has moved on and been reborn. I will put the question to the Tarot, and see what I get. The way I have decided to ask this question is: what, exactly, happened to Lisa Irwin before she went missing, and did it cause her to go missing?

The reading starts with Strength crossed by the six of wands. Strength is Spirit overcoming physical matter. The six of wands is victory, and success after overcoming adversities and odds. This, I believe, refers to Lisa's birth in a blended family that had a certain number of challenges. Her birth was welcomed and considered a blessing. The ace of pentacles founds this. There was also an opportunity to become materially better off, for this family. And this appears to be the end of the good news. In events that passed recently before Lisa's disappearance, the cards give us the ten of wands, reversed. This is an abuse of power. The card is followed by the eight of wands, reversed, which tells of jealousy. Upside right, this card is a card of miracles, passion, and impossible dreams coming true, reversed, it is jealousy; almost wanting to send away that which was once a blessing. Next, we see the three of cups, reversed. This is an excess of physical enjoyment. This card appears in the readings of practicing alcoholics and addicts quite often. As Lisa was not old enough to abuse drugs or drink, I can only conclude that it refers to the actions of those around her.

The staff begins with the eight of cups. Here, we have someone who wanted something, got it, but then was not happy with it. It could mean two different things, here. It could mean that Lisa's parents were not as happy with parenting as they thought they would be, and found a way to stop parenting, or it could mean that Lisa's spirit was not satisfied with her surroundings here in this life, and decided not to stay. My personal opinion is that it means both, but; of course, proving it would require the recovery of Lisa. The card that came up describing Lisa's surroundings is Justice, reversed. This simply means that justice has not been done, and someone has deliberately perverted justice and derailed it. In my experience, this card does not describe accidental injustice, but deliberate. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the King of Pentacles, only he is reversed, so he is not someone who is kindly disposed toward Justice, or any justice for Lisa. The final outcome is the four of wands, which is a card of refuge, harvest, and perfected work, and I think that is the desire of the reversed King, here.

To sum this up, it does not look to me as if Lisa is still with us physically, but as I tell everyone who tells me otherwise, I hope I am wrong. Four cards here were from the suit of wands, which goes hand in hand with fire, and I think fire may have played a direct role in the destruction of evidence, whether Lisa is alive or not, and two cards were from the suit of cups, which is water. Fire is that spark of passion we call Life, and water nourishes it, only the water in this reading was reversed. Water can also drown Life. But there are no cards of violence, so if Lisa is deceased, it was not a violent death. The four of wands, in most Tarot decks, has a picture of a couple dancing at a fair or in a garden, and it may be telling us where Lisa can be found.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sierra Lamar

Sierra Lamar disappeared, instead of boarding the bus to go to school, one day last week. Her cell phone was found yesterday in a nearby field, but no Sierra. Her scent, and known whereabouts, go cold at the end of her driveway, where she should have gotton on the bus. I will see what the cards can tell me.

The Celtic Cross begins with the Devil, reversed, crossed by the nine of swords. The Devil represents masculine energy, and masculine entrapment of some sort, and the nine of wands represents apprehension and fear. I think this young lady may have had a stalker, or someone openly making threats, and I think the situation worried her. At the base, we have the three of wands, reversed. Someone had clearly brushed off any reasons to take precautions, and had told her not to worry. Upright, this card tells of people working together on new projects; this time, I think it tells of people not listening and paying attention when they should. The King of Pentacles is in the recent past. He is an older, dark complected man who cares about Sierra. The card telling of his future involvement is the seven of pentacles, which is hard work followed by reward. He will do anything it takes to find Sierra. A possibility is Strength, reversed. Already, the investigation has been mildly derailed, somehow. A clue has been left in the wrong place, and has sent searchers in the wrong direction.

The King of cups, reversed, in the place of Sierra's fears. This is an older male who is not honest, and possibly uses or sells illegal drugs. Temperance is in the place of Sierra's environment, telling us that Sierra has every intention of helping in the cause of getting herself found. The Star is in the place of her hopes. She will be open to any creative idea that she thinks will work in order to become free. Another male is in the picture, the Knight of Swords, reversed. He is violent, and time is of the essence. I am hoping that the King of Pentacles will find an incentive that will speak to him. I will follow this up in a couple of days if Sierra is not found.

More impressions: This was not in the reading, but just something I sense: Sierra's phone was thrown away about twenty miles away from where she actually is right now. I think she has heard at least one broadcast featuring her mother's pleas for her return. I also do not think she is very far from home. The location where the cell phone was tossed was deliberately chosen to throw off investigators and delay finding Sierra.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tarot Reading For Samantha Koenig

Samantha Koenig, eighteen, of Alaska was last seen on February 1. Surveillance from her job at a coffee shop shows her exiting the building with a male stranger, and beyond that, no one knows her whereabouts. Her missing persons poster and picture are posted below, and I will see what I can find out from the Tarot. Here is the most recent report.

The reading starts with the eight of swords, reversed, crossed by the five of swords. Already, this does not look encouraging. The eight of swords is a card of either being or feeling trapped. Reversed, it is the opposite, becoming "untrapped", or disentangled. But in Samantha's case, it is crossed by the five of swords, a card of revenge and violence, so it looks like she did not want to remain "trapped", or captive, fought, and lost. The five of swords is someone inflicting violence at her. This ios founded by the four of pentacles, which tells us she was holding onto something material, either money or a resource. In the very recent past, we have the Magician, who is a man who knows what he is doing and in this case, how to get what he wants from Samantha. The next card, crowning this matter, gives me some hope that Samantha might yet be found alive. It is the four of cups, reversed, and it means that Samantha should be looking for any oppotunity she can to contact her family. In Taoism, four is a number that represents family, and so far, two "fours" have come up in this reading. I think the four of pentacles and the reserve it represents was Samantha protecting either someone in her family, or someone she regards as family. The four of cups represents the best thing that can happen today, which is Samantha reuniting with her family. Next, we have the King of cups, who is soon to enter the situation. He is an older man who is kindly disposed toward Samantha and will try to find her.

In the place of fears we have the seven of cups, which is a vivid imagination, but not much reality. Someone connected to this has some unrealistic expectations about this. For environment, the ten of swords appears, which worries me a bit. The ten of swords sometimes indicates violence, and always indicates an end to something.......generally not a pleasant end. The Star is reversed in the place of hopes, which shows a lot of pessimism on the part of someone who knows where to find Samantha. This, too, worries me. The reading ends with the four of swords.......the third "four" in this reading. This four is a card of rest, and I hope Samantha can be found after the dust from her disappearance settles.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Happened To Ava Enlow

Recently, a story aired on Nancy Grace about a two year old girl named Ava Enlow. The mother, Athena Manuma, dropped Ava off for a couple of days with the father, Brent Anderson. When she came to pick her daughter up, the whole house had been vacated; in fact, it had been foreclosed upon. Brent had not given Athena any indication of any of this before disappearing with their child. Police in Arizona are now looking for both the father and daughter.

This readin begins with the five of wands, crossed by the seven of pentacles. The five of wands indicates games, trickery, and half-truths. The seven indicates a planned and worked-for harvest. This tells me that this event was planned. The Knight of Pentacles is in the background, and in this case, I think this knight represents slow but steady progress toward a goal....the goal in this case being the custodial kidnapping of Ava.

In recent recent events, we have the King of Swords. This is a man involved with law enforcement or the application of law, and as he appears upright, I will assume that he has Ava's best interests at heart. His role in this matter is to undo the trickery with which the reading begins. The best that can come of all this is the Emporer, reversed, and he is a weak and unsatisfactory father figure. This almost speaks for itself, but I will spell it out: the very best thing that can happen is the apprehension of Ava's father. The nine of pentacles is in the near future, and I think there is a good chance that Ava will be found and returned home.

The six of cups describes the mental state of the man who took Ava. He has not considered the fact that Ava will grow up, and is only seeing her as an infant, and as a bargaining chip to use against Ava's mother. Their surroundings are the eight of wands, which is a journey through impossible odds. Also, as cups often symbolize West and wands are South, it's possible that Ava is "eight" to the south, or southwest. Ava's father is already afraid that this whole venture will not work out, as illustrated by the Wheel of Fortune reversed in the place of his fears, and the reading ends with the Fool. The Fool is a card of opportunities for everyone involved, and in this case, I think he is telling us that Ava's dad makes a silly mistake somewhere along the line and gets caught. I hope Ava is found safe.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revisit To Jonbenet Ramsey's Case

An article about Jonbenet Ramsey was posted on the internet this morning, and since I have never done a reading about it, and the case was never solved, I decided to see what the cards would say. The reading is a Celtic Cross reading, and the question is "What happened to Jonbenet?"

The basis is the Knight of Swords crossed by the Queen of Swords. This Knight refers to violence, and often a violent death. He is crossed by the Queen of Swords, which tells me that the act was committed by a woman. The reversed ace of cups gives us a basis for the Queen's actions, and it tells us that the Queen was unhappy with all of the new opportunities that the victim enjoyed, and that the stress had become a burden, somehow, but the burden was more emotional than practical. The Sun is the passing reality, and this was Jonbenet's talent and future. The eight of cups reversed is what the Queen of Swords was seeking in her action, and reversed, this card simply means feasting and partying to one's heart's content. I think the Queen wanted to return to a life that did not include Jonbenet. The King of Swords is the next card. As he is not reversed, I think he may not be the one who did the deed, so to speak, but he knows more than he has told us. In fact, I was surprised by the presence of the King, Queen, and Knight of Swords in this reading, and the clarity of the symbolism was one of the reasons I wanted to share it.

In the place of the perpetrator's fears, we have the Empress. The Empress is the ultimate mother figure, and I interpret this to mean that the Queen had very negative feelings about having to parent, rather then having childlike opportunities in life. The card representing the home environment is the six of swords, which is a card of travel. The Queen of Swords did not always stay in one place, neither did any evidence. The Star comes up in the place of hopes. I really think this Queen did not see Jonbenet as a person in her own right, with a life and a future! I think the Queen somehow thought her actions were justified! The reading ends with the ten of cups, reversed. Upside right, the ten of cups points to a healthy family environment and a happy marriage, upside, it says the opposite. Which is very telling.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Did Little Samuel Jones Get Into The Well

I usually wait for law enforcement to draw their own conclusions after a missing child has been found, but four year old Samuel Jones, of Carlsbad, New Mexico, was reported missing on Saturday night, and found early Sunday morning in an abandoned well near his home, and no one knows how he got there. Here's my reading, in an attempt to find answers.

This begins with the three of cups crossed by the eight of pentacles. Eight is a number that often coincides with apprenticeship, and deliberate effort, and the eight of pentacles is a card of skills and apprenticeship. It crosses the three, here, so I will assume that this little boy was happy up until the moment this happened. I am inclined to think he was lured, rather deliberately, by someone older than himself, and someone who saw some sort of "opportunity" in this. This is founded by the ace of swords, meaning opportunity was open. This opportunity was followed by the two of swords, reversed, which I think was hesitation on Samuel's part before he became trapped. Suddenly, the whole situation went completely wrong. This is crowned by the eight of cups, reversed. He died expecting to be rescued, knowing that he matters to those around him. The next card bothers me; it is the Moon, reversed. This tells me that this was not truly an accident, and that someone is also lying and concealing the truth about this matter.

The Magician comes up reversed in the place of negative intentions, and I think a man who knew what he was doing had some sort of agenda in this. This card is followed by the two of wands, reversed, in the place of environs, which tells me that he had at least one accomplice. The two of pentacles appears in the place of hopes, and that refers to communications; this person does not want an actual account of what happened to become known. This is concluded with the page of swords, which speaks of spying, or communication by remote, or the internet. This is also a person who is younger than the Magician, and more adept with social media and the internet.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Where Is Ayla Reynolds

I got a request for another reading for Ayla Reynolds. I did one in December of last year. I was sincerely hoping that Ayla would be found by now. After considering the best line of question for the Tarot, I decided to simply ask where Ayla could be found.

This reading begins with the Queen of Wands crossed by the Emperor. I am very inclined to interpret this as being involvement of Ayla's father, (Emperor) and an adult female that is not her mother. Situationally, the background is the Devil, which means bondage and inability to work with a situation. This is what life had become for Ayla, even as a toddler. Also, I think violence has played a role, but I have thought that every since I did the first reading. The next card describing what has passed is the Knight of Wands, which I think is an event, here, rather than a person. I think this card is telling us that Ayla is "gone", as knights often represent coming and going, and the suit of wands is associated with fire, so fire may have played a role in covering the tracks of whoever made Ayla disappear. The two of wands comes up in the place of things that may happen. This is a card of plans and partners, and here, it tells of at least two people know where Ayla is; one male and one female. Next, comes the nine of swords. This card signifies worry and sleepless nights.

At the bottom of the staff, we have the Star, reversed. Lack of inspiration....lack of honesty. This is followed by the nine of cups, turning up in the place of environment. Ayla's hiding place was hastily chosen, water, single family dwellings, and the number nine play a role or are landmarks, somehow.  The Queen of Swords is another player here, she would seek to control the information and communication. As she comes up reversed, she does not have Ayla's best interest at heart. The reading concludes with the two of pentacles, reversed. This tells me that the Queen of Swords will not have her way, and eventaully, communication and information about Ayla's whereabouts will come to light.

We have three players, here; one male and two female.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disturbing Story About A Fake Psychic

Stories like this disturb me. Nancy Annette Marks, of the Kansas City area, actually took advantage of another person's ebbs in life, to the tune of thousands of dollars. Someone who was looking for suggestions and creative advice successfully got her fears and superstitions played upon, instead. And the client probably didn't even get the advice she sought!

Two things really stand out, here. First of all, one reading; or in some cases that are heavily laden with circumstances and factors, two or three readings, should be enough. A client should not need multiple readings for the same question.....especially over a period of years. If a psychic is doing large numbers of readings for the same question, and unable to deliver an answer, either the psychic has gotton an answer that the client does not want, or the psychic has not really gotton an answer. Either way, this is unsettling. Second; no psychic should ever play on another person's fears. Nancy Annette Marks actually told a woman that she was "cursed", (I'll bet she wasn't!) and that paying her (Ms. Marks) large sums of money would somehow "protect" the woman from the "curse"! No psychic should ever play on someone's fears. It just isn't nice.

Another disturbing factor in Nancy Annette Marks's career is the message a that client could buy his or her way out of life's circumstances; specifically, that if clients paid her a certain amount, evil spirits would look eleswhere for "victims". Or that circumstances in life are caused by "evil spirits". (the "evil spirits" idea is gonna have to be a whole other a different time; I doubt if Marks would recognize ANY spirit, even if it bit her posterior protrusion!) When she found people who were vulnerable enough to play her game, she would take advantage of them financially, encouraging them to believe they could somehow buy their way out of their own choices in life and individual fates. This is unethical, dishonest, and wrong, wrong, wrong.  Here is a quote from the above linked article, from KCTV; "The session actually ended by her convincing me that I had a curse on me and some evil spirit that was brought on my family and me when I was little and it's gonna stick around and not ever let me have peace in my life and be passed to my children.".......This was said by one of Marks's former clients. If any psychic, psychologist, minister, or doctor ever says something like that, it's time to move on.

Nancy Annette Marks; Booking Photo

Monday, January 30, 2012

One More Question About Kyron Horman

Several days ago, someone posted a question about the Kyron Horman case, after this post. I decided to go ahead and do a reading for the question, "was anyone in the school involed in Kyron's disappearance?", and post it here.

This begins with the five of cups, reversed, crossed by the ace of wands. The five of cups reversed tells me that no one is "crying over spilled milk", so to speak, and that the general effort of the school has been to cut any losses, especially in the way of image, and brush as much of this situation under the rug as possible. It is crossed by the ace of wands, which is a card of new beginnings and opportunities, and I determine this to mean that actions that could have helped locate Kyron in the beginning were not taken. This is based by the Queen of Cups. Somewhere, somehow, a sensitive, intuitive woman is involved, and also was involved with Kyron before he disappeared. The seven of pentacles appears reversed, in yet another reading, as the impetus of energy and reason behind all of this, and when this card is reversed it has to do with hard, and with hard work not paying off. So someone either lost an investment or wasted an effort. Next, in the realm of possibilties, is the ten of pentacles, which is a payoff, inheritance, or an unearned asset or a gift. This card, too, has been involved in a lot of readings about Kyron. The next card is also interesting; it is the Knight of Pentacles. He is focused on work, and eventual progress toward a goal. Knights can also mean movement and travel, but I think in this reading, he is a person. Also, I think there is a very good chance that he is the person who experienced the loss indicated by the reversed seven of pentacles.

At the beginning of the staff, we have the World, reversed, reminding us that Kyron has not been found, even though many feel that he has been sought almost everywhere. Surroundings and home environment for Kyron is the seven of wands, which means that wherever Kyron is, he is, at the moment, still well hidden and guarded. It's interesting that seven continues to come up as a significant number and clue as to Kyron's whereabouts. It's almost as if no one can go inside, and no one can come out. Hoped for is Temperance......we have someone hoping for a peaceful and healthy resolution to this, and Judgement is the final outcome. I am glad to see Judgement in this position, because it is well past time for this case to get sorted out and for Kyron to come home.

This reading did not leave me 100% sure that someone employed at Kyron's school was involved, but it did indicate that an adult female with whom Kyron was well aquainted was involved. The man.....if he works at the school, he may be someone whose employment had been terminated. Or someone who had lost a material asset because of something involving the school. Another thing this reading says about the school involves data is a shame that phone calls had not been logged and no one had kept track of visitors. This is main fault found by this reading concerning the school. Five of cups, upright or reversed, deals with loss, (seeing it reversed makes me more hopeful for Kyron's eventual return, though) and seeing this card crossed by a card of opportunity, such as the ace of wands, tells me that precious time and opportunity to recover Kyron were lost by the school.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Robyn Gardner

The question I asked was "what happened to Robyn Gardner, and where is she?" This is the answer I got. It begins with the Page of Pentacles, reversed, crossed by the Magician. To me, this looks as if Robyn was experiencing a lull, either in school or her career, and was looking for someone who could fix it for her.....the Magician. It it based by the six of cups, telling me that Robyn branched out into some unkown territory. An event in the recent past is the Hanged Man, which is a sacrifice, or a period of suspension. It is an interesting card to see in this spot, as it makes me wonder if Robyn disappeared of her own free will. Another possible interpretation is that Robyn accepted and invitation or a gift that was somehow significant in this situation.

Crowning this, in possible outcomes, is the Empress. Could Robyn have been pregnant? If so, could this have possibly played a role in her disappearance? The card telling of things that WILL happen is the ace of pentacles. This tells of a financial opportunity stemming from Robyn's disappearance. Plainly and simply. But it has not materialized yet.

Temperance reversed is in the place of Robyn's thoughts. This could be a bad combination between friends and associates, but I really feel that it is telling us of alcohol or drug abuse. Even if it only happened on one occasion, it somehow played a role. Strength is the card telling of the opinions of others. Others are still looking for Robyn. The two of wands comes up in the place of hopes and fears; this tells me that she had somehow planned this with someone else, whether things went according to plan or not. The last card, the final outcome, is the High Priestess, reversed. Interesting. The High Priestess is all about secrets, yet she fall reversed. This means that Robyn will, one day, be found. Sometimes, the High Priestess can indicate a place named after a Goddess or a female saint. Sometimes, water is connected to this card.

Going back to the Magician.....a man who knew exactly what he was doing was involved in this. Money was the reason. A waiting game is being played right now, on the bet that time will somehow temper, or cover his tracks, wherever they lead.

Friday, January 6, 2012

What Happened To Amir Jennings?

I did a reading for eighteen month old Amir Jennings, whose grandmother reported him missing from South Carolina before Christmas. She also reported Amir's mom, Zinah Jennings missing; however, Zinah turned up on Christmas Eve in a minor fender bender, but without her son. She has not been helpful at all in the search for him, and has given about four different stories concerning his whereabouts.

The first card is the High Priestess, telling us that we definately have a mystery on our hands. And it's a mystery involving the feminine influence. This is crossed by Temperance. I think that this tells us that the root of the problem was that being a mature woman, and blending, or tempering, all aspects of her life, with education, work demands, and motherhood was simply too challenging for Zinah. This is based by the eight of pentacles reversed. Eight of Pentacles is the card of the apprentice, and symbolizes a job that one has trained for. But the card is reversed, so it means the exact opposite in this reading. At some point, Zinah lost an opportunity because she could not balence the responsibilities of parenting against the demands of the work world. Energies flowing into the past are the Sun, also reversed. This tells me that the lost opprtunity should only have been a minor setback. The best we can expect now is the two of pentacles, telling us that communication is going to be a real problem. And enter the Knight of Wands, reversed, into the picture, right about now. Usually, this card upside down is a jealous, vindictive man, but knights often fortell the coming or going of a matter, too, so in this case, I think it means that little Amir is not going anywhere. I think he is somewhere close to where his mother was on the last day he and she were seen together. I do not think he travelled far, at all.

In the place of feelings, we have the eight of cups, reversed. In the environment, there is the Knight of Swords, reversed. That combination sends a disturbing message. The Knight of Swords reversed is a violent card, and sometimes warns of violent death, and in such a case, I should not see the reversed eight of pentacles, heralding happiness, in the place of feelings. This is a bit mixed up, but this is where the cards fell. Next, in the place of hopes and fears, the seven of pentacles came up, reversed. Once again, this is a clear message of a conflict between motherhood and working for a living. I really think this baby is missing because his mother was frustrated by lack of childcare at times when she had to study or work. How sad. The final card is the ace of wands, reversed. This does not make me feel very hopeful for little Amir. Also, I think getting the truth out of Amir's mom is going to be a big challenge.

One more note about the presence of the High Priestess here: the truth lies in the feminine influence. Also, I do not think there were any accomplices.