Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revisit To Jonbenet Ramsey's Case

An article about Jonbenet Ramsey was posted on the internet this morning, and since I have never done a reading about it, and the case was never solved, I decided to see what the cards would say. The reading is a Celtic Cross reading, and the question is "What happened to Jonbenet?"

The basis is the Knight of Swords crossed by the Queen of Swords. This Knight refers to violence, and often a violent death. He is crossed by the Queen of Swords, which tells me that the act was committed by a woman. The reversed ace of cups gives us a basis for the Queen's actions, and it tells us that the Queen was unhappy with all of the new opportunities that the victim enjoyed, and that the stress had become a burden, somehow, but the burden was more emotional than practical. The Sun is the passing reality, and this was Jonbenet's talent and future. The eight of cups reversed is what the Queen of Swords was seeking in her action, and reversed, this card simply means feasting and partying to one's heart's content. I think the Queen wanted to return to a life that did not include Jonbenet. The King of Swords is the next card. As he is not reversed, I think he may not be the one who did the deed, so to speak, but he knows more than he has told us. In fact, I was surprised by the presence of the King, Queen, and Knight of Swords in this reading, and the clarity of the symbolism was one of the reasons I wanted to share it.

In the place of the perpetrator's fears, we have the Empress. The Empress is the ultimate mother figure, and I interpret this to mean that the Queen had very negative feelings about having to parent, rather then having childlike opportunities in life. The card representing the home environment is the six of swords, which is a card of travel. The Queen of Swords did not always stay in one place, neither did any evidence. The Star comes up in the place of hopes. I really think this Queen did not see Jonbenet as a person in her own right, with a life and a future! I think the Queen somehow thought her actions were justified! The reading ends with the ten of cups, reversed. Upside right, the ten of cups points to a healthy family environment and a happy marriage, upside, it says the opposite. Which is very telling.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Did Little Samuel Jones Get Into The Well

I usually wait for law enforcement to draw their own conclusions after a missing child has been found, but four year old Samuel Jones, of Carlsbad, New Mexico, was reported missing on Saturday night, and found early Sunday morning in an abandoned well near his home, and no one knows how he got there. Here's my reading, in an attempt to find answers.

This begins with the three of cups crossed by the eight of pentacles. Eight is a number that often coincides with apprenticeship, and deliberate effort, and the eight of pentacles is a card of skills and apprenticeship. It crosses the three, here, so I will assume that this little boy was happy up until the moment this happened. I am inclined to think he was lured, rather deliberately, by someone older than himself, and someone who saw some sort of "opportunity" in this. This is founded by the ace of swords, meaning opportunity was open. This opportunity was followed by the two of swords, reversed, which I think was hesitation on Samuel's part before he became trapped. Suddenly, the whole situation went completely wrong. This is crowned by the eight of cups, reversed. He died expecting to be rescued, knowing that he matters to those around him. The next card bothers me; it is the Moon, reversed. This tells me that this was not truly an accident, and that someone is also lying and concealing the truth about this matter.

The Magician comes up reversed in the place of negative intentions, and I think a man who knew what he was doing had some sort of agenda in this. This card is followed by the two of wands, reversed, in the place of environs, which tells me that he had at least one accomplice. The two of pentacles appears in the place of hopes, and that refers to communications; this person does not want an actual account of what happened to become known. This is concluded with the page of swords, which speaks of spying, or communication by remote, or the internet. This is also a person who is younger than the Magician, and more adept with social media and the internet.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Where Is Ayla Reynolds

I got a request for another reading for Ayla Reynolds. I did one in December of last year. I was sincerely hoping that Ayla would be found by now. After considering the best line of question for the Tarot, I decided to simply ask where Ayla could be found.

This reading begins with the Queen of Wands crossed by the Emperor. I am very inclined to interpret this as being involvement of Ayla's father, (Emperor) and an adult female that is not her mother. Situationally, the background is the Devil, which means bondage and inability to work with a situation. This is what life had become for Ayla, even as a toddler. Also, I think violence has played a role, but I have thought that every since I did the first reading. The next card describing what has passed is the Knight of Wands, which I think is an event, here, rather than a person. I think this card is telling us that Ayla is "gone", as knights often represent coming and going, and the suit of wands is associated with fire, so fire may have played a role in covering the tracks of whoever made Ayla disappear. The two of wands comes up in the place of things that may happen. This is a card of plans and partners, and here, it tells of accomplices.......so at least two people know where Ayla is; one male and one female. Next, comes the nine of swords. This card signifies worry and sleepless nights.

At the bottom of the staff, we have the Star, reversed. Lack of inspiration....lack of honesty. This is followed by the nine of cups, turning up in the place of environment. Ayla's hiding place was hastily chosen, water, single family dwellings, and the number nine play a role or are landmarks, somehow.  The Queen of Swords is another player here, she would seek to control the information and communication. As she comes up reversed, she does not have Ayla's best interest at heart. The reading concludes with the two of pentacles, reversed. This tells me that the Queen of Swords will not have her way, and eventaully, communication and information about Ayla's whereabouts will come to light.

We have three players, here; one male and two female.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disturbing Story About A Fake Psychic

Stories like this disturb me. Nancy Annette Marks, of the Kansas City area, actually took advantage of another person's ebbs in life, to the tune of thousands of dollars. Someone who was looking for suggestions and creative advice successfully got her fears and superstitions played upon, instead. And the client probably didn't even get the advice she sought!

Two things really stand out, here. First of all, one reading; or in some cases that are heavily laden with circumstances and factors, two or three readings, should be enough. A client should not need multiple readings for the same question.....especially over a period of years. If a psychic is doing large numbers of readings for the same question, and unable to deliver an answer, either the psychic has gotton an answer that the client does not want, or the psychic has not really gotton an answer. Either way, this is unsettling. Second; no psychic should ever play on another person's fears. Nancy Annette Marks actually told a woman that she was "cursed", (I'll bet she wasn't!) and that paying her (Ms. Marks) large sums of money would somehow "protect" the woman from the "curse"! No psychic should ever play on someone's fears. It just isn't nice.

Another disturbing factor in Nancy Annette Marks's career is the message a that client could buy his or her way out of life's circumstances; specifically, that if clients paid her a certain amount, evil spirits would look eleswhere for "victims". Or that circumstances in life are caused by "evil spirits". (the "evil spirits" idea is gonna have to be a whole other post.......at a different time; I doubt if Marks would recognize ANY spirit, even if it bit her posterior protrusion!) When she found people who were vulnerable enough to play her game, she would take advantage of them financially, encouraging them to believe they could somehow buy their way out of their own choices in life and individual fates. This is unethical, dishonest, and wrong, wrong, wrong.  Here is a quote from the above linked article, from KCTV; "The session actually ended by her convincing me that I had a curse on me and some evil spirit that was brought on my family and me when I was little and it's gonna stick around and not ever let me have peace in my life and be passed to my children.".......This was said by one of Marks's former clients. If any psychic, psychologist, minister, or doctor ever says something like that, it's time to move on.

Nancy Annette Marks; Booking Photo