Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disturbing Story About A Fake Psychic

Stories like this disturb me. Nancy Annette Marks, of the Kansas City area, actually took advantage of another person's ebbs in life, to the tune of thousands of dollars. Someone who was looking for suggestions and creative advice successfully got her fears and superstitions played upon, instead. And the client probably didn't even get the advice she sought!

Two things really stand out, here. First of all, one reading; or in some cases that are heavily laden with circumstances and factors, two or three readings, should be enough. A client should not need multiple readings for the same question.....especially over a period of years. If a psychic is doing large numbers of readings for the same question, and unable to deliver an answer, either the psychic has gotton an answer that the client does not want, or the psychic has not really gotton an answer. Either way, this is unsettling. Second; no psychic should ever play on another person's fears. Nancy Annette Marks actually told a woman that she was "cursed", (I'll bet she wasn't!) and that paying her (Ms. Marks) large sums of money would somehow "protect" the woman from the "curse"! No psychic should ever play on someone's fears. It just isn't nice.

Another disturbing factor in Nancy Annette Marks's career is the message a that client could buy his or her way out of life's circumstances; specifically, that if clients paid her a certain amount, evil spirits would look eleswhere for "victims". Or that circumstances in life are caused by "evil spirits". (the "evil spirits" idea is gonna have to be a whole other a different time; I doubt if Marks would recognize ANY spirit, even if it bit her posterior protrusion!) When she found people who were vulnerable enough to play her game, she would take advantage of them financially, encouraging them to believe they could somehow buy their way out of their own choices in life and individual fates. This is unethical, dishonest, and wrong, wrong, wrong.  Here is a quote from the above linked article, from KCTV; "The session actually ended by her convincing me that I had a curse on me and some evil spirit that was brought on my family and me when I was little and it's gonna stick around and not ever let me have peace in my life and be passed to my children.".......This was said by one of Marks's former clients. If any psychic, psychologist, minister, or doctor ever says something like that, it's time to move on.

Nancy Annette Marks; Booking Photo

Monday, January 30, 2012

One More Question About Kyron Horman

Several days ago, someone posted a question about the Kyron Horman case, after this post. I decided to go ahead and do a reading for the question, "was anyone in the school involed in Kyron's disappearance?", and post it here.

This begins with the five of cups, reversed, crossed by the ace of wands. The five of cups reversed tells me that no one is "crying over spilled milk", so to speak, and that the general effort of the school has been to cut any losses, especially in the way of image, and brush as much of this situation under the rug as possible. It is crossed by the ace of wands, which is a card of new beginnings and opportunities, and I determine this to mean that actions that could have helped locate Kyron in the beginning were not taken. This is based by the Queen of Cups. Somewhere, somehow, a sensitive, intuitive woman is involved, and also was involved with Kyron before he disappeared. The seven of pentacles appears reversed, in yet another reading, as the impetus of energy and reason behind all of this, and when this card is reversed it has to do with hard, and with hard work not paying off. So someone either lost an investment or wasted an effort. Next, in the realm of possibilties, is the ten of pentacles, which is a payoff, inheritance, or an unearned asset or a gift. This card, too, has been involved in a lot of readings about Kyron. The next card is also interesting; it is the Knight of Pentacles. He is focused on work, and eventual progress toward a goal. Knights can also mean movement and travel, but I think in this reading, he is a person. Also, I think there is a very good chance that he is the person who experienced the loss indicated by the reversed seven of pentacles.

At the beginning of the staff, we have the World, reversed, reminding us that Kyron has not been found, even though many feel that he has been sought almost everywhere. Surroundings and home environment for Kyron is the seven of wands, which means that wherever Kyron is, he is, at the moment, still well hidden and guarded. It's interesting that seven continues to come up as a significant number and clue as to Kyron's whereabouts. It's almost as if no one can go inside, and no one can come out. Hoped for is Temperance......we have someone hoping for a peaceful and healthy resolution to this, and Judgement is the final outcome. I am glad to see Judgement in this position, because it is well past time for this case to get sorted out and for Kyron to come home.

This reading did not leave me 100% sure that someone employed at Kyron's school was involved, but it did indicate that an adult female with whom Kyron was well aquainted was involved. The man.....if he works at the school, he may be someone whose employment had been terminated. Or someone who had lost a material asset because of something involving the school. Another thing this reading says about the school involves data is a shame that phone calls had not been logged and no one had kept track of visitors. This is main fault found by this reading concerning the school. Five of cups, upright or reversed, deals with loss, (seeing it reversed makes me more hopeful for Kyron's eventual return, though) and seeing this card crossed by a card of opportunity, such as the ace of wands, tells me that precious time and opportunity to recover Kyron were lost by the school.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Robyn Gardner

The question I asked was "what happened to Robyn Gardner, and where is she?" This is the answer I got. It begins with the Page of Pentacles, reversed, crossed by the Magician. To me, this looks as if Robyn was experiencing a lull, either in school or her career, and was looking for someone who could fix it for her.....the Magician. It it based by the six of cups, telling me that Robyn branched out into some unkown territory. An event in the recent past is the Hanged Man, which is a sacrifice, or a period of suspension. It is an interesting card to see in this spot, as it makes me wonder if Robyn disappeared of her own free will. Another possible interpretation is that Robyn accepted and invitation or a gift that was somehow significant in this situation.

Crowning this, in possible outcomes, is the Empress. Could Robyn have been pregnant? If so, could this have possibly played a role in her disappearance? The card telling of things that WILL happen is the ace of pentacles. This tells of a financial opportunity stemming from Robyn's disappearance. Plainly and simply. But it has not materialized yet.

Temperance reversed is in the place of Robyn's thoughts. This could be a bad combination between friends and associates, but I really feel that it is telling us of alcohol or drug abuse. Even if it only happened on one occasion, it somehow played a role. Strength is the card telling of the opinions of others. Others are still looking for Robyn. The two of wands comes up in the place of hopes and fears; this tells me that she had somehow planned this with someone else, whether things went according to plan or not. The last card, the final outcome, is the High Priestess, reversed. Interesting. The High Priestess is all about secrets, yet she fall reversed. This means that Robyn will, one day, be found. Sometimes, the High Priestess can indicate a place named after a Goddess or a female saint. Sometimes, water is connected to this card.

Going back to the Magician.....a man who knew exactly what he was doing was involved in this. Money was the reason. A waiting game is being played right now, on the bet that time will somehow temper, or cover his tracks, wherever they lead.

Friday, January 6, 2012

What Happened To Amir Jennings?

I did a reading for eighteen month old Amir Jennings, whose grandmother reported him missing from South Carolina before Christmas. She also reported Amir's mom, Zinah Jennings missing; however, Zinah turned up on Christmas Eve in a minor fender bender, but without her son. She has not been helpful at all in the search for him, and has given about four different stories concerning his whereabouts.

The first card is the High Priestess, telling us that we definately have a mystery on our hands. And it's a mystery involving the feminine influence. This is crossed by Temperance. I think that this tells us that the root of the problem was that being a mature woman, and blending, or tempering, all aspects of her life, with education, work demands, and motherhood was simply too challenging for Zinah. This is based by the eight of pentacles reversed. Eight of Pentacles is the card of the apprentice, and symbolizes a job that one has trained for. But the card is reversed, so it means the exact opposite in this reading. At some point, Zinah lost an opportunity because she could not balence the responsibilities of parenting against the demands of the work world. Energies flowing into the past are the Sun, also reversed. This tells me that the lost opprtunity should only have been a minor setback. The best we can expect now is the two of pentacles, telling us that communication is going to be a real problem. And enter the Knight of Wands, reversed, into the picture, right about now. Usually, this card upside down is a jealous, vindictive man, but knights often fortell the coming or going of a matter, too, so in this case, I think it means that little Amir is not going anywhere. I think he is somewhere close to where his mother was on the last day he and she were seen together. I do not think he travelled far, at all.

In the place of feelings, we have the eight of cups, reversed. In the environment, there is the Knight of Swords, reversed. That combination sends a disturbing message. The Knight of Swords reversed is a violent card, and sometimes warns of violent death, and in such a case, I should not see the reversed eight of pentacles, heralding happiness, in the place of feelings. This is a bit mixed up, but this is where the cards fell. Next, in the place of hopes and fears, the seven of pentacles came up, reversed. Once again, this is a clear message of a conflict between motherhood and working for a living. I really think this baby is missing because his mother was frustrated by lack of childcare at times when she had to study or work. How sad. The final card is the ace of wands, reversed. This does not make me feel very hopeful for little Amir. Also, I think getting the truth out of Amir's mom is going to be a big challenge.

One more note about the presence of the High Priestess here: the truth lies in the feminine influence. Also, I do not think there were any accomplices.