Monday, September 5, 2011

Difficult Question In The Kyron Horman Case

I asked the Tarot a difficult question concerning Kyron Horman and the efforts to find him. It was basically about why Kyron has not been found yet, and where all of the searches and efforts have gone wrong. This reading is Celtic Cross, and this is what I got:

Basis: Ten of swords, reversed, cross by the Queen of Cups. This is a temporary position of power, gained by chaotic means. The Queen of Cups is the person who would love to just jump in and solve the problem created by all this chaos. Founding this, we get the ten of pentacles. This represents money that was gifted, not earned. Somehow, it is part of this picture. Someone involved in Kyron's life received either an inheritance or a large sum of money as a gift. The King of Cups is the influence fading into the background. The best that can be expected from this part of the situation alone is the Page of Swords, reversed. This is a tip, or testimony, about what is going on. It comes from someone who is not kindly disposed toward those involved, or under some other legally hostile circumstance. The ace of pentacles is what will happen; unlike the ten, the ace represents an opportunity for financial gain, more than an actualized reality of financial gain. But it is reveresed, which tells me that whatever was done was done for nothing.

Staff: In the place of valid concerns surrounding this we have the King of Swords. This represents law enforcement and the court system; so that is still heavily on someone's mind. The going opinion of this matter and the persons involved is the Sun; I think someone has a lot of people fooled concerning his or her (or both?) involvement with Kyron's disappearance. The following card, in the place of hopes, is the four of wands, which tells me that this person is hoping to continue down the same path, never getting found out. The final outcome is the Queen of Swords, reversed. This is typically a woman who has lost a few things dear to her, such as family or children, and reversed, can be quite vindictive. The puzzling thing is that she did not become completely "barren" until after Kyron went missing!  I think the money referred to earlier in the reading may have been, at one point, hers.

The two "tens" in the reading are curious. First of all, the reversed ten of this case, this is power gotton by holding an entire situation hostage and doing little else. Then, underneath it, we have the ten of pentacles. I think that's really what this is all about. Some invested an entire inheritance or the sum of a savings account into something, and didn't get the expected return. It looks as if it isn't going to happen, either.

DNA, careful fact finding, and diplomacy will somehow find a way to set this straight. I still have hope that there will be a very happy reunion for Kyron and his family.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where Is Lindsey Baum? for my next question about Lindsey Baum........where  is she?

Past; three cards, King of Pentacles, three of cups, three of swords, reversed. This tells me that an older man, possibly interested in money put an end to a relatively happy situation. Lindsey thought she was safe, and did not fight the older man, but was sadly mistaken.

Present; three more cards, four of swords, reversed, two of wands, Empress, reversed. This states that a situation that was stagnant suddenly became "unstagnant". There are currently two accomplices keeping this matter from coming to light, and one is a woman who clearly does not have Lindsey's best interests at heart. This came up the reading about what happened to Lindsey, as well.

Things to come; five of pentacles, reversed, Hanged Man, reversed, six of pentacles. Not a card combination I liked, here. My initial vision was of a tree, or digging between an 5th and 6th street, and the secret finally getting revealed. Is there even a 5th and 6th street in McCleary, Washington. The information will be new and unexpected. Also, the reading began and ended with pentacles......first the King, then the six. The King is in it for material reasons, and the six is saying that you get out of it what you put in, in other words, you get what you pay for. Someone still isn't satisfied with what he or she has been offered in order to give up the truth about what has happened.

What Happened To Lindsey Baum

I did a Celtic Cross reading to determine what happened to Lindsey Baum, and I must say, the answer, as I interpreted it was a surprise. I had initially thought that poor Lindsey was deceased, but now, I am not so sure. So this is going to be a two-parter. I will start with what the cards tell me has happened to her, and then move onto a question in another reading about her whereabouts.

The basis consists of the King of Cups, reversed, crossed by the Emporer. This is clearly two men. One is a dishonest, manipulative, liar who may drink too much or force sexual perversions on others. The other, who is in conflict with the King of Cups, is either Lindsey's father, or has a fatherly concern for her. The matters underlying this whole situation is the Page of Cups, and I perceive this to be Lindsey. In fact, the numeric value of a page is 11, and I do believe Lindsey is 11 this year. Energies flowing away from all of this are the five of wands, which represents a game being played with someone; in this case, Lindsey's mother and law enforcement. Above this, depicting the very best that can come out of this, (and this bothers me, somewhat) is the Empress, reversed. This is not a good card for the position. It tells of a either a mother who does not have Lindsey's best interests at heart, or a psuedo-mother, playing the role, and maintaining a facade, keeping the truth hidden. Another interesting factor in this reading is the appearance of both the Emporer and the Empress. It gives me hope that Lindsey is still alive. The next card, things to come, is possibly the most interesting of all..........we get the Lovers, upright. Either some news that is very telling is on the way, from a surprise source, or someone who knows something helpful makes the right choice, and gives good information to law enforcement.

At the beginning of the staff, we find the ace of wands, telling me that someone took advantage of an opportunity..........Lindsey was simply in an easy position to be kidnapped. For her environs, we have the three of cups, which tells of happiness. But too much happiness in a reading like this is not always a good sign, because once a person is deceased and reaches peace about it, we often find happiness surrounding that person. Next, in the place of hopes and fears, is judgement, reversed. This speaks to the fact that Lindsey is presumed deceased by many people. The final outcome is the Queen of Pentacles. She is a person who knows what happened, and can come forward and tell law enforcement.

This reading really makes me wonder what Lindsey's home life was like, and where her biological father stood in all of this. The initial and most clear interepretation would be that Lindsey was caught in a negative situation with a step parent or significant other of a natural parent, and was rescued by the other parent, but was all of this sufficiently studied by law enforcement? And, while walking home from the neighbor's house, how far did she get on her five minute walk home that evening?

Lindsey Baum, of McCleary, Wahsington

Friday, July 22, 2011

Where Is Baby Kate?

Katherine Phillips, a five month old baby girl, was driven away by her alleged biological father, in Michigan, while supposedly offering the mother a ride to the hospital with her for a DNA test. He was arrested three hours later, at his mother's house, but there was no sign of the baby. This happened at the end of June, so it has been over three weeks. I did a Celtic Cross reading, asking the question, "Where is baby Kate?"

The first card was the Magician, crossed by the eight of cups. This give a basis of a man who knows exactly what he  is doing, taking advantage of a situation wherein someone had changed his/her mind about a course of action. As a foundation for this, we have the Moon, which tells me that this "father" had planned this all along, but had not told the baby's mother what he intended  to do. As an event in the recent past, the knight of swords shows up. This is a rather violent could tell of a death, but lets hope he is just telling us that the baby was taken out of the area quickly. The best that can come from all of this is some disappointing news, as we get the Page of Wands, reveresed, in the position of possible outcomes. Someone who WILL come into the picture, however; is the Queen of Wands. This card is also reversed, telling me that she is not an honest, legit person, and has a nasty personality, as well.

The staff begins with the nine of pentacles, reversed, in the place of this father's concerns, followed by the three of pentacles in the place of home environment. This points to a desire on his part to keep his finacial resources to himself and only have himself to support. (selfish creep) In the place of his hopes is the five of wands, which tells me that he has no intention of telling the truth about what he did and is only planning to play games with authorities and Baby Kate's mother. The final card on the staff is the ace of wands, as an outcome to all of this. That is the best card in the tells of an opportunity to either find this little girl, or perhaps someone will come forward with information. Unless the father feels he has something to lose, all of a sudden, by not revealing her whereabouts, he has no intention of doing so.

Here is little Katherine Phillips, and here is more information.