Friday, July 22, 2011

Where Is Baby Kate?

Katherine Phillips, a five month old baby girl, was driven away by her alleged biological father, in Michigan, while supposedly offering the mother a ride to the hospital with her for a DNA test. He was arrested three hours later, at his mother's house, but there was no sign of the baby. This happened at the end of June, so it has been over three weeks. I did a Celtic Cross reading, asking the question, "Where is baby Kate?"

The first card was the Magician, crossed by the eight of cups. This give a basis of a man who knows exactly what he  is doing, taking advantage of a situation wherein someone had changed his/her mind about a course of action. As a foundation for this, we have the Moon, which tells me that this "father" had planned this all along, but had not told the baby's mother what he intended  to do. As an event in the recent past, the knight of swords shows up. This is a rather violent could tell of a death, but lets hope he is just telling us that the baby was taken out of the area quickly. The best that can come from all of this is some disappointing news, as we get the Page of Wands, reveresed, in the position of possible outcomes. Someone who WILL come into the picture, however; is the Queen of Wands. This card is also reversed, telling me that she is not an honest, legit person, and has a nasty personality, as well.

The staff begins with the nine of pentacles, reversed, in the place of this father's concerns, followed by the three of pentacles in the place of home environment. This points to a desire on his part to keep his finacial resources to himself and only have himself to support. (selfish creep) In the place of his hopes is the five of wands, which tells me that he has no intention of telling the truth about what he did and is only planning to play games with authorities and Baby Kate's mother. The final card on the staff is the ace of wands, as an outcome to all of this. That is the best card in the tells of an opportunity to either find this little girl, or perhaps someone will come forward with information. Unless the father feels he has something to lose, all of a sudden, by not revealing her whereabouts, he has no intention of doing so.

Here is little Katherine Phillips, and here is more information.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moderated Comments

Someone made a request to me that I moderate my comments on this blog, so I did. Now that they are moderated, anyone who wants to tell me something private via comments on here can do so, and I will not publish the comment unless that is what you want.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Way For Whoever Has Kyron To Return Him

Ok; yesterday, I did a reading discussing who could tell us where Kyron is, and now here is one describing the best way for the person who currently has Kyron to give him back. Kyron Horman was last seen in his Portland school, Skyline Elementary, on June 4, 2010, in the morning before classes began.

This is a Celtic Cross reading, and the first card is the two of swords. This reiterates yesterdays reading, which featured the stalemate of the two of swords as a defensive posture of the perpetrator. It is crossed by the Emporer. From this, I glean that this person is deadlocked into a stalemate over something with Kyron's father. It is founded by the six of pentacles, reversed. This tells me that someone involved either feels they did not get what they earned, or truly didn't. In either case, the situation evolved into this person getting nothing, as shown by the five of pentacles representing the energies slowly passing from the situation. Crowning this, the Tower, reversed, is the best possible outcome. So at this point, no matter what happens, whoever has Kyron should plan on making major lifestyle changes in the future. This is verified by the arrival of the Knight of Wands in the very near future. I think this card has a double meaning: I think a man who really wants to get to the bottom of this and find Kyron is nearby, and I think it represents a change of residence for the person who has Kyron. And possibly for Kyron.

On the staff, the negative feelings of the person who has Kyron was represented by the four of pentacles, reversed. This is a feeling that time and resources have been wasted, and that the whole gesture of taking Kyron was a waste of energy. Following this card, in the place of the person's personal environment, is the three of swords, reversed. Agreements have fallen apart, trust is eroding, and no one really wants to play this game anymore. In the place of the perpetrator's hopes, we get the nine of cups......the perpetrator is comfortable and wants things to remian just as they are. As a final outcome, the Page of Swords comes up. I do not feel that the Page of Swords is the perpetrator, and I do not feel that the perpetrator is going to try to make this right by giving Kyron back to his parents. The suggestion made by the Page of Swords is that there really are no secrets, and this secret will force it's way into the open in a life-altering way.

One possible interpretation of the five of pentacles is a church, and that could provide the means to give Kyron back to his parents. I believe it has been suggested before. The way this card is followed by a knight would warn the perpetrator to just leave, after making sure Kyron found an adult to sit down and talk to. It could work.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Can Tell Us Where Kyron Is?

Ok, I found myself asking this question, and wanting to post the answer I got. It is a Celtic Cross reading about Kyron Horman, who went missing on June 4, 2010, from Portland Oregon.

The basis of the matter is the Empress, reversed, crossed by the Lovers. This tells me that someone who should have been more motherly and responsible than she was made and continues to make very selfish choices. The Lovers can represent the making of a choice, or an actual partnership, and in this case, I think it represents both. And the fact that the Empress did not act alone is always on her mind........someone who knows the facts and can throw her under the bus, so to speak.

Founding the matter is the three of cups, reversed. A newly hatched plan did not work out as planned, and has been abandoned. The passing influence here is the three of wands reversed, telling me that there were accomplices, and there was a definate plan. The reversal of the card indicates the dishonesty. This is crowned by the nine of cups, reversed. While no one has been held accountable for Kyron's disappearance yet, whatever was supposed to have been accomplished has not worked out as planned. The soon-to-come influence is the Page of cups. This is really a big part of the answer to my question, indicating that if the person who knows something about Kyron's whereabouts will kindly speak up, the news will be good.

The staff begins with the Page of wands, reversed. The person who could bring Kyron home is untruthful, instead. In the place of home environment and public perception, I get the Star, reversed. Who this person is, he/she is seen as unrealistic and a bit unstable. In the place of hopes and fears, there is the two of swords, reversed. Whoever this is has someone else in a stalemate, and has used it to keep things just they way they are for Kyron and his family. I take this to be a fear, because the person is very afraid of the stalemate ending. And as a final outcome, I have the four of swords, reversed, which means that for good or for ill, the stalemate WILL end, and information will make it's way out from somewhere about this little boy.