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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Will It Take To Find Sierra Lamar

Sierra Lamar has been missing over three months. While there has been an arrest, and law enforcement seems certain that a case against the defendant, Antolin Torres, can proceed, and Sierra's twitter and facebook accounts have both been hacked, there has still been no indication of where Sierra actually was hidden. There have been several requests over the past few weeks for an updated reading for Sierra's case, and I have held off, feeling that the questions are still very much the same as when this started, and that there wasn't really anything new that divination could tell us, but in the presence of hackers who apparently know, have, or have guessed Sierra's passwords to her accounts, and who have given law enforcement false information, (I need a big frowny-face for this) I think there's a new reason to ask questions. this one more shot, my question is, are the police on the right track with suspect and location for Sierra?

The first three cards tell us about things that are in the past. These cards are the three of cups, the eight of pentacles, and the five of pentacles, reversed. The three of cups speaks of firndships and small celebrations and get-togethers.....but it can also tell us of an ending. Cups also relate to the element of water. The eight of pentacles is the card of the apprentice, and refers to workplaces. The five of pentacles reversed represents novel, and often illicit companionship. Looking at this, it would seem that the suspect may have first noticed Sierra at his job, and that he took an unhealthy interest in her. It looks, I repeat, LOOKS, as if the police are right on the money in their suspicions, with the exception of their statement that whoever took Sierra was not aquainted with her. So far, from this reading, we are being told that Sierra actually did at least know who the perpetrator is, even if she did not know him well.

The next three cards describe the present. They are the Knight of Wands, the six of wands, reversed, and the Tower, reversed. The Knight here is a man who is looking for Sierra. He is between the ages of twenty and forty-five. He may actually solve the case, somehow. A problem for him is the six of wands, reversed, which is delay and fear of an enemy who will "win". This card also relates to news, and because it is reversed, I think it is fair to say that the news being investigated is bad. That brings us to another problem for the Knight of Wands......he is a person who does not enjoy interpreting or delivering bad news, and he would love to have some good news, or at least some definate answers, to deliver. We also have the Tower, which is a card of destruction and ruin. A whole way of life can be changed when we see this card. Reversed, it means the same, but to a lesser degree, and with an added element of imprisonment. I cannot forget that the suspect is in jail right now, refusing to testify, so it looks, I repeat, LOOKS, as if the police are on the right track.

For the future, we get these three cards: the seven of cups, reversed; the Page of Swords, and the Devil, reversed. It is good to see the seven of cups reversed here. Upright, this card means that there are too many ideas and leads to investigate, and that the facts would be hard to nail down, but reversed, it means that investigators are finally narrowing down the clues into a framework that can be followed. Also, there's that "cups" and "water" symbolism again. The Page of Sword is often a troublemaker or a "spy", but here, I think this is someone who testifies, for whatever reason, and actually assists in finding Sierra. Once again, it really looks like more than one person knows where Sierra is. The Devil, reversed, is not only the male energy behind this crime, but a vacillation between resolution and indecision. It looks like law enforcement knows who the Page of Swords is, and is waiting for him to talk, and it also looks like water, may, indeed, be part of the mystery of location for Sierra.

The playful atmosphere described by the three of cups, and the methodical searching described by the reversed seven of cups makes me feel that the answer to whether or not law enforcement is on the right track concerning is searches is "yes".  I hope they succeed in finding her soon.