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Friday, June 22, 2012

Joshua Davis

Some asked me to do a reading about a toddler named Joshua Davis, who disappeared from his home in Texas in February of 2011. No trace, no clues, and it has been almost a year and a half. I asked the Tarot what happened to Joshua and where he is.
The cards gave me the eight of swords, reversed, crossed by the Emperor as a basis. The eight of swords speaks of being trapped, often by matters relating to thought and word, rather than actual, physical imprisonment. This card is reversed here, and it seems to be telling us that someone was trapped, but is not trapped anymore. The Emperor crosses this. The Emperor is the "father" card in the deck, and he may very well represent Joshua's actual father. Sometimes the eight of swords represents being stuck or trapped in water, as a physical state, and this leads me to believe that perhaps Joshua's father rescued him from some water at some point immediately before he disappeared.

As a bit of background for this, the ace of cups, reversed, comes up. This card, when reversed, tells of deception, by way of making it look as if one is capable of great things when one is not, and it also tells of projects ruined shortly after they have been started. We also have the Magician in the background, and he is someone who actually does know what he is doing. The very best that could have been expected for Joshua is the Page of Cups, reversed, (this is the third negative reference to water, so far, in this reading) and this also augers miscarriages of everything from pregnancies to projects. Also sad, unfavorable messages and news. This is followed by Strength, which, in this case, means diplomacy and tact. Someone, quite likely the Magician, has advised the Emperor to remain diplomatic, yet not be terribly informative. This is not looking very good for young Joshua, yet it also does not look like deliberate violence. It looks like an accident involving water. Inasmuch as the Emporer is concerned, please remember that the Tarot cannot give me a name of a specific individual, so it is not possible for me to literally point fingers at anyone.

The five of pentacles is in the place of worries, and this relates directly to a fear that Joshua will, one day, be found. The place of environment give us the nine of cups, which, while being another cups/water card, is also a card of home and hearth. I do not think this little boy was ever very far from his home. And, because the nature of the nine of cups is all about home and home's comforts, it appears that family was on hand in the home at the time Joshua disappeared. In the place of hopes and fears, we have the nine of pentacles, reversed. There is some worry about finances involved in this picture, but it is possible that this is just a worry which has not materialized. As a final outcome, we have the King of Swords. His position here is interesting, because he does not match the rest of the reading, except that he ties in a bit with the reversed eight of swords. This king is often law enforcement or a lawyer or judge. As he is upside right, I really think he is interested in seeking justice for Joshua, and I also think he is concerned with whatever incident is represented by the eight of swords. More power to him.

It looks to me as if an accident involving water is responsible for this child's disappearance, and it also looks as if someone in the judicial system is still interested in getting to the truth.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Did Aliyah Lunsford Disappear?

I have intended to do a reading for Aliyah Lunsford, three years old, for a long time, as she has been missing since September 24, but somehow, the right question just did not present itself until today. It really "felt" better to ask "why", rather than "how", or "where", which are questions I usually ask when I do a reading for a missing person.

I did a Celtic Cross reading, and the basis is the ten of cups, reversed, crossed by the five of cups, pointing to the past. This tells me that everything a family should have offered a little girl was not offered, or given to Aliyah, for some reason. The five of cups tells of unrealized potential in this situation, and unappreciated blessings. It could also mean a return, or something or someone missing finally being found, but I do not think so, here. This is very sad.

Founding this, we have Justice, reversed. Legal matters were somehow not in this little girl's favor, even as early as age three. While social services may have had a hand in this reference to the law, I really think it was more a personal matter, between Aliyah's parents. The next card, speaking of matters in Aliyah's very recent past, is the Empress, reversed. This is a mother, or a mother figure, who is very selfish, shallow, and not very "motherly". I am assuming, for the moment, that this is Aliyah's mother. I could be wrong about the "who", but the character traits and the presence of a person fitting the description remains. This person is a big part of the "why" in "why did Aliyah go missing?". The next card, telling me the best possible outcome of this, is the seven of wands, reversed. If the Reversed Empress would simply reveal what she knows, and stop playing games with law enforcement and doing her best to keep them "away from her door", so to speak, that would be best, and possibly help recover Aliyah. What will happen, however; has a lot to do with a male in the Empress's, and Aliyah's, lives. He is the Knight of Swords, reversed. This is not a good card, and not a good position for this card, in any missing person's reading. It often heralds violence or a violent death. In this case, I think the card does double duty, describing a person AND an event; namely, the the last person to see Aliyah alive, and possibly, what happened to her on the morning of September 24.

The first card on the staff is the King of Pentacles. This is an older, sensible, down-to earth man who may be able to ask the right questions and put together a scenario that will lead searchers and investigators to Aliyah and the truth about what happened to her. The next card, describing the environs around Aliyah, and possibly to the opinions and feelings of friends and family about her, is the Queen of Wands, reversed. This is a jealous, angry woman who is attempting to mislead law enforcement and throw the investigation off course, This is NOT the Empress, to whom I referred earlier. As a curious note, I wonder how jealousy plays a role in the disappearance of a THREE YEAR OLD? Ok; moving along to the "hoped for" outcome; I have the Devil. This can be taken two different ways; it can represent the hopes of law enforcement and the community to solve this case using tried and true methods, bound to tradition, not having to think outside of the box, or it can represent to desires of the perpetrator to continue thwarting resolution and justice. Possibly both; either way, it creates a problem in finding this little girl. As a final outcome, I get the Lovers, reversed. This could represent bad relationships, bad combinations, or bad choices. The message I get from the card reversed in this position, as the outcome of this reading, is that the Empress and the Knight of Swords are the combination described by the Lovers, and when their bad combination disintigrates, bits and pieces of the truth will come out. After that, the King of Pentacles will be able to put those bits and pieces together, and the guilty parties will be confronted.

I was never given a true direction or a location; but I do see water, and slow movement north.