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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What Was The True Motive For The Bombing Of The Murrah Building?

It has been almost 23 years since the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was bombed, killing 168 people, including children who were at a daycare that was on the premises. While two men, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, were largely thought to be responsible, no clear motive, other than a general disliking for the government and disapproval of the way the government handled Ruby Ridge, in Idaho in 1992, was ever established for this act. So I will do a Celtic Cross reading to see if there may have been other factors.

We start with the Devil, reversed, crossed by the Page of Wands. When we meet the Devil reversed, he is telling us of secrets revealed, and the Page of Wands is often a message or a messenger. This is interesting; it alludes to information that someone had intended to bury and keep secret. Beneath this whole matter, we have Death. Death appears here as a factor that is an ultimate deal-breaker: information that could make or break anything from a decision to a career. While he looms in the past, he casts his shadow on the event. Death is followed by the six of swords, reversed. When we see the six of swords upside right, it tells of travel. In reversal, the card means the opposite. So...we have information that was somehow connected to the Murrah Building and was never intended to see the light of day.

The best possible scenario for this matter would have been the nine of cups, reversed, which tells us that had the building and its offices not been destroyed, someone's career and choices may have been questioned, and perhaps someone might have gotten "pink slipped", but there was nothing that required mass murder. This also refers to the perspective of those who planned the bombing: they did not think that bombing a building was too serious or a big deal. Sickening.

What followed the destructive intent and decision was the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. The actions that led to the bombing actually moved more slowly than the perpetrators intended. There is also an element of dishonesty here; dark money was paid, about which nothing was ever said.

In the place of fears and purposeful intentions, we have the Empress, reversed. This is a bit of a surprise, to see a woman in this spot. She is shallow, and unconcerned about possible victims. Her mission is to destroy, rather than to create. The whole event turned unfolded at her direction. The next card, in the place of environment, is Justice, reversed. It screams that justice was never actually done. The case was closed with only pawns charged and tried. Next, in the place of hopes, we find the ten of pentacles, reversed. It is someone's sad hope that lives lost and destroyed remain a mystery that is never avenged. The final card here is the three of swords. This is a card of quarrels, discord, and in-fighting in political circles. Should the subject ever be revisited, discord is what we can expect. It is doubtful that we will hear more about this in the near future, though, because I just pulled the Hanged Man out of the deck in answer to my question concerning any future re-opening of investigations. The matter remains suspended, and the ten of swords, reversed, shows the whole matter owned by the reversed Empress. It appears that there actually may be a lot more than meets the eye with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Molly Miller

Molly Miller, of Oklahoma, disappeared on July 7, 2013, and has still not been found. Since we have almost reached the year anniversary mark, I have done a reading for her.

The foundation is the eight of swords, crossed by the Queen of Swords. This is a clear message of having been trapped and unable to escape. Swords corresponds symbolically to air, which rules communication, and the Queen of Swords either was unable to locate Molly or respond to Molly's last attempt at communication. As the Queen is not terribly well disposed toward Molly, efforts to respond to Molly at the time of her last cell phone call may not have been seriously attempted. Beneath this, we find the Sun, reversed. This indicates cancelled plans. Following this, we have the seven of pentacles, also reversed, which tells us that the cancelled plans concerned money that was either promised or owed, but not paid. The next card we find is the nine of cups, reversed, and when I find it in a reading such as this, it often means that indulgence in drugs or alcohol was a factor. This six of swords reversed follows, telling us that there was no way out of the situation. Inasmuch as the cell phone call was concerned, a clear signal was also a problem. 

The first card on the staff, involving fears, is the three of swords, reversed. One of the meanings carried by this card is confrontation with someone who has either been threatened or compromised in some way by the subject of the reading, so we have someone who feels that he or she has been compromised by Molly, and Molly realized that she should not have been where she was. The next card, describing what was observable about Molly at the time she made her unsuccessful phone call is the three of cups, reversed, which is another reference to overindulgence in either drugs or alcohol; and also a reference to endings. In the place of hopes, we have the hierophant, which is tradition and a hope that things will somehow get "back to normal". Sadly, the rest of the reading does not support this. The last card is Judgement, reversed, which supports that things will not be renewed in such a manner that they "get back to normal". I wish it looked different, but that is what I see. 

There are a lot of water cards in this reading, and "air" cards that reference water. As a direction, this would point us to the west, but as the six of swords is reversed, I don't think there is significant distance in any direction concerning Molly's location. I think all clues can be found within a three mile distance of where she was last seen. The sun, reversed, is also disturbing in this reading, it makes me wonder if clues are "under the sun", so to speak, but buried or hidden just a little; not enough to have taken a lot of time or effort on the part of the person hiding evidence. At this point, it appears that because of electronic communications and unusual law enforcement decisions, a lot is already known about this case that has been swept under the rug. I hope Molly is found soon, despite all of this.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ashley Freeman And Laura Bible

Ashley Freeman and Laura Bible allegedly spent a night, in December of 1999, in a trailer that burned down, but only the bodies of Ashley's parents were found, not the two girls, who were sixteen at the time of the fire. Since then, no one has been able to locate them, despite the occasional rumor.
For the basis, we have the eight of pentacles, reversed, crossed by the three of pentacles. This is a clear message of lack of ability in a trade or line of employment. But what could that possibly have to do with the disappearance of two teenage girls? As a bit of background and as a possible underlying reason for the whole situation, fire and all, we have the Tower, reversed. The tower usually involves karma and involuntary repayment of karmic debt, but as the card falls reversed, I will say that this time, it was man-made; more like vengeance than anything cosmically deserved by anyone here. This is followed by the two of cups, the only card representing Ashley and Laura. They, somehow, were unintended "victims". The five of wands follows this, and this card usually describes games and runaround, the type of "beating around the bush" one gets from someone who has no intentions of honesty. And......honesty was somehow lacking after this fire. This is followed by the five of swords, which is deliberately applied violence and revenge. Also lies and cover-up. Force was the only way for someone to win a dispute, and that is what this whole situation was all about.
The staff contains four court cards, which makes this a very unusual reading. These are four different people who were involved in this matter. In the place of fears, we have the Knight of Swords. Often, he is a violent person, or a violent event; but in this case, he is a person. Court cards in the suit of swords are often law enforcement, and this man was in his thirties or early forties in 1999. The reports filed about this fire and the victims is represented by the King of Cups, reversed. This king is usually someone who lies when he falls reversed, and he has a lot of authority. He relates his spin on this matter directly to any investigators and to the public. Getting even worse, we have the Knight of Cups next. He is also dishonest when reversed, and he is in the place of hopes and fears, which means that while he is somewhat younger than the King of Cups, he successfully wielded a certain amount of fear over the king, and the king spun this story the way the knight wanted it spun. The final card is the King of Swords, who is often law enforcement, or a lawyer or judge. He is upside right, but he is at odds with the King of Cups about the investigation of the fire. For reasons that are not known, he has gone along with what the other men wished.
Grrrr....from all appearances, and according to this reading, it looks as if the fire was deliberate, and aimed at the two adults in the house, not the girls. In the scenario given by the reading, the Ashley and Laura were unintended victims of the fire. There is no card here that tells me that they escaped; and I do not believe they ever got out alive. It looks as if someone is covering the fact that they were in the house when the house burned down. Perhaps the investigation should be reopened.