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Monday, September 10, 2012

Could Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins Still Be Alive?

Someone recently asked me to do a reading about Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins, who have both been missing from Iowa since July of this year. I have explained in the past that life and death are sometimes different things spiritually, and since I believe in reincarnation, it's possible for me to get a "yes" answer even if the person I am asking about has died! But sometimes, there are clues in a reading that can lead me to believe that a missing person will, indeed, resume life as the same person with the same identity assumed before he or she went missing, and I will do a reading for these two girls, looking for such clues.

The first three cards, representing the past, are the ten of cups, reversed; the Devil, reversed; and the five of cups, reversed. This already does not look hopeful, because of the ten of cups falling reversed. This indicates betrayal, very likely by a family member(s). I do not like to see family members betray children. The Devil, when he falls reversed, sometimes tells us that we can become free of something that has bound us or hindered us, but he also speaks of indecision in this position. I believe that is the case here. Someone simply was not thinking clearly regarding the disappearance these two girls, or had not thought the whole plan through. The five of cups reversed does speak to the possibiltity that the girls may come back.....this is one of the clues to which I referred in the above pargraph concerning life or death. The card, when reversed, also tells of old friends coming back into the picture, so perhaps someone who has known the family and the girls for a long time has information or can help.

The cards I drew for the present are the Lovers; the Queen of Swords; and the ten of wands, reversed. The Lovers usually speaks of relationships, but sometimes of choices. At this time, the fate of these two girls is in the hands of a couple, and one other person, the Queen of Swords. She is the one influencing the couple involved. Once again, we get betrayal, in the form of the ten of wands upside down, but this time, the betrayal is a little more coutroom based, somehow; and a little less family based. Judging from this, I feel safe guessing that these girls have seen or discovered something that others did not want made public. Someone felt that the best way to protect this knowledge was to hide the girls.

The future brings us Justice, the eight of wands, and Strength, reversed. That message is quite simple. There will be justice, no one is going to get out of any legal difficulty by hiding Lyric and Elizabeth. The eight of wands promises that somehow, in an almost unexpected and surprising way, the girls will be found. Strength reversed warns of abuse of power, though. That is a bit worrisome; however, there is nothing to indicate that the girls are no longer with us, unless the theme of betrayal runs deeper than I initially thought. This reading does focus on the motive for hiding Lyric and Elizabeth. Whoever has them hidden was already hiding some secrets from law enforcement and the judicial system.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Happened To Lisa Irwin Before She Disappeared?

Lisa Irwin, the little girl who was reported missing on October 4, 2011, and who has not been found. The entire Midwest would love to hear some positive news about her whereabouts, and over the weekend, a question came to this blog wanting the Tarot to reveal whether little Lisa is dead or alive. Sometimes, this is a difficult question for the Tarot to answer, as Lisa can, indeed, be deceased, yet still exist somewhere, going about her karma, rebirth, growth, and maturity on another plane. Anyone with a belief in reincarnation, yet getting the message that this little girl is alive, would have to determine whether she is alive as Lisa Irwin, or has moved on and been reborn. I will put the question to the Tarot, and see what I get. The way I have decided to ask this question is: what, exactly, happened to Lisa Irwin before she went missing, and did it cause her to go missing?

The reading starts with Strength crossed by the six of wands. Strength is Spirit overcoming physical matter. The six of wands is victory, and success after overcoming adversities and odds. This, I believe, refers to Lisa's birth in a blended family that had a certain number of challenges. Her birth was welcomed and considered a blessing. The ace of pentacles founds this. There was also an opportunity to become materially better off, for this family. And this appears to be the end of the good news. In events that passed recently before Lisa's disappearance, the cards give us the ten of wands, reversed. This is an abuse of power. The card is followed by the eight of wands, reversed, which tells of jealousy. Upside right, this card is a card of miracles, passion, and impossible dreams coming true, reversed, it is jealousy; almost wanting to send away that which was once a blessing. Next, we see the three of cups, reversed. This is an excess of physical enjoyment. This card appears in the readings of practicing alcoholics and addicts quite often. As Lisa was not old enough to abuse drugs or drink, I can only conclude that it refers to the actions of those around her.

The staff begins with the eight of cups. Here, we have someone who wanted something, got it, but then was not happy with it. It could mean two different things, here. It could mean that Lisa's parents were not as happy with parenting as they thought they would be, and found a way to stop parenting, or it could mean that Lisa's spirit was not satisfied with her surroundings here in this life, and decided not to stay. My personal opinion is that it means both, but; of course, proving it would require the recovery of Lisa. The card that came up describing Lisa's surroundings is Justice, reversed. This simply means that justice has not been done, and someone has deliberately perverted justice and derailed it. In my experience, this card does not describe accidental injustice, but deliberate. The next card, in the place of hopes, is the King of Pentacles, only he is reversed, so he is not someone who is kindly disposed toward Justice, or any justice for Lisa. The final outcome is the four of wands, which is a card of refuge, harvest, and perfected work, and I think that is the desire of the reversed King, here.

To sum this up, it does not look to me as if Lisa is still with us physically, but as I tell everyone who tells me otherwise, I hope I am wrong. Four cards here were from the suit of wands, which goes hand in hand with fire, and I think fire may have played a direct role in the destruction of evidence, whether Lisa is alive or not, and two cards were from the suit of cups, which is water. Fire is that spark of passion we call Life, and water nourishes it, only the water in this reading was reversed. Water can also drown Life. But there are no cards of violence, so if Lisa is deceased, it was not a violent death. The four of wands, in most Tarot decks, has a picture of a couple dancing at a fair or in a garden, and it may be telling us where Lisa can be found.