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Monday, June 4, 2018

Who Killed Lindsey Baum?

Lindsey Baum was found in September of 2017, in eastern Washington, over 100 miles from where she disappeared, in Grays Harbor, Washington. It took months for positive identification. Now that she has been found, the questions remain: how did Lindsey get so far from home, and who killed her? I will attempt to answer those questions with a horoscope spread.

In the first house, of the general atmosphere of the matter, we have the Empress. This is the card of the mother; but I must state that she is not necessarily Lindsey's mother. Her association with Lindsey had something to do with being a mother, or being someone's mother, though. And the Empress is followed by the Emperor, who appears in the second house, of financial prospects and valued items or ideals. It is interesting to see this pair together. We either have multiple suspects, or one suspect and multiple "accessories after the fact". I would expect one of them to be female, too; or, at the very least, I would expect a response to an adult female to show up as a factor, here.

In the third house, of letters, communication, and short journeys, we find the Hierophant, reversed. In reversal, this card is the card of the rebel, one who resists conformity and the status quo. Finding him in the third house, which deals in communication and in short trips, I would the perpetrator to be someone who not only lies, but distorts his words about situations and leads searchers on wild goose chases, in order to continue to conceal the truth. People who knew what happened to Lindsey either called in tips, or pretended to assist in ground searches. The reversed Hierophant is followed by the Knight of Swords, in the fourth house of home environment. Sometimes, this card refers to a violent male, but this knight also often refers to law enforcement. And law enforcement is definitely going over the details, right now.

In the fifth house, of creativity and amusement, we find the Moon, reversed. This is a secret enemy, whose intentions were completely unknown to Lindsey. This is the twisted reason for the entire situation: paranoia and revenge for imagined slights. In the sixth house, we have the two of wands. The sixth house deals with worry, work relationships, everyday matters, and inconveniences. The two of wands shows an effort to strengthen the home front and defend. It also shows partnerships of sorts, and as it shows up in the house of inconvenience, it almost goes without saying that Lindsey had to be transported far away from Grays Harbor, where she would not readily be found. Also, it is starting to look as though someone connected to Lindsey had made someone in Grays Harbor uncomfortable, and this was that person's grim response. The seventh house, of partnerships, gives us Death, reversed. When Death falls reversed, he speaks of stagnation and change that is very slow to occur. Finding him in the house of partnerships in this reading reinforces my initial suspicion that we have more than one suspect to track down in the death of Lindsey Baum.

In the eighth house, of death, joint finances, and debts, we have the three of cups, reversed. We have a perpetrator whose priorities are his own enjoyment, and his own one else's. In addition to seeing Lindsey and those close to her as a "threat" of some sort, he truly has no remorse about what he did. The ninth house, of long journeys and protection, gives us the Star. This card often comes up to tell us that something, or someone, was left outside, "under the stars", so to speak. We can also take some hope, here, that this case will eventually be solved, as many aspects of it are now uncovered. The tenth house, of social status, shows the Knight of Wands. This tells of one particular male presence, among those in Lindsey's community. He would be anywhere from twenty-eight years of age to mid forties. This is someone whose testimony may help investigators. Following him, in the eleventh house of social connections and friends, we have the Page of Wands, reversed. This, I feel, is not a false tip or bad news, but an actual person. He is male, in his late teens to early twenties, and has withheld some very important information concerning this. In the twelfth house, of secrets, self defeat, and institutions, we have the seven of swords. The seven of swords tells us that somehow, the whole case will unravel, despite the killer's efforts, and it will be solved. The seven of swords shows up when an action, especially a misdeed, has been done sloppily or is otherwise too difficult to accomplish.

Solving this case will get complicated at times, and it will involve more interviews of persons who have already been interviewed. One of the clues of the reversed Hierophant is to look at any and all conflicting stories and anomalies concerning the evidence and what is thought to be known. Eventually, Lindsey's family and community will have answers.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Will The Arrest Solve The McStay Murders?

In light of the recent arrest of Chase Merritt for the murders of Joseph, Summer, Gianni, and Joseph McStay, who were missing for over four years before they were found in shallow graves in the Mohave Desert, I decided to do a reading to find out we will get any answers through this development. 

We begin with a base of the ace of wands crossed by the Knight of  Swords. This is almost classic symbolism for a new piece of information, or a tip, being put into the hands of law enforcement. Policemen are often represented by court cards in the suit of swords. Below this, we have the Page of Wands, which is also often a message, backing this up. The Page can also be a person with information, but this person would be a witness, not a defendant or anyone involved in the investigation. The Fool appears, as the reason the tip was investigated, and also suggests that someone went "out on a limb" to investigate a lead that seemed dubious, or not provable at first. 

The Emperor appears as a possible motivation for the arrest, and I suppose that is a pretty straightforward message: it stands to reason that Joseph McStay's father would want the case solved as soon as possible. Perhaps he is the one who did some of the sleuthing, or discovered something in his son's possessions or records that required further investigation. This is followed by the High Priestess, reversed, in the place of things that will come to pass. I do not like this card here, because it tells us of surface knowledge, or half truths; not the revealing of the entire truth. A challenge for law enforcement and prosecutors will be a temptation to accept only part of the whole story, rather than digging deeper. 

The first card on the staff is the three of swords, telling us that there has already been a bit of "infighting" between individuals close to this matter. Testimony from the person who was arrested may bring on more debate, and it will become even more personal than it already is. This is followed by the four of swords, reversed, which is a sense of urgency on the parts of family to get the whole matter over with, and the case closed. In the place of desires, we have a card that seems very much out of place, and that is the Moon. This is not a desire for closure, but a desire to keep hiding something, or misrepresenting something. Combined with the reversed High Priestess, this does not bode well for the arrest of Chase Merritt, in and of itself, solving this case. The last card is the three of wands, indicating that we are looking for more than one individual to stand trial for this crime. Ultimately, we will eventually get that information, but it will not be easy on the survivors of the deceased, and getting the truth from any witnesses or witnesses after the fact will be difficult. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Really Happened To Caylee Anthony?

Someone asked me to do a reading about Caylee Anthony, specifically, what REALLY happened to really looks as though Caylee Anthony's "mother" got away with murder, but I will ask the cards.

The reading starts with the two of wands, a card of opportunity and plans, crossed by the five of pentacles, a card that tells of lack of resources and poverty. Apparently, little Caylee was a victim of the balence between opportunity, resources, and responsibility. Beneath this, we have the seven of cups, which means illusions and visions of granduer. Someone in the situation clearly could not see reality for what it is. A sad event that took place is the ten of swords, and I think this was Caylee's death. Tens are completion, and the ten of swords is the exit of something that often can no longer be endured. Also, swords relate to air, and I think lack of oxygen was either a cause of a contibuter to Caylee's death. In a possible future for the person left behind, or in this case, a hope connected to one of the "visions of granduer" augered by the seven of cups, we have the Lovers, reversed. One of the reasons for this violence and neglect of a child was the hope of finding new love. It did not work out as planned, however. The next thing that happened was the Tower, which is the "day of reckning". While the prosecution in Casey Anthony's case did not put together a solid case and win, Casey did spend a certain amount of time behind bars, and this card of speaks of imprisonment.

One serious problem with "the perpetrator's" personality was the lack of any insight relating to the sacrifices involved in bringing up children. This is illustrated by the Hanged Man, reversed, in the place of self. The Hanged Man is a card of sacrifice for the greater good, and sometimes of learning and's Odin, gathering the Runes from streams of collective conscience, in order to teach generations of people. Reversed, it tells us that the person who should have been caring for Caylee was not even remotely interested in the task of caring for a child. In the place of home environment and relationships with others involved, we get the five of swords, reversed. There was a quality of anger and revenge in the situation, as well. The Knight of Cups, reversed, was in this person's hopes. He is not much better than the "perpetrator". Just another lying, deceptive, good-for-nothing single male. Upright, this Knight is usually a kind, sensitive young man, but reversed, he is not honest. As a final outcome, we have the seven of wands, reversed. This, I believe, refers to the choice to leave Caylee in a place where she was not carefully guarded, and her remains could be so easily found. Upside right, this card would tell us that we are on private property, and can only go inside if invited, but reversed, nothing is safeguarded, and so it was with little Caylee. Looking at the two of wands, I think Casey may have had help, male help, is finding a place to hide little, Caylee, as well.