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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Did Teleka Patrick Get Into Lake Charles?

Teleka Patrick, who went missing on December 5 of 2013, was recently found deceased in Lake Charles, in Indiana. It is thought that she drowned, but there are still many unanswered questions about this case. A reader asked me if I would do a reading to see what the cards would say about how it happened, and I will attempt that.

The first three cards I drew, telling me about the immediate past....before she fell into the water.....are the High Priestess, the Page of Swords, and the seven of cups. The High Priestess represents hidden purpose, and it appears that Teleka had decided upon a direction and destination, but had not shared this information with anyone. The Page of Swords is often a young person, but in this case, I think the card represents a phone call, text message, or an email that Teleka probably received on her phone. The seven of cups reversed is determination and progress. Despite the fact that she did not share her plans with anyone, she still used her phone and social media.

The next three cards, discussing the time she actually disappeared, were the five of pentacles, reversed; the nine of wands, reversed; and the Page of Cups. The five of pentacles reversed redefines her trip as an attempt to re-establish a connection with a friend. The nine of wands reversed tells us that she met with an obstacle of some kind, and this may very well have been the flat tire her car incurred. I am inclined to believe that the Page of Cups is someone who tried to help, as this card often speaks of assistance and help, but who was unsuccessful because Teleka didn't know him. He appears upside right, so I will assume he meant her no harm.

The next three cards, which give us the outcome, are Temperance, the eight of swords, and the three of cups, reversed. Temperance is balence via appropriate combinations. I think Teleka had intended to seek help with her flat tire in a safer venue than the roadside. The eight of swords is almost a picture of what happened: she lost her balence, fell into some water, and found herself trapped, somehow. The three of cups is also a "water" card, but it sometimes augers sad endings as well as different types of imbalances, physical included. I think she may have suffered from hypothermia, which would explain how she was "trapped", and finally drowned. Despite the speculations surrounding Teleka's death, I do not believe it was a suicide. This reading portrays it as an accident. Prayers to Teleka's family.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Elisa Lam

 Elisa Lam, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was last seen alive in January of last year. About three weeks after she was reported missing, she was found in a rooftop cistern in the Cecil Motel in downtown Los Angeles. Her drowning death was ruled accidental. No one is sure exactly how long Elisa was in the cistern; the estimate was about three weeks. For an accident, this seems a bit strange. So I will ask the cards how it really happened.

We begin with the ace of swords, crossed by the King of Cups. In this instance, the King is reversed, making him unkindly disposed toward Elisa. He is also older and more experienced than Elisa. The ace of swords is a triumph or forceful new start of something; sometimes this card describes fertility. Could a pregnancy or a suspected pregnancy have been part of this picture? Founding this, we have the nine of wands, which tells of a need for patience and tenacity. Elisa was waiting for something or someone. As a past event affecting this matter, we have the ten of pentacles, which is inheritances and real estate properties. And then, in the unrealized expectations, we have the two of cups, which is partnership. As the King of Cups has appeared reversed, we can assume his involvement in the partnership described by the two of cups is shady. The next card is Justice, reversed. Somehow, Justice has been denied it's say in this matter. Elisa somehow met an unjust end, and a proper account of contributing factors has not been made.

In the place of fears, we find the six of cups, which, once again, is a reference to children. Somehow, a fear of this aspect of family life weighed heavily on the mind of someone connected to this situation. The two of pentacles appears in the card of environment, telling us that there was an inability, on someone's part, to manage two situations; in this case, partnerships, at once. The next card is the seven of swords, which; once again, refers to taking what one either does not own or cannot manage. The last card is the four or swords, which represents sudden activity after a lull. Sometimes, this activity is the result of discontent.

For all appearances, Elisa Lam was the victim of a lover who could not countenance any publicity of the relationship, yet it has been categorized as an accident.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sabrina Aisenberg

Sabrina Aisenburg disappared in Florida in 1997. She was only five months old, and while her parents have since moved to Maryland, no clues to her whereabouts have ever been found.

The basis appears as the six of pentacles crossed by the two of swords. This gives an atmosphere of working for a wage and sharing financial resources while wondering which direction to turn in life. A truce in an ongoing conflict about how money should be spent or invested. At the foundation, we have the ten of cups, telling us that at one time, the Aisenbergs were reasonably happy, as a family. The Hanged Man also appears in the past, and he tells us that at a certain point in time, this happiness ended with the abandonment of spiritual interests in favor of selfish pursuits. Possibly, this ties in with conflicts about how money was spent. Crowning this, we have the Fool, which represents chances that were never taken, and opportunities upon which were never acted. What could all of this have possibly had to do with Sabrina? The next card is the Sun, reversed. This refers to a possible broken engagement, or a voided contract.

Looking more closely at this mix of cards, it would almost appear as if the reversed Sun was actually telling us that there as been a "cloud cover" placed over events that have somehow been swept under the rug. The ten of cups also speaks of water, as does the Hanged Man. The cards would almost appear to describe an accident involving water. Nonetheless, I do not see violence, or deliberate malice here.

The first card on the staff is the Queen of Wands. She is in the place of environment as per the emotions and fears. Her imput into the situation has been key to the movement, or lack thereof, in this case. Next, we see the World, in the place of environment as dictated by actual events, and this represents travel........on the part of the Queen of Wands, not Sabrina. In the place of hopes or fears, we have the nine of wands, which speaks of defensiveness and a very prepared state in case of an attack of some sort. The final card is the King of Wands, correlating directly to the Queen of Wands. He is an adult male connected to the situation, and all future movement in the case depends upon him.