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Monday, June 4, 2018

Who Killed Lindsey Baum?

Lindsey Baum was found in September of 2017, in eastern Washington, over 100 miles from where she disappeared, in Grays Harbor, Washington. It took months for positive identification. Now that she has been found, the questions remain: how did Lindsey get so far from home, and who killed her? I will attempt to answer those questions with a horoscope spread.

In the first house, of the general atmosphere of the matter, we have the Empress. This is the card of the mother; but I must state that she is not necessarily Lindsey's mother. Her association with Lindsey had something to do with being a mother, or being someone's mother, though. And the Empress is followed by the Emperor, who appears in the second house, of financial prospects and valued items or ideals. It is interesting to see this pair together. We either have multiple suspects, or one suspect and multiple "accessories after the fact". I would expect one of them to be female, too; or, at the very least, I would expect a response to an adult female to show up as a factor, here.

In the third house, of letters, communication, and short journeys, we find the Hierophant, reversed. In reversal, this card is the card of the rebel, one who resists conformity and the status quo. Finding him in the third house, which deals in communication and in short trips, I would the perpetrator to be someone who not only lies, but distorts his words about situations and leads searchers on wild goose chases, in order to continue to conceal the truth. People who knew what happened to Lindsey either called in tips, or pretended to assist in ground searches. The reversed Hierophant is followed by the Knight of Swords, in the fourth house of home environment. Sometimes, this card refers to a violent male, but this knight also often refers to law enforcement. And law enforcement is definitely going over the details, right now.

In the fifth house, of creativity and amusement, we find the Moon, reversed. This is a secret enemy, whose intentions were completely unknown to Lindsey. This is the twisted reason for the entire situation: paranoia and revenge for imagined slights. In the sixth house, we have the two of wands. The sixth house deals with worry, work relationships, everyday matters, and inconveniences. The two of wands shows an effort to strengthen the home front and defend. It also shows partnerships of sorts, and as it shows up in the house of inconvenience, it almost goes without saying that Lindsey had to be transported far away from Grays Harbor, where she would not readily be found. Also, it is starting to look as though someone connected to Lindsey had made someone in Grays Harbor uncomfortable, and this was that person's grim response. The seventh house, of partnerships, gives us Death, reversed. When Death falls reversed, he speaks of stagnation and change that is very slow to occur. Finding him in the house of partnerships in this reading reinforces my initial suspicion that we have more than one suspect to track down in the death of Lindsey Baum.

In the eighth house, of death, joint finances, and debts, we have the three of cups, reversed. We have a perpetrator whose priorities are his own enjoyment, and his own one else's. In addition to seeing Lindsey and those close to her as a "threat" of some sort, he truly has no remorse about what he did. The ninth house, of long journeys and protection, gives us the Star. This card often comes up to tell us that something, or someone, was left outside, "under the stars", so to speak. We can also take some hope, here, that this case will eventually be solved, as many aspects of it are now uncovered. The tenth house, of social status, shows the Knight of Wands. This tells of one particular male presence, among those in Lindsey's community. He would be anywhere from twenty-eight years of age to mid forties. This is someone whose testimony may help investigators. Following him, in the eleventh house of social connections and friends, we have the Page of Wands, reversed. This, I feel, is not a false tip or bad news, but an actual person. He is male, in his late teens to early twenties, and has withheld some very important information concerning this. In the twelfth house, of secrets, self defeat, and institutions, we have the seven of swords. The seven of swords tells us that somehow, the whole case will unravel, despite the killer's efforts, and it will be solved. The seven of swords shows up when an action, especially a misdeed, has been done sloppily or is otherwise too difficult to accomplish.

Solving this case will get complicated at times, and it will involve more interviews of persons who have already been interviewed. One of the clues of the reversed Hierophant is to look at any and all conflicting stories and anomalies concerning the evidence and what is thought to be known. Eventually, Lindsey's family and community will have answers.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Laurie Partridge

This is a case that has been cold for a long time. Laurie Partridge, of Spokane, Washington, has been missing for over forty years. She was only seventeen when she disappeared on her way home from school one afternoon. I will see of the Tarot will shed any light on her case.

We start with the ten of swords, crossed by the Queen of Pentacles. This is interesting; we have lethal violence with a feminine influence! This is a woman who was concerned about materialistic goals and possibly older than Laurie. She had a bit of a suspicious and mistrusting nature, and she appears to be either a prominent player in this event, or a cause. 

Beneath this, we have the two of cups. Generally, this card describes compatible partners, often in romance, but in this position in a reading about a missing person, I am inclined to wonder if it gave someone a reason to be jealous or a reason to put a stop to Laurie's love life for other reasons. The next card is the six of cups, which speaks of childhood memories; this is telling us that the Queen of Cups "came out someone's childhood" and the situation described by the ten of swords did, as well. So it appears that the violence took Laurie by surprise, but not so much the motive behind it. Next, we have the six of pentacles, which is a card of balance. This is usually material balance; trade, equity, equal sharing...that sort of thing. It could also refer to relationship compatibility, but it would be from a very unromantic perspective. What followed is the ten of cups; a happy home and family life. Someone here moved on, after Laurie's disappearance. Ultimately, this appears to have the motive of making Laurie disappear. 

The Moon appears as our first card on the staff, showing intent to harm Laurie, but awaiting an opportunity. Somehow, the person who knows where Laurie is right now discovered that she would be walking alone. If the Moon were to describe a physical location, it would be near a river bank or wide stream. The seven of wands comes up in the place of environment, and this is the card of closely guarded secrets. There is also a suggestion of private property with this card, no one can enter the home or examine any facts or evidence without a warrant. Perhaps the perpetrator has water on the property or lives near it. The Moon and the ten of cups, following the ten of swords as they do in this reading, also illustrate a situation of lies and false promises. I think Laurie may have been lured into someone's home, and she never left. The next card is the Tower. The tower represents knocking down something old in order to make way for something new. It is a destructive force, and in this case, it speaks to motive. Someone perceived Laurie as someone who needed to be "moved out of the way". The last card is the Queen of Swords. This is encouraging, as she is upside right, which means that she is seeking the truth and will work to get justice for Laurie, even after all these years. This queen is often in the legal field, or in law enforcement, and I would have to say someone is still looking at Laurie's case every so often, checking any evidence for new clues. The unusual aspect of this outcome is that while Laurie had a romantic relationship that is featured in the reading as a backdrop for her disappearance and as a partial cause, her significant other is not featured here, except as someone she had known or a very long time! Forty years is a long time, hopefully the truth will be discovered soon.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Richard Cody Haynes

What could possibly have happened to Cody Haynes, who disappeared in September of 2004? He was eleven when he went missing, and now he would be twenty. The image on the far right of the poster is a computer generated image of how Cody would look as an adult.
This reading starts with the King of Swords crossed by the Knight of Swords. Yikes! Two males of the suit of swords! Luckily, they are both upside right, so I think they can be linked to the investigation. Law enforcement and the judicial system are often represented by court cards of the suit of swords, and it's element is air. So we know that the investigation is still open, and even if it seems like a lost cause, someone in an investigative position is still earnestly looking for Cody Haynes.
Beneath this is Judgement, which tells us not to give up, a conclusion will be reached. Water is also indicated on this card, as a physical location. But this is in the past, as the reason the King and Knight of Swords are looking for Cody, in the first place. The opposing forces in this matter, also drifting into the past, are represented by the High Priestess, who speaks of things that are hidden. She also deals in water, as it hides things from time to time, and on less physical levels, represents the subconscious. Another "watery" card we find, in possible conclusions for this case, is the Page of Cups. This is a message, or a tip to law enforcement, from a young person, and the message comes from the heart. The element of cups is water, once again. Something we must recognize though, is the reality represented by the eight of swords, which tells us that Cody did not reappear because he was trapped somewhere. Water is part of the imagery of the Ryder-Waite eight of swords, and taking this card at literal, face value, we would see a suggestion that Cody may be trapped in shallow water somewhere.
Another Page that comes up in this reading is the Page of Swords, representing the fears of the person who knows what happened to Cody, yet has not come forward. There may be a witness, or an accomplice after the fact, who is young and has the answers law enforcement seeks. The five of swords comes up as a picture of what happened to Cody. This card is a card of violence, and sometimes of revenge. This is followed by another five, the five of wands, which is in the place of the perpetrator's hopes. Someone here is hoping to get away with playing games with the investigation and those who are looking for Cody. Also, deception is the main message when these two cards appear together in a reading. The nine of pentacles concludes the reading, and this card, in a reading such as this, tells of accomplishment. I think we will find, sadly, that Cody suffered violence for no reason, and that water plays a role in keeping him hidden.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Richard "Cody" Haynes

When Richard Cody Haynes disappeared from his home in Washington, he was eleven years old, so the picture on the right is age progressed. Anyone with direct knowledge of his whereabouts should contact the FBI.
We start with the four of cups, reversed, crossed by the seven of pentacles. The four of cups, when reversed, speaks of new relationships. The seven of pentacles is the card of the Farmer. It tells of hard work, leading to eventual harvest, and sometimes of barter. Was farming ever a part of Cody's life?
Beneath this is the ten of pentacles, which is a card of financial gifts and inheritances that are not necessarily earned, per se. Material property, or collateral, was, in some way, a part of this situation. A problem that faced someone involved is the six of swords, reversed. A problem was perceived, and it was also perceived that there was no solution. Cody's disappearance was an attempt, as we see in the Tower, reversed, crowning this, to overthrow something, or to completely change some sanction involving property or money. The next card is the King of Pentacles, reversed. This is a man who was involved. He is dishonest and cares nothing about Cody.
The first card on the staff is the nine of wands, which tells us that this king we saw earlier had patiently planned this, and has recourses to defend himself. In the place of environment, we see the three of pentacles, reversed. He has a trade, possibly as a cover, and is seen by others as mediocre at this trade. As a hope, or a motive, we get the ace of pentacles, which is an opportunity or a sum of money collected at once. The nine of swords comes up as the final outcome, which is a card of imprisonment.
I do not actually see a death, or a violent death, in this reading. The nine of swords is very troubling, however; because of it's position as the final outcome. The pentacles in this reading point us north, and the Tower, as a physical feature of landmark, is a dilapidated building or house. If Cody is deceased, he was held against his will somewhere for quite while before it happened, yet it somehow seems as if he may still be alive, and falsely imprisoned somewhere.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lyle Stevik

On September 16,2001, in Grays Harbor, Washington, a young man who used the name Lyle Stevik hanged himself. He was found in his hotel room. Lyle Stevik is a name used for a character in a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. The number to call, if anyone has information, is 360-537-6319.

The question I put to the cards is, "who is this man, and where is he from?" This reading starts with the ten of wands crossed by the ace of cups. This young man was experiencing more than his fair share of burdens, and had obviously become impatient. Had he simply waited, the ace of cups indicates that while he may not have gotton better off materially, an important relationship would have had a new beginning. Beneath this, we have the High Priestess, reversed. This is a feminine influence; possibly a relationship that was only a fling for her, but serious for him. This is followed by the ace of wands, reversed, which is a false start, in this case, with the same relationship. A possible outcome would have been the four of cups, reversed, which is reconciliation, had "Lyle" lived. In what will come to be, we have the Queen of Wands, reversed. This is a mistrustful, overly dependant woman. She may be the only person who knows the current circumstances behind this case well enough to identify "Lyle".

 His secrets are represented by the three of wands, which would point south to tell us where he came from. His reason for travel was business, and it was probably international travel. In the place of friends and family, we have the two of wands, which tells me that someone, somewhere, is looking for him, but does not know where to look. Hopes and fears connected to this are represented by the seven of cups, which tells me that quite a few attempts to find this man have ended in false leads. The reading ends in the six of cups, which is a card of memories, often childhood memories. This gives us a clue about "Lyle's" state of mind when he died, and I also think he may have visited this part of the country at one point when he was a child, and that he had sentimental reasons for choosing Greys Harbor.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Happened To Sky Metalwala?

The question was actually "What happened to Sky Metalwala and where is he?", and I did a Celtic Cross in attempt to answer that question. It start with the Magician, crossed by the seven of swords. This tells me that someone with good intentions and a certain level of skill in some area experienced the obstacle of not being truly able to achieve, or fully achieve the goal in question. That's an unusual beginning to a reading such as this, but lets see where this goes.

This is founded by the Knight of pentacles reversed. This is a man in his mid twenties to possibly early forties. He is someone who quietly works toward a goal, without much fanfare, but when the card falls reversed, it indicates a man who isn't doing all he can to be productive, and has allowed too many details to go unattended. The next card, representing the influences that have very recently passed, is the Queen of Pentacles. This is usually a woman who can manage finances and material assets well, but here, I think this is someone who was trying to assist in the management of dysfunctional family politics that was generated by Sky's family. She could also be someone connected more directly to Sky's disappearance.......I am simply not getting the impression that she is Sky's mother. The best that can come out of it is Death, reversed, and this is a card of stagnation when reversed. Don't expect the family to learn any new negotition skills. Something that will happen is Judgement, reversed. I do not like to see this card falling reversed in this position; it tells me that there will be no positive changes any time soon. It shows that any legal decisions made will not favor anyone involved, and it does not bode well for Sky, either. But never give up.

At the beginning of the Staff, we have the Hermit in the place of self. I take this to mean that the community is diligently searching for Sky. In the place of Sky's "environment", the four of wands came up. This is a card of happiness and contentment, often connected to family. But coming up in this position, I am forced to wonder if it refers to physical location, instead of the perceptions of others. Could it refer to a park, where people go for recreation and fun? The tower, reversed is in the place of hopes and expectations, and this tells me that someone involved in this does not want to go with any of the changes imposed by the situation. And the final outcome is the Knight of Wands. This card often tells of a move, or a change in circumstances. If the card referes to a person, it is generally a man in his late twenties to early forties, who moves quickly and has a lot of energy. Since this card also has an association with travel, that should certainly be a consideration here. This may also represent the person who brings Sky home. In short, it looks as if Sky disappeared because his parents were unable to resolve conflicts. I do not see a stranger in the mix anywhere; tarot is not always interpreted with 100% accuracy, but I still believe that this did not happen as a random act.

Case Type: Endangered Missing
DOB: Oct 2, 2009Sex: Male
Missing Date: Nov 6, 2011Race: White
Age Now: 2Height: 2'10" (86 cm)
Missing City: BELLEVUEWeight: 28 lbs (13 kg)
Missing State : WAHair Color: Black
Missing Country: United StatesEye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC1183128