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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April Jones

April Jones, of Wales, reportedly was last seen on October 1 of this year when she was seen getting into a vehicle near her home. She is five years old. Someone asked me to see what the Tarot has to say about her case, so I will do a reading.

This reading begins with the three of swords crossed by the five of cups. The three of swords usually appears when there are family arguements and heated disagreements, often custody battles. The five of cups following this card usually means regret, and sometimes the payment of child support, but with disappointment involved. I am not saying that these elements are directly in April's life, but somehow, there is either a direct or indirect influence of these things in the perpetrator's motive. Founding this is the three of wands, reversed. This picture also involves treachery disguised as help. Could the perpetrator have participated in a search? Behind this, we have the Moon, reversed. When the Moon shows up reversed in a reading, it tells us that duplicity and lies have played a big role in the matter at hand. Someone whose role has yet to be discovered is the Page of Swords, reversed. This is a youngish man or woman who, in this case, has premeditated this crime. This person has remained undetected here. The nine of cups represents what will happen in the near future, and that is defensiveness tinged with impatience. So far, I am a bit relieved at what I don't see, which is violence, but dismayed that I see this case dragging on, without April being found immediately.
Whoever has taken April is already reconsidering the action. It has not been the great idea the perpetrator thought it was. The eight of cups tells us this, in the place of feelings. The environment, represented by the five of pentacles, tells us that everyone who does know about this is advising the responisible party to confess. A church may be involved here. The Hermit comes up in the place of hopes, and this is an older man, possibly a reverend or a counselor, who is trying to persuede someone to to the right thing. The last word here is Temperance, which means that this little girl will be found, with law enforcement patiently working all leads.
I wish I had more here, but I don't.