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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How Will Susan Cox Powell Be Found?

Missing five years, and the main witnesses deceased, along with the main will Susan Cox Powell be found? At the request of a reader, I put the question to the Tarot.

This reading starts with the five of swords, a card of violence and revenge, crossed by the King of Cups. Already, this is a strange message! The swords, while telling us of violence, also point us to the east. Beneath this, we have the ace of swords, which is either a valid piece of information or an effort in a valid direction that made in the past. The suggestion of the Tarot is have a second look at that lead. The Star also comes up in the past; this is inspiration. There has already been some good detective work done on this case, in fact, to my surprise, the biggest problem appears to be a female contributor! The Queen of Wands appears reversed, at apparent cross purposes with the King of Cups, being a bit stingy with resources to look for Susan and with an air of resentment toward the King of Cups. It looks like infighting among major players involved in the investigation, and somehow, the conflict has derailed them from working together and examining the information they have. The king is open to looking at unconventional methods to solve this case, and the queen wants to dominate and attempt to coerce others into cooperating. If the Star were to be a location, it would be a place with clear water, possibly with two small streams flowing into it. It's numeric value is seventeen.

The next card, depicting the near future, is the Page of Wands. This is a message of some sort, and as wands represent fire, this message or tip "heats the investigation up". This is followed by the four of swords, reversed, in the place of fears. The four of swords upright is a card of rest, reversed it is a card of renewed action; because it has come up the in place of fears, I will have to say that even though the main suspect in this missing persons case is deceased, there is still someone lurking, somewhere, who is afraid of any positive direction this case may take, and of Susan being found. The ten of cups appears in the place of environment......while this card is usually a wonderful card to see in a reading, it is a bit misleading here. The person who does not want the case to become active again is hiding something; the ten of cups speaks of an idyllic family life and a great home, but in this position, it is false. The card is telling us that someone is going to great lengths to hide a grim secret, and this card describes the person's facade. Also, the connection might be familial in some way. The three of swords appears in the place of hopes: once again, this is a hope of keeping conflict and dissension going so that no one will focus on the evidence. The final outcome is the ace of cups, telling us that there WILL be a resolution to this case, eventually. The ace of cups, like the Star, depicts water. Something that got my attention on the Star is a small tree on the Ryder-Waite Tarot deck that has a bird roosting in it. We see the bird again in the ace of cups........I do not know if this is significant, but it got my attention.

It looks, from this reading, like the tips and information already gathered need to be reviewed, and like one avenue in particular provided a good direction, but was not explored enough. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where Is Kiplyn Davis?

Kiplyn Davis disappeared from Spanish Fork High School in Spanish Fork, Utah, on May 3, 1995. Three people known to be involved in this case have been prosecuted for perjury, and one for manslaughter, but she has never been found, and the whole story of her disappearance has never been completely put together. The police initially did not even take a report about her, telling her parents that she "must" have run away from home. Kiplyn's parents took the initiative to try to find her, and to pass out as many flyers bearing her picture as they could. This is one of them, above.

The question I have asked is "where?" In answer, the reading begins with the High Priestess, representing things hidden, crossed by the King of Cups, whose appearance here is reversed. There is an adult male, who was likely an adult in 1995, when Kiplyn disappeared, helping to keep her whereabouts hidden. Beneath this, we get the World, telling of opportunities connected to very act of hiding Kiplyn. Apparently, during the time no one suspected those who were eventually questioned, there was ample opportunity to hide Kiplyn, which was done. This is followed by the Star, and I think it refers to the directional course used by the perpetrators. Natural landmarks were used to find an initial place, and, as indicated by the six of wands, in a possible outcome, someone actually has knowledge of it. A problem in testifying is the two of swords, which is a stalemate, caused, in this case, by one party with nothing to lose by cooperating, and another party managing to discourage the testimony, anyway. Swords often refer to written or spoken words.

The beginning of the staff shows us the seven of swords in the place of fears. This was fear and inability to "play" innocent; also, I think it is telling us that Kiplyn was moved. The seven of pentacles represents the current environment......field, garden, place that was tilled or dug. Also, something was bartered, here. The next card, in the place of hopes, is Death, reversed. Someone involved is hoping that things will stay as they are. The last card is the nine of pentacles, which is financial independence; but as surroundings or a physical location, it would indicate a property with a garden, possibly with one person's name on the deed.

It would seem that looking for something that was planted, built, or dug on private property at around the time this happened would probably be a good place to start looking. The reversed King of Cups will do all he can to put a stop to any searches.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Susan Cox Powell

Someone asked me if I would do a reading for Susan Cox Powell recently. She was last seen on either December 6 or December 7, 2009 in her home in West Valley, Utah. Her late husband, Josh, has been the main person of interest since she was reported missing. Lately, her father in law, Steve Powell, has also been looked at with suspicion, especially since February of this year, when Josh violently killed himself and the two boys he had with Susan and burned down his house. What a sad situation.

The question I put to the cards was "what happened to Susan Cox Powell, and where is she?" This reading begins with the six of wands, reversed, crossed by the three of wands. The reversed six of wands indicates fear of an enemy, or the message to or from the same, and the three indicates help or assistance. It appears that someone considered Susan a threat because of information she had, and assistance was offered in putting an end to this perceived threat. The ace of pentacles reversed offeres us some background here. This is corruption, selfishness, and dishonestly......about money. Someone could not run the risk of the threat she and her knowledge posed to their financial wellbeing. The sun reversed follows this, telling us of a broken engagement or a voided contract. I think Susan may have told her husband that she wanted a divorce. The ten of wands reversed is a possible outcome, and it warns us that there is still treachery and lying in the picture. The World, reversed, is what happened. It's message is that Susan did not escape the marriage or her situation with Josh quickly enough.

The first card on the staff is the seven of cups, reversed. Unfortunately, the perpetrator here knew exactly what he was doing, every step of the way. The next card, describing environment, tells us why he did these things. It is the Knight of Swords, reversed, and this is a card of violence. The suit if swords also speaks of law enforcement at times, and I think Josh may begun to feel that they were closing in on him. As a location, swords would point west, and the knight would indicate rocky terrain, but this card is upside down. Perhaps there was indecision about location, as the perpetrator did have help. The next card is the four of swords, reversed. This speaks of renewed activity, or hopes of renewed activity. This card also point west, and tells not only of rocky terrain, but possibly old graveyards, churches, or possibly even a hotel or campground where someone might rest. Hotel or campground....very possible. Four of something. It's possible that clues will be found with unrelated renewed digging or activity.  The Page of Cups concludes this reading. This is usually a young person, but sometimes new information. I think in this case it is both, and that one of Susan's late sons had important information, but somehow, the message here is that the information is still valid, and with persistance, can still solve this case.