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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How Can Timothy Pitzen Be Found?

Timothy Pitzen has been missing for over two years now. Someone recently asked me to update his reading, and it took me awhile to think of the appropriate question for this, but I think I have thought of one. I also hope that there will be an age progressed photo of Timothy Pitzen soon.

So how can Timothy be found? This reading starts with the eight of cups, reversed, crossed by the six of cups. This is a message of celebration....reversed eight of cups....and childhood memories. Somehow, I think that this message has to do with the very last publicly known activity engaged by Timothy. Play and amusement parks........
Beneath this, as a causative factor, we have the King of Cups, reversed. This is a deceptive adult male who played a role in the past of both Timothy and his mother. I would expect him, along with being a decisive adult, to have light brown hair and hazel or bluish eyes. The Lovers also comes up reversed in this incident's past. This card, in this position, could tell us about a bad choice made by someone involved, or a bad relationship, and I am leaning toward the latter. Someone who knows something, yet has not surfaced as a suspect, is the Queen of Swords, reversed. She is cruel, rather dishonest, manipulative, and threatening. She plays a role here, and has managed to stay hidden. Someone who can help is described by the King of Pentacles appearing in the near future of this case, and he is a man who has the means and intent to find Timothy. He may have a bit of leverage in some way, too, either political or practical.
In the place of doubts and fears, we find the five of pentacles reversed coming up as an obstacle. Reversed, this card means good companionship and spiritual interest, so it is interesting to find it in the place of doubts. The environment is described by the four of cups, reversed, which tells us of gratitude and new relationships. In the place of hopes, we have the four of swords, reversed, denoting that renewed activity after a lull, and possibly a new direction in efforts made to find Timothy, can yield results. Perhaps this goes hand in hand with the Queen of Swords, and no one has looked at her yet as a suspect. She is hidden, yet known. Swords symbolize air, which takes us to the East, and pentacles, as in the King of Pentacles, is earth, and points North. Northeast. The last card is the Devil, reversed. This is the final outcome, and the Devil reversed is release from bondage. The biggest problem here is hesitancy to act, and hesitancy to question EVERYONE connected to this case.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Timothy Pitzen

I did a Celtic Cross reading for Timothy Pitzen, asking the question, "Where is Timothy Pitzen?". Here is what I got in answer: The Lovers, reversed, crossed by the seven of cups. This tells me that the mother not only was unstable, but had very likely recently had some romantic hopes dashed. The seven of cups tells me that while the relationship was real enough, her expectations were not. The groundwork for this question was the six of pentacles reversed, and this also speaks to the situation of the mother. She was simply not willing to do her share of the work involved in partnership and family. Sad. As something that recently happened, I have the ace of pentacles reversed, (two reversed pentacles explaining why this happened) and it tells of a material opportunity lost in the mother's life, only this time, it affected the boy. Crowning the situation, I have the queen of wands reversed, and I honestly believe that more more of this is investigated, we will find that the mother was jealous for some reason. The card telling me the immediate reason for her actions is the five of swords, indicating a power struggle and revenge.

For the first card on the staff, we have the World, reversed, indicating that wherever he is, he is worried that he will not be found. The number of this card is 21; I sincerely hope that this does not mean that he will be 21 when found! The next card, home environment, is the nine of cups, which is a good card to have in that position. It means that his surroundings are warm and happy with all that he needs materially. This is followed by the nine of wands, reversed, in the place of Timothy's hopes, and I really think that he is impatient to go back to his home, and familiar surroundings. All of this is controlled by the knight of wands, which tells me that a male between the ages of 22 and 40 is involved, and also that Timothy may be on the move. There is nothing to indicate that he is deceased, although the World reversed does worry me. Please keep Timothy in your prayers.