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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Timmothy Pitzen Update

I had a request for an update for missing Timmothy Pitzen, who went missing in May of last year, after an impromtu road trip with his mother, who was later found deceased in a hotel room in Illinois. I will do an update, and focus on where Timmothy might be now.

In the past, we have the nine of cups reversed. This speaks of a plan that somehow went wrong. We are also given Judgement, reversed, which reminds us that there was no renewal in the past.....Timmothy was not found. The Knight of Wands is also there. His relationship to Timmothy and the situation are not clear, but he is, nonetheless, part of the picture. This would be a young, impulsive man, under the age of fortyfive.

In the present, we have the four of wands, reversed, which bears a similar message of imperfect plans, but making the best of things. As a physical place, this card would tell me of places one would use bridges to get to, is there a place near where Timmothy and his mother were last seen that might have a "four" in it's name, such as "Fourstate", "Four Corners", "Four Rivers", ect.? Or "Four Bridges"  Next, is the three of pentacles, which is a card of doing a job for wages, or of skill and craftsmanship. Following this, we have the Hermit, reversed. It appears that someone has actually put some work and effort into keeping investigators from searching in the right places to find Timmothy.

The King of Pentacles is in the future. This is an older man, who may have dark brown hair and dark eyes. He is also somehow involved. He has resources, and he may live in an agricultural area. With his involvement, things concerning Timmothy suddeny become active again, which we see with the four of swords, reversed. Upright, the four of swords speaks to dormancy, reversed, it tells of renewed activity. The final card is the six of swords, which is a card of travel. So travel will be involved. The four of swords also speaks to social unrest, and I honestly believe that the message here is that this little boy will not be found as long as no one is actively searching. Social unrest; that is the element that is needed in order to revive the search before it is too late to find him, and keeping the matter dormant is how the perpetrator has kept this child missing for over a year.