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Friday, January 6, 2017

Jake Obad Mathis and Melvin Jones

Jake Obad Mathis and Melvin Jones, two twenty year old soldiers stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, have been missing since December 19. They were last seen leaving the base in a 2013 black Camaro that belongs to Jones. Obad Mathis is AWOL, but Jones had been given leave for the holidays, so he is not AWOL yet. Someone sent me a comment, asking for a reading for them, so we will see what the cards have to say.

We start with the ten of swords, reversed, crossed by the two of pentacles, which is also read reversed, here. This already does not look good; the upside down ten of swords shows us a power play, albeit a temporary power play; and the two of pentacles, reversed, tells us about an inability to agree on something: two ideas or situations that end up at cross purposes with no compromise. Beneath this, we have the three of swords, also reversed. This hints that someone involved here has been compromised in some way by someone else, who is also involved. Looking a little bit further back, into events leading up to this, we have the ace of cups, reversed. This is a broken agreement or some plan that was suddenly changed, without the approval of both men. I already do not like this.

The Chariot, also reversed, appears in the place of possibilities. Once again, this suggests plans that have fallen through. Sometimes, this card, in reversal, means that an unethical victory was won. Next, we have what seems to be a driving force here: the ten of pentacles. This card often refers to a windfall of inherited, won, or gifted money. Somewhere along the chain of events, this type of situation became a factor.

In the place of fears, we have the six of pentacles, reversed. This is envy, bad debt, and refusal to share evenly. It is followed by the eight of swords, in the place of environment. I do not like to see this card in this position, because if describes the state of being trapped somewhere. Often, the physical area would be shallow water, in a remote area, where no one would search. The five of swords appears in the place of hopes, and this is a card of anger, violence, and revenge. Someone involved in this case had these desires. The last card is the eight of cups, reversed. It looks as if one of the young men is spending money and "celebrating" while the other is not.

It frankly looks to me as if there was an argument between these two young men over a monetary windfall, they could not decide how to share it, and one of them deliberately or accidentally killed the other. I always hope I am wrong when I see something like this, and I hope I am wrong this time, too. The directions given would be east, then west. This time, I think the distance is at least a day's travel by car, though. Below is a picture of a 2013 black Camaro, similar to the one in which Obad Mathis and Jones were last seen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Where Is Lisa Stone?

Lisa Stone, of Dallas, Texas, disappeared in June of 2010. She was last seen at her home, and then simply vanished, with no explanation. So what happened to her and where is she?

This reading begins with the Star, reversed, crossed by the two of pentacles. This is a message of finality of one matter, in the wake of the launch of another. It is also a hint that two or more people may know what happened to Lisa. We find the seven of cups beneath this, which tells us that there has been a lot of speculation, and misinformation, but the right door has not yet been knocked on. We also get the six of pentacles, reversed, in the past; informing us that there was some jealousy or some unfair advantage taken prior to Lisa's disappearance. This had to do with material possessions, money, and income. This card sometimes comes up to describe a situation in which one party decides not to enable another financially. So it appears that disenfranchisement of an "enablee" may serve as a motive. 

The Wheel of Fortune rules, at the moment, and it is upside right. The perpetrator has, so far, evaded justice. The eight of swords appears as a current description of the case, and things are at a standstill, right now. Lack of direction is the reason for this; investigators do not know how to prove any of their suspicions. If the eight of swords were to describe a place, it would be a mucky place with shallow water, where something or someone could be trapped, indefinitely. 

On the staff, we begin with the Devil, reversed. This is a good sign, because upright, the Devil speaks of bondage. This tells us that the perpetrator is worried about the eventual release of information and the emergence of the truth. The general environment is described by the two of swords, which gives us, in this case, a similar message as the eight of swords.....stalemate. Also, many decks have references to water on both the eight of swords and the two of swords; still water and no movement. The hopes of the perpetrator are described by the seven of pentacles, reversed. This is a pretty obvious idea, here. Someone does not want Lisa found. The seven of pentacles reversed gives a picture of efforts to find Lisa never reaching fruition. The last card we have, the final outcome, is the Magician. Someone, somewhere, who knows how to manage a criminal case involving a missing victim, will put the case together and solve it. It will happen as a result of expertise in technology and in detective work. 

For locations, swords often point us east, but in this case, I do not think Lisa is far away. Both of the cards that spoke to me of environment, the eight and two of swords, seemed to be suggesting no movement. The Star, also, suggests water; perhaps water being drained or poured from one source to another. I hope Lisa is found soon. I wish the reading had been more positive. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Honing In On Brian Patrick Miller

The question of how to find Brian Miller was posed to me, and he still has not been found, seen or heard from, so I will put this question to the Tarot, and see if any new ideas result.

We start with Temperance, crossed by the four of pentacles in answer to the question of how Brian can be found. So it looks like we have the beginnings of a good mixture of investigative skills suddenly shut down, via information being withheld, for some reason. Beneath this is the ten of wands, reversed, which bespeaks duplicity. But is this on the part of law enforcement or a witness? The next card is the ace of pentacles. Somehow, this seems like a lead or a tip, when it appears in relation to this question. As a location, it refers to earth, and possibly a small flower garden. 

A distinct possibility here is described by the eight of pentacles, reversed, which tells me that we are looking at an unethical use of skills somewhere in the investigation, so that helps to answer the question concerning who would withhold information. This is followed by the seven of cups, which is delusions of grandeur, or lots of discussion about unrealistic possibilities. So a definite problem exists in the investigation. 

The Knight of Pentacles appears in the place of fears. There is some perceived reason for someone to be afraid of Brian being found. In the place of environment, we have the High Priestess, reversed, which is feminine influence and superficiality. Somewhere, connected to this case, is a woman who delivers half truths and gets away with evasiveness with law enforcement. Not enough is known about her connection to Brian's case to force her to testify. Also, as a location, the seven of cups and the High Priestess would indicate water. I would say water, pillars, palm trees, and perhaps a statue. The three of cups appears as a desire, which is obviously the desire to find Brian and have a happy ending to this story. It is also another water card, but this time, it's mundane location description is, once again, of a garden; possibly at an estate or a house where lavish parties have been thrown. The last card here is the Queen of Swords, letting us know that in order to cut to the chase, a court order will be required. This Queen represents legal or judicial authority; she may be a prosecutor or a judge. It may be a good idea to write a letter to whoever oversees the agency responsible for the investigation, or for Brian's family to contact their state representative, and get the ball rolling that way. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Brian Patrick Miller

Brian Patrick Miller is a young man who has been missing since June 2 of this year from Houston, Texas. His truck was found on June 6, but no sign of Brian. Along with the information in the poster above, perhaps the cards can give us some hints.

The basis of the reading is the Queen of Wands, reversed, crossed by the eight of swords. I have not heard about a woman involved in Brian's disappearance, but this queen would be a woman in her late twenties or early thirties with a jealous, manipulative nature and a temper. She may have reddish or blond hair, or dyed or highlighted hair, but the manipulative nature is unmistakable. Somehow, her influence is a large factor in this matter. I never like to see the eight of swords in a reading for a missing person, because it is a card of being trapped, in many cases, physically. As a location, it describes water, usually a pool, pond, or lake.

Beneath this, we have the High Priestess, reversed, lending us another reference to female influence. Upright, this card simply tells us that we have not seen everything there is to see yet, but reversed, there is an element of dishonestly, particularly lying by omission. Another past influence we see is the Sun, which tells us that, prior to his disappearance, Brian perceived no serious threat to his well being. As a physical location, this card points to walled, outdoor gardens. Many decks show a child riding a horse bareback, leaving a walled garden behind. 

Another female influence appears in the reading; the Queen of Pentacles. She is practical and intelligent, and as she falls upright, (unlike the Queen of Wands) we can safely assume that she has Brian's best interests at heart. I would look for her to be a brunette. The next card, describing the very near future, is the Ace of Wands. One of the meanings of this card is the start of a new business or enterprise, and I would be inclined to investigate any new business start-ups that have taken place among Brian's close friends or acquaintances. The numeric value of this card is, of course, one, so it could also mean "one" to the south, as south is the direction of wands. I am inclined to think that a new enterprise, to which Brian possibly made some sort of a contribution, is more relevant, though.

The card describing Brian's fears is the Lovers, which could speak of either being unsure in romantic matters, or troubled about a serious choice he needed to make. Possibly both. In the place of environment, we find the Page of Wands, which is, in this case, a message or a clue given to investigators by another person. Once again, we have a reference to fire and south via the suit of wands, and a page carries a numeric value of eleven. Very often, this card is a message, and as it is upside right, a good tip or clue is likely to come in. In the place of desires, we have the Knight of Pentacles, a dark haired man who is very intent upon finding Brian. He does not always say much, and appears to be in the background, but will not give up on finding Brian. As a final outcome, we have a card that I do not like much, and that is the Magician, reversed. This speaks of an abuse of power, and does not bode well for Brian, and also shows that someone is making an effort to make things appear as they are not. 

I will keep hoping for the best, and I will try to follow this up if Brian is not found soon.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Joshua Davis

Some asked me to do a reading about a toddler named Joshua Davis, who disappeared from his home in Texas in February of 2011. No trace, no clues, and it has been almost a year and a half. I asked the Tarot what happened to Joshua and where he is.
The cards gave me the eight of swords, reversed, crossed by the Emperor as a basis. The eight of swords speaks of being trapped, often by matters relating to thought and word, rather than actual, physical imprisonment. This card is reversed here, and it seems to be telling us that someone was trapped, but is not trapped anymore. The Emperor crosses this. The Emperor is the "father" card in the deck, and he may very well represent Joshua's actual father. Sometimes the eight of swords represents being stuck or trapped in water, as a physical state, and this leads me to believe that perhaps Joshua's father rescued him from some water at some point immediately before he disappeared.

As a bit of background for this, the ace of cups, reversed, comes up. This card, when reversed, tells of deception, by way of making it look as if one is capable of great things when one is not, and it also tells of projects ruined shortly after they have been started. We also have the Magician in the background, and he is someone who actually does know what he is doing. The very best that could have been expected for Joshua is the Page of Cups, reversed, (this is the third negative reference to water, so far, in this reading) and this also augers miscarriages of everything from pregnancies to projects. Also sad, unfavorable messages and news. This is followed by Strength, which, in this case, means diplomacy and tact. Someone, quite likely the Magician, has advised the Emperor to remain diplomatic, yet not be terribly informative. This is not looking very good for young Joshua, yet it also does not look like deliberate violence. It looks like an accident involving water. Inasmuch as the Emporer is concerned, please remember that the Tarot cannot give me a name of a specific individual, so it is not possible for me to literally point fingers at anyone.

The five of pentacles is in the place of worries, and this relates directly to a fear that Joshua will, one day, be found. The place of environment give us the nine of cups, which, while being another cups/water card, is also a card of home and hearth. I do not think this little boy was ever very far from his home. And, because the nature of the nine of cups is all about home and home's comforts, it appears that family was on hand in the home at the time Joshua disappeared. In the place of hopes and fears, we have the nine of pentacles, reversed. There is some worry about finances involved in this picture, but it is possible that this is just a worry which has not materialized. As a final outcome, we have the King of Swords. His position here is interesting, because he does not match the rest of the reading, except that he ties in a bit with the reversed eight of swords. This king is often law enforcement or a lawyer or judge. As he is upside right, I really think he is interested in seeking justice for Joshua, and I also think he is concerned with whatever incident is represented by the eight of swords. More power to him.

It looks to me as if an accident involving water is responsible for this child's disappearance, and it also looks as if someone in the judicial system is still interested in getting to the truth.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Devon Davis

Just on Tuesday, two year old Devon Davis disappeared from his parents' new home in Liberty County,  Texas. He is now the subject of an Amber Alert. I find the Amber Alert curious, as I have not been able to find any description of a vehicle that may have been involved, so I did a reading. I should add, earlier, I pulled just one card, asking for some sort of direction about this matter, and it was the Empress, reversed. The Empress is the ultimate mother/wife, and reversed, she represents a woman who either has not, or cannot, master those ideals. I already do not like the direction.

For the basis, or the cross, the Queen of Swords is crossed by the King of Swords. An intelligent woman and an intelligent man together provided a home for Devon. They are both somewhat better educated that others in the area where Devon went missing, and both may have had careers before moving to Texas. This is founded by the three of swords, which represents thinking over feeling, often at the expense of things that one or more parties in a disagreement hold dear. I am going to conclude, for now, that one or both of them had misgivings about moving to Texas from Virginia, and that they had clashed over it. The next card, describing that which is moving into the past, is the eight of wands. This is a great card for infatuation, and for finding things that are fun, but it tells us of things that simply happen too fast, and of too much excitement. There was too much "good stress", along with bad, for someone involved. The five of pentacles, reversed, appears in the place of things that can happen, but have not happened yet. This can mean the return of a loved one or a friend, and I would like to hope it means the return of Devon. It can also tell us of lovers not having a place to meet. I hope that was not an issue with the move to Texas. The card of things that will happen is the ace of wands, reversed. This tells us that there will be setbacks in finding little Devon.

The card that falls in the place of Devon's feelings and the feelings of those closest to him is the five of cups, reversed. Upright, it means regret and loss, but reversed, it means hope, and once again, the return of a friend or loved one. I will take that as a good sign. I hope this is a hope fulfilled by Devon coming home unharmed. The next card, in the place of surroundings and family, is the Emporer, reversed. Like the Empress, he is the perfect parent or spouse, but reversed, he is the negative aspect; the person who has the responsibility but not the ability. Somehow, he figures into this, just like his counterpart, the reversed Empress does. The ten of wands is in the place of hopes, (in this case, I would day the Emporer's) and this means that he wants to conclude this whole matter, solved or not. In the final outcome, we have a new character, the Queen of Cups. She is intuitive, caring, and as she appears upright, kindly disposed toward Devon and very serious about finding him.

More thoughts on this reading: the reversed ace of wands in the place of things that will could refer to a key time of day, such as 1:00 in the afternoon, (wands are fire, and the Sun is also connected to fire symbolism) and it could also mean that the move from Virginia was a false start. There are also more adults with active parts in this matter than any of the reports I have read about this. I also do not see a vehicle playing a major role here. The reference to Swords in the beginning of the reading could also be telling us to look East, as that is Air's, and Swords's direction. But I think it is telling us to look at specific people who are either from an eastward direction or in an eastward direction. If Devon is not found soon, I will try to follow this up with more specific questions.

Update: This little guy was found today, March 31, in a lake. He appears to have drowned. No one knows how he got to the lake yet. Rest in peace, Devon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Psychic Tips

Recently, a psychic called the police in Texas to report that there were dozens of dismembered corpses on a certain property. Because of the heinousness of what the psychic described, the police decided to check it out. There had been a family squabble and suicide attempt at the house in the past, but nothing like the crime scene the psychic had been so sure existed. Here's a link to that story. Hollywood has given us a truly fictitious idea of how psychic talent works.

A very serious impediment to using psychic vision to find a missing person is lack of knowledge about the subject of the search, and not knowing exactly what to ask. Even the most gifted of sensitives cannot focus upon an area or a person completely unknown to him and get precise answers. And, like it or not, there are simply not that many humans on the planet with that kind of metaphysical talent at this point in history. It takes time to develop, time to learn, and even more time to learn how to interpret information. Still, kudos to the police in Texas for listening to the information that was given them, and checking on it, anyway. Had any of it been true, even the smallest amount, it would have made a big difference to the community.

A very serious problem that law enforcement has with the use of psychics is the quality of the information, even valid information, that psychics relay. I can "listen" telepathically to a crime victim who is missing, or even see what he is willing to show me through his eyes sometimes, but if all I see is a white house, or a railroad in the background, then it is of almost no use as a clue. Something that can be useful from a psychic, from time to time, can be a description of an unknown suspect. But by and large, people have not reached an evolutionary point wherein communication is efficient enough, either for the visionary or the seeker, to use that kind of information to solve a crime. A certain website encouraging people to try to remotely "see" certain things pertaining to unsolved crimes will disagree with me, but this is what I have found in over thirty years of using divination. There are, of course, execptions, and I look forward to the day when all of us can understand one another more easily.

A practical/moral problem in using divination occurs when law enforcement and others simply will not listen to what an eyewitness is trying to relate after a crime has been committed. Take the Jaycee Dugard case, for example; her stepfather, Carl Probyn, was on his bicycle, watching in horror, as eleven year old Jaycee was forced into a vehicle and kidnapped. Because a motor vehicle is obviously faster than a bicycle, the kidnappers got away. But he gave a very good account to the event, along with an excellent description of Nancy Garrido, who snatched Jaycee. Instead of listening to him, the police accused him. There was not a thing a psychic could have added to Carl Probyn's testimony; law enforcement had an obligation to listen to him, and they didn't. Why should telepathy or remote viewing replace an eyewitness account? It shouldn't. Law enforcement ALREADY had quite a bit of credible information that they completely disregarded. If I had done a reading for them, it probably would have directed them back to the testimony of Carl Probyn.

While I am discussing moral problems with psychic talents, allow me to make one more point. This has to do with wishful thinking and ego tripping. If I do not get any useful information from a reading, or I get information the seeker does not want to hear, I simply say so. The case of Shawn Hornebeck, who was kidnapped by a stranger and held hostage for four years, is an example of this. Psychics told his parents that he was dead, and even gave them messages, allegedly from Shawn, from "beyond". This in inexcusable, and I do not believe that anyone got any message concerning Shawn from anywhere, until the day the kidnapper tried to grab another child.

That said, I can tell you that divination works very well for me. But answers to questions that I can answer all by meself, no tarot cards, telepathy, or runes, do not just fall out of the sky. In fact, I don't necessarily always feel terribly "enlightened" when I "sense" soemthing. Extrasensory perception can almost be described as seeing a matter from a completely different perspective. Maybe that is what it really is.........or using highly tuned intuition to to reach a very different conclusion than most people would reach. While it just does not work the Hollywood has led the public to believe it works, I am still grateful that there are police forces in this country who will listen to any information to keep the rest of us safe.