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Monday, June 11, 2012

Christopher Enoch Abeyta

The other day, someone asked me to do a reading about Christopher Enoch Abeyta, who disappeared from his crib in Colorado in July of 1986, when he was seven months old. His family has never given up the search for him, and The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children also has issed age progressed photos of him over the years. While searches for missing children have evloved over the years, there have still been virtually no clues found in this case, and this little boy was never found. Below, there is an age progressed picture of what he may look like, as an adult.
We start with the King of Swords, who is an older man with dark hair and light eyes. He is crossed by the ace of wands. The ace of wands is an opportunity which requires a lot of energy; many times, this card betokens a birth. It crosses the King of Swords, so I think it also eludes him. Below this, we have the Knight of Cups, as an event leading up to the disappearance of this child. Sometimes, this Knight will appear as a dishonest person, but in this case, I think the Knight represents the presence of fraud. Cups are water, and water is emotions, and this particular type of fraud is one that plays upon human emotions. Anytime I see a card in the suit of cups reversed, I also expect to see dishonesty. In the past, we have the Page of Pentacles, reversed. This is someone who is constantly in conflict with others, and also someone who seeks a lifestyle for which he or she is not entitled. There are also unlawful ways of making money somehow involved with the card, and the person represented. Someone else involved, who has not been detected, is the Queen of Wands. As she falls upright, she would be favorably disposed toward Christopher. The next card is the four of wands, which is a celebration of sorts. This card almost always fortells happiness, and sometimes marriage! It is a surprise to see it here!

On the staff, in the place of fears, we have the five of wands, reversed, which is games and deception taken to unimaginable levels. Someone had gained the trust of someone responsible for Christopher, only to betray. In the place of physical environment, we have the heirophant, reversed, which tells us that Christopher ended up somewhere or with someone unconventional and untraditional. A hope on the part of a key player here, is the seven of pentacles, reversed. This is someone who does not want the hard work of Christopher's family to ever pay off, resulting in the finding of Christopher. The final outcome is the Empress, which is the card of the mother. This is somehow in the hands of a "mother" type of person. This is the person who knows where to find Christopher. There is nothing to indicate that Christopher is no longer with us........also no cards of travel or relocation. I think he may still be in Colorado, or a neighboring state.