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Thursday, July 19, 2012

What happened to Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook?

A week ago, an eight year old girl and an eleven year old girl, Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook, disappeared in Iowa. Their bicycles were found last Friday afternoon beside Lake Meyer, but no sign of the girls. Their missing persons poster is to the left, along with a phone number for anyone with information to call. Here's the reading: the beginning is the two of swords, crossed by the Fool. This looks like a planned event that needed an opportunity in order to happen. It also tells of a temporary truce in a family disagreement. Beneath this, we have the King of Swords. This is often law enforcement or a lawyer or a judge, yet here we have him cast as someone who was ALREADY INVOLVED with this family. So it is aready beginning to look like the disappearance had something to do with a pending legal decision. Drifting into the past, yet knowing something about the present, we also have the reversed Page Of Swords. This is a youngish character, who is very likely still a child, who knew something that should have been told to authorities but did not do so when the time was right. The chariot appears as the best thing that can happen here. This is not only a card of vehicles and ways to go places, but it is a card of balence. The charioteer must balence the forces of two horses that want to go two different directions if any progress is to be made. The Queen of Wands is someone who will come into the future of this investigation. She is a woman with a lot of energy and a creative thinker. She may have blond or red hair, and is impulsive. She is also determined to find Elizabeth and Lyric.

Temperance comes up as an immediate problem for the surrounding issues. When this card comes up as a "problem", it usually indicates drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Sometimes, it means lack of balence, or that componants of the situation are very delicately balenced. The tower comes up to describe the environment of the girls. From this, I can extrapolate that whoever was responsible for these girls knew better than to expose them to whoever or whatever made them disappear. The Tower tells of ruin after refusing to make appropriate changes. It is associated with imprisonment, legal losses, and bad karma. As a location, it would indicate a building in desperate need of repair, ruined by the elements. The six of wands is hoped for good news. While this may yet be possible, the ace of pentacles reversed has the final say, and this is about money. Judging from this reading, it looks as if there were corrupt people involved with this family, and one or both girls either knew something or saw something that made someone else nervous about matters judicial, and these two girls became casualties. Lets hope they are found very soon.

Afterthought: Look for someone who had or has a good chance of going to jail without moving these two girls out of the way.