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Monday, September 15, 2014

Holly Bobo Found

Holly Bobo, who disappeared in April of 2011, was finally found. Two men had already been charged in her kidnapping and death, but the motive has yet to be established. Hopefully, in addition to closure and justice, Holly's family will get some answers.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Holly Bobo

Someone asked me for a reading about Holly Bobo, who disappeared from Tennessee in April of 2011. She was reportedly last seen in some woods, near her home. I will ask what happened, and where she now.

This reading starts with the Fool, a card of great opportunity and sometimes rash risk taking, crossed by the seven of wands, a card of guarding one's possesions or home, or of keeping what one has won. So we have opportunity and possession as factors. The ten of pentacles, reversed, is at the base of this as a possible cause for Holly's disappearance, so we should look for someone who had lost an inheritance or a large amount of unearned, yet expected money over a situation involving Holly. The Knight of Cups is in the past; he is a young adult male, possibly fair complected and blond, who also plays a role in this, somehow. As he is upright, I am going to assume that he is kindly disposed toward Holly and means her no harm. As the best possible outcome, we have the Devil, reversed, which means that the very best thing for Holly is to get free. This is a hopeful may be telling us that it is POSSIBLE that she may yet come back. As something that will happen, or is happeneing now, we have the Hermit, reversed, which means that either no real searching is taking place right now, or that anyone who is searching for Holly is searching in the wrong place.

The Queen of Wands, reversed, is a jealous adult female who does not want Holly found. Her relationship to Holly and involvement in Holly's life is not clear. The five of cups, reversed, is in the enivronment, which is another message that Holly might come back. One of the archaic meanings of this card when reversed is: return of an old friend. A hope and an expectation is the eight of pentacles, which is the card of the apprentice. Holly was training to be a nurse, perhaps this is what Holly still intends to do. It may also tell us to look among Holly's classmates or workmates for clues. The final oitcome is the Lovers. Sometimes, this card can mean an important choice must be made, but here, I think that along with that, the choice was about romance.

Workmates, classmates, lovers. I will hope for the best.