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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kelly Bordeaux

Kelly Bordeaux is a Fort Bragg soldier who disappeared on April 14 of this year. The other day, someone asked me if I would do a reading about her, so here it is. In answer to the question, "what happened to Kelly Bordeaux", this is what I got. The Emperor, reversed crossed by the Queen of Swords begins the reading. The Emperor is an adult male who either has or had a responsiblity to care for children or set an example for them and shirked it. Somehow, this aspect of his character became part of the circumstances of Kelly's disappearance. The Queen of Swords is a woman whose life revolves around thinking and work, rather than homemaking and children. These are two people who are involved in what happened to Kelly. Founding this, we have Temperance. This merely tells me that Kelly had the ability to adapt well, and would fit in well wherever she was stationed. The is followed by the seven of pentacles, reversed. Some project, related to her work, had either failed or taken to long to complete. This is also, somehow, a reference to months........but I am not picking up a clear picture concerning why this is important.

There is a very strong chance that someone involved in this situation will face bankruptcy, or serious financial loss, indicated by the four of pentacles reversed in the place of things that could happen but have not......yet. Something that will happen is the six of wands, which I think, is news that actually tells us something tangible.

Another person involved here is the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. He appears in the place of fears, and he is the one most directly connected to Kelly's disappearance. He is a young man, close to Kelly's age, possibly a couple of years older. His general environment is described by the Hanged Man, which is reality and circumstances suspended. Keeping this secret has been difficult for him. In his hopes falls the Sun. This is a great card to have in a reading, as it augers success in any projects,  but here it is only a hope. The final outcome, representing the reason for his involvement in Kelly's disappearnace, is the six of pentacles, reversed. He apparently felt cheated somehow. This was related to money and material resources; possibly to a promotion or distinction in the workplace.

A possible location here would be the six of wands, which would tell us "six" to the south, as south is the direction represented by wands. Also, I think the Hanged Man carries a double meaning here. I think Kelly has been in the same place for a long time. Sadly, I do not see the ups and downs of a living person indicated by this reading, although I would love to be wrong about this. The activity outlined by the reading is all on the parts of the people involved in this crime.