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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bianca Jones

What happened to Bianca Jones, the little girl who was reported missing this past Friday, when her dad reported that he had been carjacked, and his infant daughter kidnapped in the carjacked vehicle? I did a reading, and I hope and pray that this little girl is found today.

The situation is described by Tarot as the ten of wands crossed by the four of pentacles. The ten of wands usually tells of a string of problems, or hassles, to be more accurate, finally coming to an end. The four of pentacles is the witholding of resources, usually money but sometimes other things, such as information. So we have an end of a series of hassles crossed by a withholding of something dear and important. The background of the situation is the nine of pentacles. Here, I interpret this to be a woman who provided Bianca with a stable home. But in the recent past, we have the King of Wands. This, I interpret to be the dad, as he is the last person known to have had Bianca in his care. Wands and pentacles are different suits, so the message seems pretty clear.......the maternal influence provided more stability, and the more recent paternal influence was more daring, and possibly creative and fun, but not as stable. In the place of likely outcome, I see the truth finally told with a certain amount of relief following lots of worry (the nine of swords, reversed) and in the very near future, the High Priestess appears. I think this means.....and I do hope I am right.....that the information witheld at the beginning of this reading is finally given by the appropriate person.

In the place of fears, I have the Knight of Cups, reversed. This is a young man who does not speak the truth. In the place of environment, I have the Queen of Wands, reversed. This can be a jealous feminine influence, or an actual jealous, lying woman. I will not be surprised to hear of a female accomplice, or a female accomplice after the fact, now that this card has come up. In the place of hopes, we have the ten of swords, which means destruction. It can occasionally point to death, but as it comes up in a place of hopes or fears, I think it represents the speculations and fears of the media and the public. It could also, very easily, represent what the reversed Knight of Cups is afraid we will find. The last card is the two of pentacles, which is communication. Communication continues to be a problem, as it is intercepted and blocked, somehow. This person has a facade, as well as someone covering for him.

Somehow, the High Priestess seems to be the key card in this reading. She represents mysteries and the truth, the unknown truth, coming to light. Water....Churches.....Imagination......Subconcious.......Secrecy.....Dreams......

Update after thinking about this reading: nothing about this reading includes transportation or a vehicle, or even moving physically from one place to another. It is my opinion that this child did not disappear as the result of a carjacking. The ten of wands speaks to the end of problems, and the four of pentacles speaks to payment or resources witheld. This child is somewhere close to her father's home. I hope she is found today.