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Friday, March 3, 2017

Karissa Alline Schell

Karissa Alline Schell was last seen at the home of a friend in Turlock, California on April 21 of 2011, at the age of fourteen. There was some speculation on the part of law enforcement that Karissa may have run away from home, but there is no evidence to back up that idea. Runaways are also in just as much danger as children who disappear under duress, so I have no idea why police promoted such a theory, in the first place. Someone asked me to read for her, and next month, it will have been six years since Karissa disappeared.I will start with the obvious question about Karissa's whereabouts, and see if the Tarot can shed some light on how she can be found.

We begin with the nine of wands, reversed, crossed by the Knight of Pentacles, which is also read reversed. The nine of wands in reversal speaks of impatience and obstacles. The Knight of Pentacles, when he falls reversed, often represents a man who promises to get things done, yet is very slow to deliver. See also "laziness". This dynamic, impatience with a lazy man, somehow played a role. Giving us a bit of background, we have the Page of Swords, reversed. This can represent a snitch or a young person who lies, but it also can represent unforeseen misfortunes. At this point, I am going with the latter. To describe the past, we have the three of cups, reversed. This card often refers to end of something pleasing, but it also often speaks of too much of something....often too much of something that would have been a good thing if done in moderation, such as alcohol. Knights often represent coming and going, as well as men; it appears distinctly possible that Karissa wanted a ride home from a man involved in the scenario, and it somehow did not materialize.

Among possibilities, we have the Fool. This relates to the choice made by Karissa the minute she left the home she was visiting. This choice changed everything, for her. Next, we have the High Priestess, who represents all things hidden. Another symbol on this card is water. This is the card of initiative and resistance; the idea and desire to take action; and the traction, in the form of resistance, needed by the idea in order to take form and become reality. This is the energy at work, behind the scenes.

In the place of fears, we have the Chariot. The Chariot is another card of balance, but unlike initiative v. resistance, the Chariot seeks to persuade two opposite extremes to pull together and work toward a common goal. In practical terms, this means getting two horses to pull the Chariot in one direction, rather than each going in his own direction. Someone, somewhere, is afraid to take the practical steps to bring Karissa home. Next, in the place of environment, we have the Tower, reversed. This is a card of imprisonment of sorts.....sometimes literal. It is interesting that it would turn up in the place of environment. Next, in the place of hopes, we have the Star, reversed. This is pessimism and doubt. This leads me to wonder if Karissa is still alive, and thinks that there is a threat, or a reason that she cannot go home. Perhaps Stockholm Syndrome. Jaycee Dugard's kidnapping comes to mind. The last card is the five of swords, reversed. This is the only card of violence in the reading, and it is the only card that suggests that Karissa might no longer be with us. The five of swords, either reversed or upside right, is a card of violence and revenge, and I never like to see  it in a missing person's reading. Here, it tells us that there is a chance of defeat.

I do not want to give anyone false hope, because of the statistics regarding this type of case, but it appears that there is a chance that Karissa may yet be found alive. I think that the last adult male with whom she was seen should be questioned, and that his testimony can help law enforcement construct a time line that will help shed light on this case. The water symbolism on the High Priestess's card is important. For reasons I cannot fully explain, I have not been given a direction to search. I will say this: living victims move from place to place, while deceased victims do not, adding obvious challenges to finding missing persons who are living.

Anyone who has information should call the police in Turlock, California, at 209-688-5550.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Alexis Murphy

Alexis Murphy disappeared from Northern Virginia last month. She is seventeen years old, and while her cell phone has been located, she has not. There is also a suspect in custody, in connection to her disappearance, who has been denied bond. Alexis was last seen at a gas station in Lovingston, Virginia, and after that, seems to have vanished completely. So where is she, and what happened?

We begin with the three of wands crossed by the High Priestess. The three of wands represents the gas station and the business, customers, and community. The High Priestess is mystery, and hidden matters, with a touch of feminine influence. The subconscious mind is also represented by this card, and I am convinced that a customer or patron saw Alexis there, and also saw either a person in her acquaintance, or a vehicle that is part of the scenario; yet does not realize that it was Alexis, or realize the importance of what was seen. The matter of things that are hidden appears as an obstacle, so the advice to counter that problem is obviously to keep information and contact numbers for law enforcement in prominent places at the gas station, and keep asking everyone who was in the vicinity to come forward with any detail, no matter how unimportant it might seem. There is either a reluctant witness, or a witness who does not realize that he or she is a witness, and the gas station can somehow yield more clues.

Beneath this, we have the three of pentacles. Note that we have another "three"! This is the card of the craftsman, and speaks of a man who is very good at his job. It is followed by the King of Wands, and he falls upright, so I am going to assume, for now, that he is favorably disposed toward Alexis, and trying to find her.  The card representing his best chance of doing that is the nine of pentacles, which is solitude and waiting for counsel before acting. Security, and protecting one's assets is an obstacle in effort to find Alexis.  This card could also represent a woman, who does not want to step away from her secure "comfort zone" in order to come forward with something she has seen. What follows, as something that will happen soon, is the seven of cups. This represents scattered forces as a result of invalid choices and offerings, and energies wasted on things that do not pan out. So far, a large amount of this King's energy has been wasted.

The five of pentacles, reversed, is the first card on the staff. This is someone's fear, and it is a fear of something, or someone, being returned. Next, we have the influence of a person as the environment of this matter: the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. When reversed, this knight is lazy, dishonest about financial matters, and careless and sloppy. He, too, has a connection to the three of pentacles, only he is not very good at his job. He is also a bit of a fraud. The card describing this Knight's hopes and favorite passion is Strength, reversed, which is abuse of power, and sometimes physical abuse. The last card is the Chariot, reversed, which tells us that the wills of two individuals are at odds right now about which direction to take evidence. The opposite opinions and energy forces cannot work together to move the chariot, so it stands still. On mundane levels, this card sometimes refers to vehicles which have broken down. Another possibility connected to this card is message that no one traveled very far. This is one more thing that takes us back to the gas station for clues.

The presence of two cards with values of three lead me to believe that Alexis is not far from the last place she was known to have been seen........about three miles. The pentacles point north, but the cups point west. The High Priestess also has a connection to water, as does the seven of cups. Water somehow aided the hiding of evidence, and is still obscuring the Truth. I hate to see cards like Strength, reversed, in connection to persons directly this case, the reversed Knight of Pentacles. This tells me that Alexis somehow ended up in the company of someone who either abuses his own strength, or some type of power he either has over others, or just had over her.

Hopefully, Alexis will be found soon.


Friday, June 15, 2012

The McStay Family

February 4, 2010 was the last time Joseph McStay answered his cell phone, and no one has heard from him, his wife, Summer, or either of their two little boys since. When a family member went to their home in Bonsall, California, to check on them, he found no one home, with the exceptions of hungry pets. Someone asked me to do a reading about the McStay family, and here it is.

We start with the two of wands. This card speaks to opportunities and partnerships, usually within a business context. In this case, it would be a new idea, that had not yet gotton off the ground. It is crossed by the Moon. The Moon can sometimes mean dreams, or psychic ability, and it can also mean deception. Because of the nature of the question, and of the subject of the reading, I am going to go with the latter. So we have a great new business idea that will provide new opportunity with deception hanging in the air. As a base, we have the ace of pentacles, reversed. Upright, this is a great card to appear beside new business ventures, but reversed, it can indicate greed and corruption; and perhaps, finances falling through. In the McStay's disappearance, it may be telling us of both. Following this, the King of Cups appears, reversed. There are almost always lies associated with this king when he comes into a reading reversed, so we can assume that this is a corrupt and dishonest male in his early forties or older. As a possible connection to this situation, the Queen of Swords comes up, also reversed. She is a mean woman, also with a dishonest character. Not kindly disposed to the situation. It does not look as though there will be any changes or new information in the near future, as the six of swords comes up reversed in the place of things that will happen. Upside right, this is a card of travel, but reversed, it indicates that the McStays are somehow "stuck" wherever they are.

The six of wands appears in the place of fears, and as this is the card of heraldry and formal messages, along with victory, it gives an idea that someone connected to this is afraid of sending any messages home or to the general public. In the place of environment, we have the Knight of Wands, reversed. He is usually a jealous, rather violent, threatening male, between the ages of twenty-five and forty. He is somewhere in the general vicinity of the McStays, and knows where they are. Wands also point south, as they symbolize fire, which is south. So I would look for the McStays somewhere south of where they disappeared. The number of a knight is twelve, so it is possible that they are "twelve" to the south, or "six" over the border......lets not forget the reversed six of swords that came up earlier; perhaps they cannot move themselves "six" to the east, but they would like to! In the place of hopes and fears, we have the seven of wands, reversed, which is anxiety and indecision, so somehow, these two elements are playing a huge role. As a final outcome, the Chariot appears. This is a card of balence; it occasionally fortells travel, but in order for travel to take place, balence on some level must be achieved. There are two horses drawing a chariot on this card, and one is black, the other white. The message is that they both want to go different directions, and the charioteer must get them to work together and move the same direction.

Prior to doing this reading, I had thought the McStays might not be with us any longer, and while I may have been correct, this reading really looks like a very bad business deal with some shady twists and turns, rather than death. Hopefully, they will be found, and their family can know what has happened.