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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update On Caleigh Harrison

Caleigh Harrison, who went missing from Rockport Beach, Massachusetts, this past Spring, has still not been found. I will try to do an update to the reading I did in May, when she disappeared. For the past, I drew the two of wands, the hierophant, reversed, and the two of swords. This tells us that whatever happened, more than one person was involved, a very unreliable explanation was given both for Caleugh's disapearance and for wherever Caleigh ended up, and the search is stalled now.

For the present, we have the Page of Wands, reversed, the Moon, reversed, and the Knight of Cups. The Page of Wands is often a message or information, and upside down, this would either be bad news or no information. The Moon reversed is deception and bad luck. The Knight of Cups is a young man, betwee the ages of nineteen and about thirty-five with light brown hair and blue of hazel eyes. Somehow, such a person has a role in this. Water could also play a role.

For the future, we have Temperance, lending another watery influence, but somehow balenced; the Page of Swords, reversed, and the five of wands. I do not like this.....the Page of Swords reversed is someone with information, but who will not give it in a straightforward, honest fashion, and the five of wands represents more games and lies. Wands would also point east. I keep hoping to hear that she is found alive, but the Moon reversed really worries me.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caleigh Harrison

Caleigh Harrison disappeared from Rockport Beach in Massachusetts on Friday, April 19. Her mother said she turned her back for just a minute, and never saw her daughter again. The search has been called off, and no one has found this little girl. In the past several days, Caleigh's four year old sister has spoken of a man she didn't know, and stating that he took Caleigh, but she did not mention this immediately after the incident. So we will see what the cards have to say.

We start with the seven of swords, reversed. Upright, this is a card of theft, and taking what does not belong to one, but reversed, it is quite the opposite. This crossed by Temperance. Temperance is associated with water, and we know that Caleigh disappeared at the beach. Temperance also signifies good combinations and compatibility, and as it crosses the message of good council and keeping what belongs to one, I find myself wondering if this child was truly kidnapped. The seven of wands, reversed, comes up in the background. Upright, this card would tell us that someone was either guarding a sercret or a place, and playing strategically with information, but reversed, it is telling us that the proper searches have taken place, and that the appropriate warrents have been served. The Knight of pentacles reversed is attempting to fade into the background. The search has stalled, with no results. He is also a lazy, rather dishonest male presence.

Strength appears as the best that can come from this, and I think this card is urging everyone involved not to give up just yet. This card is followed by the King of Swords. This king is often a police officer, lawyer, or judge. I am going to guess that he is law enforcement, since I see him looking at the reversed Knight of Pentacles for clues. In the place of secrets, the Knight of Swords appears. He is also law enforement, but with a more aggresive manner that the King. A serious problem that needs to be overcome is the seven of cups, (this is the third seven in this reading) and this is illusions and possible deception. Too many different ideas have been presented, and possibilities have not been efficiently narrowed down. Another problem is the Queen of Cups, reversed. This is a dishonest, twisted person who does not have Caleigh's best interest at heart. Her relationship to Caleigh is not clear, however. The last card is the eight of wands, reversed. Finding this little girl is going be be very hard, step by step, routine detective work, There will be no "miracles" per se. Two people, a male and a female, know where Caleigh is, and have not told the truth.

The seven of cups is also a bit of a description of where Caleigh is likely to be found. She has not traveled too far from the beach from which she disappeared, perhaps "seven" to the west. I strongly suspect that she is disguised, somehow. Perhaps some pictures of how she would look dressed as a boy, or with a hat covering her hair, could be circulated.