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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Search For William Tyrell

Three year old William Tyrell went missing over six months ago, so where is he, and what happened? We start out with the nine of cups, reversed, crossed by the five of swords. This is a message of revenge, in response to an imagined slight, or a "mistake" on someone's part, in some plan or process. Before this, the eight of swords, reversed, was the driving impetus. This has to do with removing one's self, or someone else, from a "trapped" position, and of gaining freedom. Somehow, these elements laid the groundwork for this child to disappear. 

An event that led up to this is illustrated by the Page of Cups, which tells us that someone involved here had just begun something new in life, and was almost ready to announce and celebrate it. I often see this card in conjunction with a birth. But......not everyone shared the celebratory mood. The next card is the ten of swords, which is clearly a card of violence, and also a card I truly do not like to see in a missing person's reading. It is followed by more bad news, the six of wands, reversed. This is a card that often shows itself reversed when an enemy, or someone with criminal intent, finds a way to gain leverage. This card's presence is why I am leaning toward William's disappearance being deliberate, and not an accident. 

The intentions of the perpetrator are shown by the four of pentacles, which is a card of the hoarder and miser. This is someone who has had setbacks, material and financial setbacks, and did not want someone close to William to enjoy new adventures or opportunities. It is also someone who does not like to share, and this time, the "feel" is that of a man in his thirties, or possibly early forties......I still say mid-thirties. It is followed by the ace of pentacles, reversed. This is public perception of the perpetrator's circumstances, and also the perpetrator's self image. The ace of pentacles reversed often refers not only to missed opportunities, but to crime, and money gotten through illicit means. A strong fear comes up as Judgment, reversed, which tells us that separation was, somehow, a motive for this crime. Sometimes, this card speaks to a fear of death, but as William is only three, I think this fear is on the part of the grownups. The last card is the six of swords, which is travel, often over water. While I see a lot of violence in this reading, and I see two cards that are often connected to murder, the ten of swords and reversed Judgment, and the reversed six of wands is almost always unfavorable news.......the six of swords is still a card of voyages. Maybe William can still be rescued. Swords point us east, and pentacles point us north. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Daniel James O'Keefe

Daniel James O'Keefe went missing in Australia on July 15 of 2011. To the left are four pictures of how he looked at different times during his adult life. I was asked to do a reading for him, so I will see what I can find out. Asking "What happened to James and where is he?", I got this: the Hierophant crossed by the six of swords...this speaks of a person or situation involving unorthodox lifestyles and actions, and the six of swords here is merely a long journey. The message is that there was generally an aura of unorthodoxy involved in this young man's life. He was not one to bow to tradition, and occasionally too chances and risks that others would not have taken. Beneath this, we have the two of wands, which is the planning stage of his last undertaking. While he may have been alone when he disappeared, there was somehow room for at least one more person.

Behind this, we get the three of pentacles, reversed. This is a bad card to see if the question is about craftsmanship, and I am surprised to see it here, since the reading is not about how James earned a living. is immediately followed by the eight of pentacles, reversed, another "tradesman" card! That card is the card of the apprentice, and when it falls reversed, it tells of someone who is unskilled or untalented at the lower levels of the chosen field. So this aspect very obviously plays a role. The next card we have is the Sun, reversed. I think that is a message of a voided contract in connection to matters professional in James's life....and perhaps some anger as a result! It can also mean a voided engagement, but the message so far has been about business, rather than romance.

The moon, reversed, falls in the place of fears. This is deception and bad timing. It is followed by the Chariot, reversed, in the place of environment. This has to do with a collapse of a project, often due to polar opposites unable to meet in the middle and work together. That card is reiterated by the two of pentacles, reversed, which tells of inability to manage two situations at once.....but sometimes this card refers to communication, such as cell phones or emails. I think authorities need to take a closer look at each and every phone number that appears in James's cell phone logs immeidately prior to his disappearance, and at the senders and recipients of all emails going to and from his email addresses.

The reading ends with the nine of cups. This is a card of material well-being. I must wonder if there were any insurance policies out on James......Look to someone who has a comfortable amount of security and resources for answers.