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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Robert William Fisher

On April 10 of 2001, and man named Robert William Fisher shot his wife and two children in Scottsdale, Arizona. In what appeared to be an attempt to conceal the murders, he then blew up and burned down their home. No one has had contact with him since the day before this happened. Someone told me about the case, and asked me to see of the Tarot could shed any light on this, so I will see what the cards tell me. This is a horoscope layout, and I asked where and how he was hiding.

The first house, of physical appearance and ego, gives us the two of pentacles, reversed. This is usually a card of pretending to be happy, but in this case, I might see not only pretenses of happiness, but pretenses of being someone else! In line with "pretending", Fisher has changed his appearance. The second house, of money and possessions, has a simple message for us. The seven of pentacles appears reversed. This simply means that Fisher turned his back on every resource for which he had worked up until the murders were committed, and did not look back. In order to successfully run and hide, he incurred a financial loss. Next, in the third house, of written communication, relatives, and short journeys, we have the four of swords, reversed. This shows a bit of unrest surrounding Fisher and his family; he has had communication recently with someone from his past. Hopefully, his former connections and his family will not enable him.

In the place of physical home environment, the fourth house, we have the six of swords. This puts him on the move, quite frequently. Another possibility, with this card, is that Fisher is looking for legal representation. Moving along to the fifth house, which is the house of love affairs and amusement, we see the five of wands. Fisher romances without sincerity; strings people along, not only in romantic relationships but in all relationships; and plays a lot of mental and emotional games in order to keep from being found out. In the sixth house, the house of health, work relationships, and day to day mundane matters, we have the Queen of Cups, reversed. Here, we have a woman who has a lot of unanswered questions about Fisher, and is not happy, either with him, or with the information he has given her about himself.

The seventh house of partnerships, marriage and other types, yields Justice. This speaks of balance in a broad sense, but specifically, in Fisher's case, I think it refers to divorce. We know that he had marital problems prior to the murder of his spouse in 2001, but here we see court involvement in a partnership, yet again. He has apparently hidden himself and become involved with others. In the eighth house, of joint finances, debts, and transitions, we meet the King of Swords. This could mean one of two things: either Fisher has new problems that must be sorted out in civil court and others are demanding to know more about his past, or law enforcement will find him because of his old problems. The King of Swords is often a police officer, lawyer, or judge.When such a person shows up in the eighth house, this often means that the law will become involved in the subject's life. This idea is reinforced in the ninth house, of long journeys, the "establishment", and law: we have the seven of wands, reversed. When the seven of wands falls upside right, that tells of a home or property that is well guarded, but here we find it reversed, telling us that Fisher will have his guard down at an inopportune moment one day, and he will get caught.

The tenth house, showing career, ambition, and social status, gives us the ace of swords. Fisher has tried to start a new career, doing something different. Expect him to be forceful and aggressive, and to have somehow convinced others that he has a degree he does not really have. He also may have another child. The Knight of Wands, reversed, comes up in the eleventh house, of hopes and wishes, social life, and friends. This gives us a glimpse of Fisher's behavior and his physical appearance: he does not play nicely with others and has a reputation for discord, and while in hiding, he is still generally seen as blondish and fair. Coming and going, and temporary relationships are the hallmark of the reversed Knight of Wands, and Fisher tries not to stay in one place too long. The last card, in the twelfth house of self undoing and secret enemies, we see the two of cups. A relationship, probably romantic, will be Fisher's undoing. It happens largely as a result of information he has given about himself that cannot be verified.

The presence of cards from the suit of wands, especially describing travel, environment, and Fisher's aspect, suggest that he may have either moved to the south of where he lived in 2001, or like to spend time to the south. The six of swords often indicates international travel, and that turned up in the place of home environment. Still, I do not think he has put down any permanent new roots anywhere, as of yet. It is only a matter of time before he is found.

Monday, January 21, 2013

McKayla Dawn McCormick.

McKayla Dawn McCormick , fifteen, has been missing from her home in Ahwatukee, Arizona, since January 9. Her case has, thus far, been investigated as a runaway case, and she is listed as "endangered missing". I will see what the Tarot has to say about her case. This reading begins with the ace of wands, crossed by the Star. McKayla may very well have left home on her own accord. The ace of wands is a new adventure of some sort, sometimes this card tells of a pregnancy.....but it is too soon in the reading to jump to conclusions. The Star is creativity and brilliance, but in this case, not yet materialized. Found this, we have the six of pentacles, which is a gift or an offer. McKayla was offered "something", which she clearly regarded as an opportunity that she could not get while staying where she was. Unfortunately, this card is followed by the Moon, reversed, which I do not like to see in a reading such as this. Reversed and in the recent past, the Moon speaks of deception and bad luck. I will keep my fingers crossed for McKayla. The best that may come out of this situation is the ten of cups, which means family, celebrations, and homecomings, so I will take that card as an encouragement. The next card, something that will happen in the near future, is Judgement. I do believe McKayla will be found. I also think the situation will be put right.

The King of Wands comes up in the place of fears. As he falls upright, I will assume that he has McKayla's best interests at heart. He is an older, married, family oriented man who is currently seeking to find McKayla. Possibly her father? He is followed by the nine of cups, reversed, which speaks of overkill in matters mundane......too much food....too much shelter.....too much protection, ect. It also signifies minor imperfections, but no family is perfect. The card that falls in the place of hopes and fears is the eight of pentacles, reversed. This is the card of the professional and of the apprentice, describing skill in a task. I interpret this card's appearance here to mean that there is a fear among those close to McKayla that someone officially investigating her disappearance is a bit of a dilettante, and unable to do the job of finding her. The last card in this reading is the Chariot, reversed, telling us that in order to find McKayla, law enforcement will have to balence two different parties of witnesses without blaming or pointing fingers at any of them, until all is said and done. Many of the cards (cups and water symbolism) point west, and a couple point north. Somehow, this time, not only should those physical directions be considered, but also the fact that this child thought she had found a way to follow her heart with her feet still safely on the ground, only to find herself in grave danger.

Anyone with information about McKayla Mccormick should contact Phoenix Arizona police, or call 1-800-THE-LOST.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Gabriel

  Sometime between December 26 and December 30 of 2009, a baby boy named Gabriel Johnson disappeared in Phoenix, Arizona. He was last seen with his mother. His mother is suspected in the disappearance, but police still have no clues. Someone wanted the Tarot to answer some questions about this baby and what happened to him, so I will see what a reading tells me. It starts with the Queen of Wands, reversed. She is a rather jealous, ill-tempered adult female, directly involved in Gabriel's disappearance. She is crossed by the Knight of pentacles. This is a young, adult male who is not as quick tempered, and is also involved in the baby's disappearance, but is not as violent or as ill-willed as the queen, and has yet to decide what he is going to do. Beneath these two individuals, we have the three of wands, reversed. This card tells us that something that began as a promising adventure went bad, somehow. It is immediately followed by the two of wands, reversed, relating back to the reversed Queen of Wands and to the pursuit that went bad. This card indicates joint efforts...not always lasting partnerships, but things or efforts that involve two people. As it is reversed, I would say these two people are now at odds.

Crowning this, we have the three of pentacles, which is the card of the apprentice. This is an opportunity for advancement or employment that the queen or the knight wanted but did not get. The next card, representing what has happened or will happen, is Death. While Death may not be telling us about a physical death, (although I do think Gabriel will not be found alive) he is telling us that the lifestyle of everyone involved in this situation is about to change. A lot. The five of pentacles appears in the place of fears. This is a fear of Gabriel being found. In the place of environment, we have Justice. As Justice falls upright, I think someone investigating this may have honed in on a clue, as unlikely as it seems. The ace of wands falls in the place of hopes, which is the hope of finding Gabriel. The Page of Cups ends the reading. This page often brings news of a birth, and as it follows the ace of wands, it is entirely possible that another pregnancy is part of this picture.

There is a lot of fire symbolism here, and a lot of "enterprise" and "craftsman" symbolism, too. As if a baby was part of a business. Sadly, I do not see Gabriel turning up alive, but I do see justice. The Queen of Wands is the responsible party, the Knight of Pentacles was close to the situation but was not directly responsible.

I wish some of these cases would have happier endings, and I hope that Gabriel is found alive and safe, even though the "feel" I got was that he died in a moment of rage and confusion at the hands of the angry Queen of Wands.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ava Enlow Found!

Yes! It's really true! Ava Enlow, of this reading, was found today! Her dad was arrested in Mexico, and she is en route back to Arizona, to her mom. The dad's mother was also on Nancy Grace tonight, stating that she knew her son was in Mexico, after stating a month ago, on the same show, that she did NOT know where her son was, and begging the general public for a lawyer for him! She should really just shut up. Since this is now a criminal case, not just a family law court case, he will be appointed a public defender if he cannot afford representation. There are certainly enough innocent people out there who need legal assistance and can't afford it; why should her son, who knowingly committed a terrible crime get a break? She's got a lot of nerve!

I am so happy to post that Ava is no longer missing.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Happened To Ava Enlow

Recently, a story aired on Nancy Grace about a two year old girl named Ava Enlow. The mother, Athena Manuma, dropped Ava off for a couple of days with the father, Brent Anderson. When she came to pick her daughter up, the whole house had been vacated; in fact, it had been foreclosed upon. Brent had not given Athena any indication of any of this before disappearing with their child. Police in Arizona are now looking for both the father and daughter.

This readin begins with the five of wands, crossed by the seven of pentacles. The five of wands indicates games, trickery, and half-truths. The seven indicates a planned and worked-for harvest. This tells me that this event was planned. The Knight of Pentacles is in the background, and in this case, I think this knight represents slow but steady progress toward a goal....the goal in this case being the custodial kidnapping of Ava.

In recent recent events, we have the King of Swords. This is a man involved with law enforcement or the application of law, and as he appears upright, I will assume that he has Ava's best interests at heart. His role in this matter is to undo the trickery with which the reading begins. The best that can come of all this is the Emporer, reversed, and he is a weak and unsatisfactory father figure. This almost speaks for itself, but I will spell it out: the very best thing that can happen is the apprehension of Ava's father. The nine of pentacles is in the near future, and I think there is a good chance that Ava will be found and returned home.

The six of cups describes the mental state of the man who took Ava. He has not considered the fact that Ava will grow up, and is only seeing her as an infant, and as a bargaining chip to use against Ava's mother. Their surroundings are the eight of wands, which is a journey through impossible odds. Also, as cups often symbolize West and wands are South, it's possible that Ava is "eight" to the south, or southwest. Ava's father is already afraid that this whole venture will not work out, as illustrated by the Wheel of Fortune reversed in the place of his fears, and the reading ends with the Fool. The Fool is a card of opportunities for everyone involved, and in this case, I think he is telling us that Ava's dad makes a silly mistake somewhere along the line and gets caught. I hope Ava is found safe.