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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where Are The Fandel Children?

Amy and Scott Fandel, a brother and sister in Alaska, disappeared on from their home on September 5, 1978. He was thirteen years old, she was eight. They had been left home alone for the evening, and were not reported missing until the following day. Their case has not been resolved, so lets see if the Tarot can give us any answers.

This reading starts with the eight of wands, reversed, crossed by the Queen of Wands. This appears to be jealousy, aimed at this queen, almost as if harming the children were a means of expressing anger toward the Queen of Wands. Beneath this, we have the five of swords, reversed, supporting this. It is a suggestion that someone incurred a loss, of sorts, to the Queen of Wands, and exacted revenge upon her. We also have the two of cups, reversed, in the background, telling us that the loss involved either a friendship or a romantic partnership.

Crowning all of this is the Empress, reversed. She suggests that the children should not have been left alone. Following this, we have the six of swords, showing travel, possibly across water or across a border between different states.

The children were not taken by a sole abductor, as the three of wands appears in the place of "self" on the staff. The three of wands indicates a cooperative effort between different individuals. The next card, in the place of opinions of others, is Justice. This tells us that whoever took Amy and Scott felt perfectly justified in doing so. Next, we have the Fool, in the place of hopes. This is clearly a hope of moving forward without getting caught or discovered. Last, we have the two of swords, reversed. When the two of swords falls upside right, we see stalemated situations, but when it falls reversed, the message is quite the opposite: some time in the future, we will see movement in this case, but it will be unusual and almost appear to be the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The only card suggesting death or violence is the five of swords; this worries me; still, I do not see death in this reading.....that is not to say it hasn't occurred, though. The direction we see here is south......and combined with the six of swords, it is at least a couple days journey to the south. This whole crime appears to have been dreamed up and mostly executed by a woman, as there is a lot of feminine energy in this reading, lent by the Queen of Wands and the Empress. What I do not see are efforts on the part of law enforcement to find the children, or the results of such efforts.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Samantha Koenig Found

Samantha Koenig was found yesterday. She was found in a lake in Anchorage, Alaska. The cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tarot Reading For Samantha Koenig

Samantha Koenig, eighteen, of Alaska was last seen on February 1. Surveillance from her job at a coffee shop shows her exiting the building with a male stranger, and beyond that, no one knows her whereabouts. Her missing persons poster and picture are posted below, and I will see what I can find out from the Tarot. Here is the most recent report.

The reading starts with the eight of swords, reversed, crossed by the five of swords. Already, this does not look encouraging. The eight of swords is a card of either being or feeling trapped. Reversed, it is the opposite, becoming "untrapped", or disentangled. But in Samantha's case, it is crossed by the five of swords, a card of revenge and violence, so it looks like she did not want to remain "trapped", or captive, fought, and lost. The five of swords is someone inflicting violence at her. This ios founded by the four of pentacles, which tells us she was holding onto something material, either money or a resource. In the very recent past, we have the Magician, who is a man who knows what he is doing and in this case, how to get what he wants from Samantha. The next card, crowning this matter, gives me some hope that Samantha might yet be found alive. It is the four of cups, reversed, and it means that Samantha should be looking for any oppotunity she can to contact her family. In Taoism, four is a number that represents family, and so far, two "fours" have come up in this reading. I think the four of pentacles and the reserve it represents was Samantha protecting either someone in her family, or someone she regards as family. The four of cups represents the best thing that can happen today, which is Samantha reuniting with her family. Next, we have the King of cups, who is soon to enter the situation. He is an older man who is kindly disposed toward Samantha and will try to find her.

In the place of fears we have the seven of cups, which is a vivid imagination, but not much reality. Someone connected to this has some unrealistic expectations about this. For environment, the ten of swords appears, which worries me a bit. The ten of swords sometimes indicates violence, and always indicates an end to something.......generally not a pleasant end. The Star is reversed in the place of hopes, which shows a lot of pessimism on the part of someone who knows where to find Samantha. This, too, worries me. The reading ends with the four of swords.......the third "four" in this reading. This four is a card of rest, and I hope Samantha can be found after the dust from her disappearance settles.