Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mollie Tibbets

Mollie Tibbets, age 20, was last seen on July 18, jogging in Brooklyn, Iowa, where she lived. She was reportedly staying at the home of her boyfriend, feeding his dogs while he was out of town. Since then, there has been no trace of her. So where is she and what happened? We will see if the Tarot can shed any light. I did a horoscope spread, here, because while it can often give diffused or non-specific information, it can also give more information.

We have the Magician in the first house, of the case, itself. This tells us that law enforcement has someone who knows how to manage a case such as this already hard at work. It also shows a certain amount of deliberate action behind Mollie's disappearance.....someone made her disappear for a reason. In the second house, not only of money and financial prospects, but also of things that are important to us, we have the Wheel of Fortune. This shows that there was something to be gained, or something to be protected. I believe it illustrates the reason Mollie is missing, but we will continue, and return to this card later. The third house, of short journeys, communication, brothers and sisters, and of memory, gives us Justice, reversed. This almost screams legal complications; it is beginning to look as if Mollie saw something or became aware of something that could have compromised another person or persons.

The fourth house, of environment, shows the Queen of Pentacles. This is a woman who is intelligent, generous, and hard working. This is the first reference to Mollie, herself, so far. Her generosity was problematic, and somehow became part of the picture in her missing persons case. The fifth house yields the two of cups. The fifth house governs love affairs, pleasure, and amusement and the two of cups speaks of romantic and business partnerships. These two elements; fifth house and partnerships, are key, here. The person who can tell us where to find Mollie is someone she knows, and she trusted that person. The sixth house of everyday things and inconveniences gives us the Hierophant, the card of tradition and conformity. So far, the message is that the relationship between Mollie and the person who took her was somehow not suspect, and appeared to have the approval of societal conventions, and Mollie felt safe.

In the seventh house of partners, agreements, and the public, we are shown the ace of wands. The ace of wands is a new idea or undertaking, and the seventh house is all about agreements. Once again, the message is that Mollie agreed, thinking she was safe, even if the ace of wands provided a new experience in unfamiliar territory.....either literal or figurative. Then, in the eighth house, we see the High Priestess, which is about secrecy. The eight house is the house of joint finances and debt arising from joint finances, and sometimes of death. Seeing a card of mystery and secrecy here is a bit disconcerting. This card, and the Hierophant are also the cards that speak the most strongly of location, so far. Churches, and female saints could be clues. Another reference of the High Priestess is water; water that is deep enough to hide something.

We have the ace of cups in the ninth house, of long journeys, beliefs, and law. This is another water card, and I am beginning to wonder if water is part of the entire picture. A water card in a house that symbolizes the law could be telling us that water has been used to hide evidence from the law. A longer journey was considered, but I do not think it happened. The tenth house, of social status and career, shows the three of wands. The three of wands is another "partnership" card, but this card often refers to partnerships involving more than two people, and partnerships that center on commerce or cooperation in everyday efforts. This is a suggestion that more than one person knows where to find Mollie. It tells of accomplices, and possibly, of at least one accessory after the fact. It would also be a good idea to check the workplace or job sites of any of Mollie's friends who had immediate contact with her prior to the disappearance.

We have the Knight of Cups in the eleventh house, of friends and social connection. This is a young man with light brown hair and hazel or blueish eyes. He is a "romantic", and as he is upside right, I will assume that he is friend, not foe. Knights often have important information, and this knight is no exception. He represents a tip that helps to solve this case. The twelfth house, of endings, secrets, and self destruction, gives us the six of pentacles, reversed. This is the "you get what you pay for" card, only it is reversed. In reversal, this card often tells of unpaid debts, bad credit, and sometimes, embezzling and fraud. I hate to see it in this position, because it may mean that someone with bad intentions will try to collect reward money.

The only cards pointing to a possible death are water cards; however, there are several cards that indicate bad intentions: Justice reversed, the three of wands, and the six of pentacles, reversed. Two weeks, going on three weeks, is also a along time for anyone to be missing. The High Priestess in the eighth house concerns me; it shows that an effort has been made to hide Mollie, and to hide the reason she disappeared. I do think she will be found, and I see the person responsible for her disappearance attempting to flee....another inference of the three of wands. He....yes, "he" will try to be casual about it, though. I truly hope she can be found safe, and I will keep her in my thoughts.

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