Saturday, December 12, 2015

What Happened To Jeremy Coots?

Four year old Jeremy Coots wandered away from his babysitter's home in Atchison, Kansas,in 1977. After no one was able to find him, it was presumed that he fell into the Missouri River. He is presumed dead, but he has never been found. Perhaps the Tarot can shed some light.

We begin with the Knight of Cups, crossed by the eight of cups. This is a happy young man, on a mission of friendship or even love, but as the eight of cups suggests, he suddenly abandoned this activity for some reason. I do not believe he is Jeremy; but I do think he is someone with whom Jeremy may have crossed paths that day. Beneath this, we find the King of Swords, reversed. This time, I do not think the king's presence refers to another person, but to a situation, this situation being fear. This king often represents law enforcement, or law in general; and here, I think he is telling us about fear of the same, or fear of lawsuits. Somehow, that veneer colors this situation.

The four of pentacles follows this, heralding obstacles and setbacks in financial matters. Once more, this is in relation to the Knight of Cups, rather than Jeremy. Crowning it, we have the nine of cups, reversed. It tells of mistakes, possibly too much drinking. Then we have the nine of wands. A waiting game was played by someone, followed up by deliberate but discreet defensiveness.

In the place of fears, we have the nine of swords, reversed. This is a fear of not only a lawsuit, but of prison. The general environment gives us the Queen of Pentacles, reversed. This is a female presence, and as she falls reversed, her contribution to Jeremy's disappearance was a negative one. The sun comes up, reversed, in the place of hopes. This is a hope on someone's part that this whole matter stays clouded. The last card is the five of cups. This is a sad card to see in this position; it foretells recovery, but it is still a card of loss. The five of cups is also symbolic of water, often of shallow rivers or creeks. The Queen of Pentacles is associated with earth, however. The Knight of Cups, in fact all knights, often symbolize matters coming or going in the Tarot. On mundane levels, knights are sometimes people traveling or people driving. My first thought when I saw the basis, with the knight crossed by the eight of cups, was that Jeremy had wandered away and gotten hit by a car. If not, a car was definitely involved, somehow. Water is also involved. The wands point us south, perhaps nine miles, as tentatively suggested by the nine of wands. I would also look for evidence outside, as suggested by the Sun. I always hope to find that I am wrong when the interpretation of a reading comes to me this way. I hope Jeremy Coots is found soon.


  1. I am Jeremy's mother and this is very disrespectful to Jeremy’s memory, me, my family, and friends. What made you think you have a right to do this without consulting his family members!?! I would like you to remove this. The K.B.I. and Atchison Sheriff’s Dept. have an active case on Jeremy and I will contact them if you do not remove this. They may want to question you as to why you chose his case in the first place. Actually I think I will contact the lead detective at Atchison County Sheriff’s Dept. now!

    1. Jeremy's memory? His case was never solved! My post is NOT disrespectful to anyone except the perpetrator, but your comment IS disrespectful to the First Amendment of American's Constitution, which brings me to the reason why I actually do have a right to publish this. The First Amendment does not seem to be widely understood in Kansas, at all. And as Jeremy's case was never solved, OF COURSE law enforcement has an active case! You can complain to them if you so desire, but the first people who are looked at as possible suspects in such cases are those close to the victim, not random people who share information and photos of missing persons. As for why I chose this case, it was probably a reader's question. Otherwise, I never would have heard about it, as I did not live anywhere near Kansas in 1977.


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