Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why Won't Anyone Come Forward For Kyron Horman?

So why won't anyone who knows either what happened to Kyron Horman, or knows what may
have happened to Kyron Horman, come forward and testify? Because he has been missing
for five years, I decided to publish a reading on this question.

We start with a basis of the Empress, crossed by the six of pentacles, which is read
reversed in this case. The message is already quite clear: the Empress is the mother,
and the six of pentacles, reversed, says, "I want something I haven't gotten from you!" We have a
witness whose demands, either monetary or legal, have not, apparently, been met by 
Kyron's family! Almost extortion.

The past in this case involves the ten of swords, which can be violence, or simply a
final ending. Along with this is the four of swords, reversed, which is a return to action,
after a period of dormancy. That is an interesting description of the past: a rather jarring
end, and yet a return to everyday also tells us that there has been some 
recent, if not publicly shared, activity in the case. The very best thing that can happen
here is represented by the ace of cups, which is a wonderful card for this position. It
means the renewal of hope, followed by the desires of the heart becoming reality. We
can only hope and pray. This is followed by the Wheel of Fortune, which is a great
thing happening, but as a surprise, and almost completely by chance. It seems, here,
that it is related to written and spoken words, information, and to a young person.

The Queen of Wands comes up in the place of self image here; this is a woman, 
and her perspective of herself. She is someone who can help locate Kyron; she 
sees herself as a protector of sorts. The card describing her environs is the four 
of wands, reversed. This tells a story of family life, and changing situations, and
also a certain amount of clouded happiness and denial about the same. It is hard 
to relate that to testimony about Kyron, however! The eight of cups appears to describe
this person's regrets, and this card appears when someone either works for something
and decides against it, in the end, or gets what he wants, yet is disappointed by it.
The last card is the King of Wands, who is usually a family man, and is usually
married. While the queen appears in the place of imaginations of sorts, the king is
part of reality, making him one of the factors to which any witnesses react. The 
Empress and the King of Wands....the two people who want Kyron home the most.

Sadly, it appears, from the beginning of the reading, that witnesses have held out
over compensation of some sort. Vicious.


  1. I just lost my comment about Kyron. Perhaps the baby Kiara is the battleground. I wanted to request a reading for Dr. Teresa Sievers. I have included a short news clip which has a good photo of her. Thank you in advance.

    1. Here is the reading I did; I hope they are able to start moving faster on this case.

  2. I forgot the news clip, I was so focused on rewriting my comment. Here it is.

  3. Today would have been Kyron's 13th birthday. His mom organized another big search for him this past weekend. Thanks again for keeping his name active. Here is a clip.

    1. I saw that. I wish I could have been there to help.

    2. As one of the many supporters for Kyron and his family, I haven't read anything stating the authorities believe he's deceased. I cringe at the thought. Five years and they still can't find him. In your readings is there any sign he could maybe be on the move? I pray that he is found alive.

    3. Yes; in fact, I have done quite a few readings for Kyron, and I have yet to find anything indicating that he is deceased. Still, at this point, I would very much call it a life stolen, either way, though. I wish one of the witnesses after the fact would come forward with information.

    4. Looks like the ex-stepmother has finally decided to speak out and give an interview. Is Kyron safe somewhere?

    5. I thought this deserved an individual reading, so I did one. Here it is:

  4. Could you possibly do a reading for relisha rudd ? Or an updated reading for her ? Thank you.

    1. Sure. Is there a particular question, or are you asking about the overall progress, or lack thereof, in the investigation?


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