Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Brian Patrick Miller

Brian Patrick Miller is a young man who has been missing since June 2 of this year from Houston, Texas. His truck was found on June 6, but no sign of Brian. Along with the information in the poster above, perhaps the cards can give us some hints.

The basis of the reading is the Queen of Wands, reversed, crossed by the eight of swords. I have not heard about a woman involved in Brian's disappearance, but this queen would be a woman in her late twenties or early thirties with a jealous, manipulative nature and a temper. She may have reddish or blond hair, or dyed or highlighted hair, but the manipulative nature is unmistakable. Somehow, her influence is a large factor in this matter. I never like to see the eight of swords in a reading for a missing person, because it is a card of being trapped, in many cases, physically. As a location, it describes water, usually a pool, pond, or lake.

Beneath this, we have the High Priestess, reversed, lending us another reference to female influence. Upright, this card simply tells us that we have not seen everything there is to see yet, but reversed, there is an element of dishonestly, particularly lying by omission. Another past influence we see is the Sun, which tells us that, prior to his disappearance, Brian perceived no serious threat to his well being. As a physical location, this card points to walled, outdoor gardens. Many decks show a child riding a horse bareback, leaving a walled garden behind. 

Another female influence appears in the reading; the Queen of Pentacles. She is practical and intelligent, and as she falls upright, (unlike the Queen of Wands) we can safely assume that she has Brian's best interests at heart. I would look for her to be a brunette. The next card, describing the very near future, is the Ace of Wands. One of the meanings of this card is the start of a new business or enterprise, and I would be inclined to investigate any new business start-ups that have taken place among Brian's close friends or acquaintances. The numeric value of this card is, of course, one, so it could also mean "one" to the south, as south is the direction of wands. I am inclined to think that a new enterprise, to which Brian possibly made some sort of a contribution, is more relevant, though.

The card describing Brian's fears is the Lovers, which could speak of either being unsure in romantic matters, or troubled about a serious choice he needed to make. Possibly both. In the place of environment, we find the Page of Wands, which is, in this case, a message or a clue given to investigators by another person. Once again, we have a reference to fire and south via the suit of wands, and a page carries a numeric value of eleven. Very often, this card is a message, and as it is upside right, a good tip or clue is likely to come in. In the place of desires, we have the Knight of Pentacles, a dark haired man who is very intent upon finding Brian. He does not always say much, and appears to be in the background, but will not give up on finding Brian. As a final outcome, we have a card that I do not like much, and that is the Magician, reversed. This speaks of an abuse of power, and does not bode well for Brian, and also shows that someone is making an effort to make things appear as they are not. 

I will keep hoping for the best, and I will try to follow this up if Brian is not found soon.


  1. Thank you, Juli. Do you feel the Knight of Pentacles has Brian's best interest at heart? Or wants to find him for some other reason. There have been a ton of pentacles in readings I have done about this, as well as wands. There are reasons for us to believe there is water involved, and deception and misdirection. We do not live in Houston, but were there for a few weeks just recently. We are trying to connect with him to encourage him to reveal himself and come close to us. To help us find him. We are worried for his safety. I believe he was more trusting of certain people than he should have been, and may have been taken advantage of, duped, used, and then hurt. Our parents past away when we were younger, and I know they will be watching over him, but I need to find my little brother. What is a good question to ask for this? "How can we reveal Brian's location?" I would love to email with you about using tarot for recovering missing persons....I have been reading your blog nonstop and I am awed at your readings.

    1. The Knight of Pentacles is interested in finding Brian, for good or for ill. I do not think he means Brian any harm, but I think he may have more than one reason for wanting to find Brian. My email is solarspectrumarc@gmail.com, I thought it was in my profile, but I'll double check.

  2. Hi Juli, thank you so much for this reading! It is helpful to feel like we are getting *somewhere* in the search for Brian. The question we are all asking the most is "How can we find Brian?" or even "What should we do to increase our chances of finding Brian?" LE is doing what they can, but without Brian it is hard to move forward with anything. I fear he is in danger and I need to find him. Some guidance would help a lot. I admire your work (I've read your whole blog), as well as your clear desire and passion to help people going through this. It is incredibly confusing and painful. I know finding Brian won't give us all the answers, but it can help lead the detective to more. Please if you are able can you read for Brian again? Thank you.

    1. Okay. I was thinking about him tonight for some reason...perhaps when you sent me your comment! Finding Brian may give you more answers than you think, and I will try tomorrow or the next day with a different perspective on this.


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