Friday, June 28, 2013

Dylan Redwine Found

Dylan Redwine was found earlier this week. His remains were discovered about ten miles to the northwest of Vallecito. A cause of death has not yet been determined. I feel so sad for Dylan's mom and brother.



  1. Skylar Neese was found murdered back in January and her best friends murdered her, she was found on a private road on one of murders family road. You picked up that she would be found near a field or trees. Your amazing at what you do!! Keep it up please.

  2. Juli i have no idea how to ask any request for you to check
    but i asked almost 6 months ago for a reading.. would it be possible for you to make a reading? please

    Hi Juli, i was wondering if you could try a reading about a murder that happened in Canada
    it has been in cold case a very long time and i have no idea why the police does very little on this case

    there is this for information
    and also here

    it is very weird as the police focused only at one person and waiting he shows up and not trying anything
    are they trying to hide facts no one knows as this seem to be very much weird…

    1. I will see what the cards can tell me about it. Is that the only link you have for this?


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