Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April Jones

April Jones, of Wales, reportedly was last seen on October 1 of this year when she was seen getting into a vehicle near her home. She is five years old. Someone asked me to see what the Tarot has to say about her case, so I will do a reading.

This reading begins with the three of swords crossed by the five of cups. The three of swords usually appears when there are family arguements and heated disagreements, often custody battles. The five of cups following this card usually means regret, and sometimes the payment of child support, but with disappointment involved. I am not saying that these elements are directly in April's life, but somehow, there is either a direct or indirect influence of these things in the perpetrator's motive. Founding this is the three of wands, reversed. This picture also involves treachery disguised as help. Could the perpetrator have participated in a search? Behind this, we have the Moon, reversed. When the Moon shows up reversed in a reading, it tells us that duplicity and lies have played a big role in the matter at hand. Someone whose role has yet to be discovered is the Page of Swords, reversed. This is a youngish man or woman who, in this case, has premeditated this crime. This person has remained undetected here. The nine of cups represents what will happen in the near future, and that is defensiveness tinged with impatience. So far, I am a bit relieved at what I don't see, which is violence, but dismayed that I see this case dragging on, without April being found immediately.
Whoever has taken April is already reconsidering the action. It has not been the great idea the perpetrator thought it was. The eight of cups tells us this, in the place of feelings. The environment, represented by the five of pentacles, tells us that everyone who does know about this is advising the responisible party to confess. A church may be involved here. The Hermit comes up in the place of hopes, and this is an older man, possibly a reverend or a counselor, who is trying to persuede someone to to the right thing. The last word here is Temperance, which means that this little girl will be found, with law enforcement patiently working all leads.
I wish I had more here, but I don't.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Questions About Skylar Neese

There have been more questions about Skylar Neese, and I have intended for quite a while to come back to her case if she was not found by now. Skylar was reported missing in early July of this year, and has not been seen since. I will try to focus on what has transpired with Skylar, personally, since July 7, and try to hone in on possible whereabouts. Keep in mind that I cannot get a name or an address from the Tarot, just descriptions.

Focusing on the past for just a moment, I asked about what Skylar did that helped to create the situation in the first place. The three cards I drew are the eight of cups, reversed, the Devil, reversed, and the seven of swords. Reversed, the eight of cups tells of celebrations and parties, but with an element of the spiritual abandoned in favor of physical pleasure. Brought down to earth, I would say this card is telling us that Skylar met someone who wanted to take advantage of her in some way, but did not actually care about her. The Devil reversed is telling us that Skylar was too slow to make an important decision. This is followed by the seven of swords, which speaks of someone attempting to take something that does not belong to him. An unjust advantage was taken of Skylar.

The seven of wands is our first card describing the present. Once again, this card is a caution against indecision. There are also elements of anxiety and embarrassment connected to this card. The Hermit, reversed, appears next. Reversed, he represents immaturity and foolishness. As a person, he would be an older but immature man, probably old enough to be Skylars father, but the proverbial "perpetual peter pan". Our next card is the two of swords, reversed. This is the release of formerly stalemated energies, but not always in the proper direction. I believe something happened to Skylar that involved an immature older man.

The future gave us the two of cups, the Star, reversed, and Justice. The two of cups is a good card to describe a partnership. I sincerely hope that is what it means here. I will have to say, though; that I do not like the Star coming up reversed, as it augers disappointment. For a location, the two of cups would point west. The reversed Star would warn that Skylar "cannot see the stars" from where she is. The Hermit is a north-pointing card, but he is reversed. I still think Skylar is somewhere within an eight to twelve mile radius of where she was last seen. The last card is Justice, and while Justice is a good thing, I am still praying that we find Skylar alive before we get Justice for her.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jessica Ridgeway Found Deceased

Sadly, the remains found on Wednesday in Arvada, Colorado have been identified as Jessica Ridgeway. How I wish she could have been found sooner. How could anyone harm a child?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jessica Ridgeway

Jessica Ridgeway disappeared this past Friday. She never got on the bus to go to school, and was not seen by any of her schoolmates Friday morning. She disappeared from Westminster, Colorado, and the number to call is anyone sees her is 303-658-4336.

This reading starts with the King of Pentacles, reversed, crossed by the Hanged Man. There is a man who uses money and material resources to manipulate others in this picture. And he has everything in Jessica's situation connected to himself at a standstill. The ace of wands, a new beginning, is the part of the background that made Jessica's disappearance advantageous for him. Also in the background is the Tower, suggesting an overthrow of a comfortable lifestyle and possible bankruptcy. As a strong possibility, we get the Page of Pentacles, reversed. This augers unfavorable news about Jessica, but nothing that has been stated or heard yet. As an event that will take place, the two of cups, reversed appears. This foretells a divorce or the breakup of a relationship, and somehow, Jessica has become a casaulty of it.
In the place of fears, we have the seven of pentacles, reversed. I strongly believe that this is a fear of the perpetrator; and that he is worried about losing everything that he, personally, has worked for. In the place of environment, we have the Emperor, reversed, lending, once again, a masculine influence in this. The Emperor is the "father" card when he is upright, reversed, he speaks to an immature, irresponsible male influence. In the place of hopes, we have the nine of cups, reversed. There is a chance that overindulgence in alcohol or drugs will cause this man to make the mistake that will get him caught. The final outcome is the Sun, which is an excellent card, reassuring us that at this moment, things can be worked out to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. So I would cautously venture Jessica should be found safely. Cautously.....I do not like the reversed two of cups or the reversed Page of Pentacles. The two of cups, because the card deals with separations; and the reversed page, because he deals in bad news.
For a direction to start searching, I would be inclined to look "one" to the north, and then "two" to the east. Cups generally point west, but the two of cups is reversed, so it seems prudent to interpret this as east, since misleading and deception are already part of the picture. Perhaps "one" state, then "two" states.  I will follow this up a few days, if Jessica is not found.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kelly Bordeaux

Kelly Bordeaux is a Fort Bragg soldier who disappeared on April 14 of this year. The other day, someone asked me if I would do a reading about her, so here it is. In answer to the question, "what happened to Kelly Bordeaux", this is what I got. The Emperor, reversed crossed by the Queen of Swords begins the reading. The Emperor is an adult male who either has or had a responsiblity to care for children or set an example for them and shirked it. Somehow, this aspect of his character became part of the circumstances of Kelly's disappearance. The Queen of Swords is a woman whose life revolves around thinking and work, rather than homemaking and children. These are two people who are involved in what happened to Kelly. Founding this, we have Temperance. This merely tells me that Kelly had the ability to adapt well, and would fit in well wherever she was stationed. The is followed by the seven of pentacles, reversed. Some project, related to her work, had either failed or taken to long to complete. This is also, somehow, a reference to months........but I am not picking up a clear picture concerning why this is important.

There is a very strong chance that someone involved in this situation will face bankruptcy, or serious financial loss, indicated by the four of pentacles reversed in the place of things that could happen but have not......yet. Something that will happen is the six of wands, which I think, is news that actually tells us something tangible.

Another person involved here is the Knight of Pentacles, reversed. He appears in the place of fears, and he is the one most directly connected to Kelly's disappearance. He is a young man, close to Kelly's age, possibly a couple of years older. His general environment is described by the Hanged Man, which is reality and circumstances suspended. Keeping this secret has been difficult for him. In his hopes falls the Sun. This is a great card to have in a reading, as it augers success in any projects,  but here it is only a hope. The final outcome, representing the reason for his involvement in Kelly's disappearnace, is the six of pentacles, reversed. He apparently felt cheated somehow. This was related to money and material resources; possibly to a promotion or distinction in the workplace.

A possible location here would be the six of wands, which would tell us "six" to the south, as south is the direction represented by wands. Also, I think the Hanged Man carries a double meaning here. I think Kelly has been in the same place for a long time. Sadly, I do not see the ups and downs of a living person indicated by this reading, although I would love to be wrong about this. The activity outlined by the reading is all on the parts of the people involved in this crime.