Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lyle Stevik

On September 16,2001, in Grays Harbor, Washington, a young man who used the name Lyle Stevik hanged himself. He was found in his hotel room. Lyle Stevik is a name used for a character in a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. The number to call, if anyone has information, is 360-537-6319.

The question I put to the cards is, "who is this man, and where is he from?" This reading starts with the ten of wands crossed by the ace of cups. This young man was experiencing more than his fair share of burdens, and had obviously become impatient. Had he simply waited, the ace of cups indicates that while he may not have gotton better off materially, an important relationship would have had a new beginning. Beneath this, we have the High Priestess, reversed. This is a feminine influence; possibly a relationship that was only a fling for her, but serious for him. This is followed by the ace of wands, reversed, which is a false start, in this case, with the same relationship. A possible outcome would have been the four of cups, reversed, which is reconciliation, had "Lyle" lived. In what will come to be, we have the Queen of Wands, reversed. This is a mistrustful, overly dependant woman. She may be the only person who knows the current circumstances behind this case well enough to identify "Lyle".

 His secrets are represented by the three of wands, which would point south to tell us where he came from. His reason for travel was business, and it was probably international travel. In the place of friends and family, we have the two of wands, which tells me that someone, somewhere, is looking for him, but does not know where to look. Hopes and fears connected to this are represented by the seven of cups, which tells me that quite a few attempts to find this man have ended in false leads. The reading ends in the six of cups, which is a card of memories, often childhood memories. This gives us a clue about "Lyle's" state of mind when he died, and I also think he may have visited this part of the country at one point when he was a child, and that he had sentimental reasons for choosing Greys Harbor.


  1. Hi Juli,
    Was wondering if you could do a reading on the mysterious death of 6year old Max Shacknai (son of millionaire Jonah Shacknai) and the other mysterious death of Rebecca Zahau, Jonah Shacknai's girlfriend. The death of Max happened first, apparently he accidentally fell over the stair railing whilst in Rebecca's care then died in hospital. Days later Rebecca was found naked, gagged and bound hanging off a balcony in the same house. Apparently suicide. Both Rebecca's family and Max's mum believe the death of their child was homicide. Tragic and mysterious case.
    Thanks for all your readings.

  2. I don't doubt it's accurate. I feel he has ties to the address he used when he checked in & it's possible he has ties to where he was found too.

    Have you thought to read Benjaman Kyle the amnesia victim? I'd be curious what his says


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